Wednesday 8 June 2011

Holiday Blues...

Nelly and I always share a good dose of the holiday blues (when in France 'le holiday blues')as the holiday comes to an end and  this year I surpassed myself by having them before I went. Yep, that's right - I had decided the holiday wasn't going to be long enough before I'd even packed... a new level of cup half empty! 

We get short shrift from respective partners so we have to sneak off and have the blues quietly.

Anyway, they've hit hard now we're back! Missing the sun, the sangria and most of all the having nothing to do ness! (and family Kisby). It's such a treat to spend time together as a family.

So, I've mostly given myself the 'cup needs to be half full' chat and caught a grip.

Here's a little holiday round up:
We stayed near the town of Mojacar - a little north of Almeria in SE Spain. It's basically a desert - and unlike anywhere we've been before.

The weather was great for us (26 and breezy) but I'm guessing you wouldn't want to be there in August!

Now, if there's one thing we do well as a family it's eat!
I would go as far to say this holiday was our best yet - helped by the abundance of amazingly cheap fish. Prawns featured heavily, as did chorizo.

We ate out twice - the second of which was way up there in dining experiences! Some serious internet research found us a very basic beach cafe (no name - that basic) which was well placed out on the rocks so you felt as though you were almost on a boat. The menu consisted of three things; bread, salad and whatever fish they had caught. We were surprised to see the high ish prices of individual fish, until we realised that each one would feed about 4 adults!
 History wise the area has been occupied by almost everyone - but you can really see the influence of The Moors in the architecture. On a clear day you can see the African coast in the distance!
and the Spanish markets didn't disappoint...

The boys spent their holiday euros on the little figures made from string (see middle of the picture) There was every figure imaginable; Marge Simpson, Woody, Sponge Bob, The Hulk, Pink Panther, Mr T, Batman...

Whilst there I quietly turned was my favourite kind of birthday; nothing to do, happy boys, seafood BBQ, a couple of jugs of sangria and finished off in style with...with a large frozen tiramisu mouse cake! (class)

TBC at the weekend with a joint family tea party for me and Granny, who gracefully turned 66 while we were away. The boys sent her the message below made from things they (said they) found lying around the villa...

Indulgent set of favourite holiday pictures:

 The only thing I haven't mentioned is the flora and fauna - deserves a separate post! (new love of cacti needing to be shared)

Now, off to have a good old catch up on everything I've missed - including all the Paris themed posts. And I do believe I've made some new cyberspace pals whilst away. Would be rude not to take a little time to visit their blogs....!! Since there's an almighty thunder storm going on outside, washing the summer clothes can definitely wait!
Fee x


  1. WAY TOOOOOO MUCH FUN....without me!!! So glad your holiday was a total delight. It is nice to have you back. xoxoxo hugs

  2. Glad you had a great time we did too - I also have the after holiday blues - only a bit - and I have been too busy to even write a blog post about it or sort out my giveaway. Must pull up my sloppy socks. TTFN Debsx

  3. Fee, so share those Holiday blues before the holiday. Why? I cannot explain. What a wonderful pictoral. Happy late Birthday. Looks like you had a lovely time and are well rested. Smiles...Renee

  4. Such lovely pics Fee. Spain has a way of making you love it, I still miss living there. The food, the weather, the scenery.....
    Belated Happy Birthday too!

  5. Oh my goodness! How incredibly fabulous was your vacation?! Every picture and story looked and sounded like a bit of heaven! Why do we always feel sad when things are about to end - or even before they've begun? I do that too... the pep talk is a good idea!

    Lovely to have you back friend. You were missed! xo

  6. so pleased you had a fab time. Need to have a chato ver the coming weeks. Maybe you should come over for dinner.
    Will catch you at school next week and book a date in xxx

    (Alison Lloyd)

  7. Thank you for stopping by my blog today! Your pics of your trip look amazing. Such a lovely time. Pep talks are always a good idea (:

  8. Hi darling thanks for visiting my blog !! so nice of you !!!...lovely happy birthday !!

  9. Welcome home! I know it's crap coming back down to earth but boy did you soar above it whilst you were away, beautiful pics, looks amazing, hope you brought the sun back with you as I could use some.

    Happy 40th btw (you don't look it - jealous!), loving the pic of the boys wishing their gran a happy birthday, bet she loved it.

    Thanks for the comment on my blog re the cakes, in answer to your question I spend all the time I'm not baking at the gym :(

    Anyway, hope you can continue to remain in a buoyant mood now you're back.


  10. DEAREST FEE!!!! WELCOME HOME! And you were in the land of my FATHER...I am Spanish by heritage, but born in the states! THE FOOD.....OMG....and you turned 40 dearest? FABULOUS! I turned 53 this year and what a blast...let us celebrate always!!! AND THANK YOU FOR STILL PARTICIPATING IN THE PARIS PARTY!!! The afterglow is quite remarkable...well, now I am playing around in my beloved Provence....I am done with school this Friday and I am going to dream away....have a LOVELY and cozy return home. BISOUS! Anita

  11. Looks like you had a great time! I need a holiday as well!!!

  12. Happy Belated Birthday Fee!! Your holiday looked great, loved your photo mosaic. Thanks for your lovely message too, my blog has been woefully neglected, I'm just feeling overwelmingly busy with nothing interesting to post - day off today, so might get round to it at some point! Elaine xx

  13. Happy (belated) Birthday Fee, looks like you had a nice relaxing one! I've been to Mojacar before too, lovely place! Your pictures are gorgeous, especially that first one, so what a summer holiday should be about! Hope you're settling back into day to day life without too much of a bump! Have a great rest of your week, jenny x

  14. 'oh WOW!' I said out loud when I saw your beautiful pictures. I felt as if I was really there, you looked like you had a wonderful time. I must say, that your family are gorgeous.And you do NOT look 40. Happy birthday sweet lady x

  15. A belated Happy Birthday to you! Your holiday looks fab x

  16. Woo hoo, those are happily colored pictures of fun fun fun times. Just looking at your mosaics makes me feel happy already, you do make me crave holidays though. I would like to join you for a holiday blues, this kind of the blues is always yahoooooo.
    Have a sweet evening my friend o xx o

  17. Hello Fee,
    so pleased to read and see that you had a fabalus 40th in the sun.
    Lovely feast for the eyes post...I'm sure the weekend will wash those blues away. xxx

  18. She didn't look 40. I tell you what.


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