Thursday 1 March 2012

The good, the bad and the down right ugly...

The good

The Granny and I went to see The King and I - a Christmas present!

What a glorious spectacle  it was too. The last time we saw it was at the West End in 1979 starring Yul Brynner and Virginia McKenna.

A real treat - and lovely to have time out with my Mum...

At the weekend I managed not one but two vintage fairs.

The first was a vintage and handmade textile fair in Chipping Sodbury, Gloucestershire.

I got to meet two of my favourite artists - Michele from Cowboys and Custard, and Viv from hens teeth

I love their work (see 40th birthday post) and was thrilled to find them as lovely as I knew they would be...AND add to my collection of wonderful things:
I LOVE Viv's work! I bought some other things at the fair but they are gifts so need to remain hidden...

It was also an opportunity to get together with blogging pal beautiful Cuckoo from  
Tales from Cuckoo Land. We hadn't met before so it was a little scary...but jibber jabbered happily together for nigh on 7 hours, and left with aching cheeks from too much smiling. 
Just wish we lived closer...

The second, on Sunday, was a revisit to Treacle Market in Macclesfield - this time with family BK. It was a little cold, but another lovely time was had. Here are my favourite images from the day:
Inspired me to create a new Pinterest Board...

(since then our Mabel has been quite poorly...
get well soon favourite girl )

More good bits of the week - taking part in two fab giveaways.

it's more a square than it looks!
The first was over at Stocki's blog - if you sent her a granny square you got a chance to win the final blanket when all the squares are joined together. I resisted joining in until the last moment - hope my two offerings arrived in time! I also re-read the rules after the event and discovered that I was meant to use double knit wool - so my squares might be no good anyway! Never mind - I learnt some new stitches and Granny can have them as pretty pan stands instead. 

Stocki has had beautiful squares from, literally, all over the world - I can't wait to see the final piece.

The second was a commission from Annie at knitsofacto - who asked if I could make some blocks for winners of her giveaway. To celebrate her blogging anniversary her giveaway is based on the idea of following your heart - doing what makes you happy. The winner will receive a beautiful lifestyle book by Pia Jane Bijkerk and a chipper nelly special, in any colour, with their chosen word stamped on the front. How lovely. It's not too late to join in - here's the link.

Lastly, Cleggy and I worked together on a photo shoot for another '50 things...' book. This time it was ideas of things to do with Squidgy stuff. I remembered to wear something more sensible...which is a good job.                                        little people + squidgy stuff = MESS      Yet again I am full of admiration for those who deal with said 4 year olds on a daily basis!
The bad 
So, for about 20 years I've gone on (and on) about what a good driver I am. This week put paid to that - as I remodelled both the car AND the garden wall. No pictures of the car as a man has taken it away to be mended...but here's the wall

I had been holding a bag full of pancake toppings as I tried to push the wall back up...the rest of the contents are under the rubble, but you can see the remains of banana and nutella! 
Cleggy was, of course, I had to go and seek help from kindly neighbour...not my finest hour.

The ugly

You may remember that Minnine the new piglet liked to sleep in with the chickens (who wouldn't?!)
Anyway - Cleggy decided she was getting a little big for this so trained her to sleep in her own Pig House, which she duly did. 
Our big black hen Delilah decided she would move in there too - and they have shared a house for a few weeks 
(my brother thinks she was groomed!!!)
UNTIL last week - when we opened the door to find that Minnie had EATEN Delilah. Yep - nothing left but feet.
So, the circle of life strikes again. We've had escapees, eaten by foxes, dead on perch, drowned (!) and now eaten by pig! 
Delilah was one of the original posh birds - and a real favourite. Here she is in her glory days
We like to think that she died in the night, THEN Minnie ate her............

I couldn't end a (nother) post with a dead chicken so here are some mothers day offerings, all available here


 And very lastly - I know some of you also read my little sister's blog (still having technical difficulties!) - well now my brother has one too. 
It's about his antics as a stay at home dad of our favourite little boys Sonny and Luca (here's the link
Now, he derided me for months when I started my blog ("who the hell would want to read about your life") so make his day by leaving a comment - preferably about how blogging is, indeed, the future! 

Thank you generous friends for recent blog awards....             I know I'm long over due a proper payback post!                 Fee x                          ps just spotted some of my nursery blocks looking delightful over at a (new to me) blog by very clever Helen Philipps. Take a look!           
Edit - seems little brother's blog doesn't have a comment option (yet!) Of course, I did tell him he needed a blogspot blog...but he had to have a fancy wordpress one! Lesson learnt? doubt it!


  1. it looks like you've been busy, fee. so sorry to hear about your little run-in with the garden wall, and your sweet little delilah. circle of life, indeed.

    chin up, buttercup.

  2. Oh good lord Fee!!! I do hope at some point you came up for air! Jesus you've had some full on moments recently.....I feel worn out after reading all of that!! The good is very blooming excellent to meet a fellow blogger *goes slightly green with envy*....Vintage Fairs *goes even more green* love all the good. Bums to the bad....urgh!! Bad wall for hitting your car ;) And as for the ugly.....OMFG!!! I hope you gave that murdering pig a good smack! I must quickly convince myself that poor chick chick died pre being gobbled up for a midnight snack *shudders*

    Crikey....I think I need a lie down now!! Hope life is more settled this week!!!


    Jo x x x

    1. murdering pig??? too funny! Happy nearly weekend to you and the mini's.fee x

    2. I don't know why, but the *new* comment box doesn't appear for me so I am replying via 'reply' doesn't make much sense does it?

      Anyway, just wanted to say how I enjoyed meeting you on Saturday & hope to see you at future V&H Fairs too.

      Poor Delilah - how sad to be eaten by a new friend. :-(


  3. I am in utter shock about the pig eating hen situ but I did speak to a farmer once who said it's a known fact that pigs can EAT humans and leave nothing but their clothing. So I am a little scared of pigs now, if they are anything bigger than Babe!!!
    Their teeth freak me out alone. You must have been so shocked. Did Minnie look embarrased by her antics or was she looking more like the Pig who Ate the Chicken.
    How fab to go to two vintages fairs and meet up with a fellow blogger friend. Hope you had a lush time with Cuckoo! This blogging malarky is "such fun" isn't it?!!
    x x x x x

  4. Of course you and Cuckoo talked and laughed for 7 hours!!!!
    No-one who has read either your or her blog would doubt that occurred :-)
    The question I have is: "Did you give her a squishy bosomed hug?"
    What a bad bad pig!!!
    I'm in the comp to win of your blocks, quite hoping I do
    Take care, and fingers crossed your pets stop eating each other

    1. She gave me three SBH's! Marvellous they were too!

  5. Hey again, I just popped over to your brothers blog, which is really funny, and was going to leave a comment, but couldn't find anywhere to do so??
    So anyway, love his blog, my husband is a stay at home dad too, and I really hope mines doesn't let our daughter wash her hands in the potty :-)
    His posts made me laugh out loud, as the young people say!

  6. Oh Fee, is it wrong that I laughed about the hen-eating-pig episode? I now feel guilty and I'm sorry, poor bird. And poor Mabes - M is sad she won't be meeting her tomorrow but I've promised her a play next week, so no pressure, but we'll be there next Thursday eagerly waiting to meet you all!
    Hope the car/wall gets mended soon
    Emily x

  7. If that was the state the wall was in, I can only imagine the damage to your poor car!
    It's lovely that you connected with your bloggy friends so well.
    Who would have thought such a sweet little piglet could be such a treacherous little so-and-so! Poor Delilah.
    Popping over to have a nosy at your sister's,your brother's and your bloggy friends' blogs...oh and also your shop....good grief, I'll be here all night!
    ps your blocks are very sweet!x

  8. I still can't believe that little Pig managed to fit that whole chicken inside her. It's almost unbelievable.

    Ah it was so lush wasn't it, Saturday. I keep thinking about little things from through out the day. I sometimes hear your voice in my head saying "Owh I love that, do you?"

    Off to see your brothers blog now.


  9. Oh No! I was just smiling at reading of a pig and a hen shacking up together when... What a wolf in sheep's clothing. xx

  10. Oh my lordy re that mean mean pig! Funnily enough a mate who has a farm was telling me about her pigs kicking a dead chicken about the other day and enjoying it :-( Love those pink, green and blue blocks, just lovely! Hope your week gets better after your little accident :-( x

  11. If it makes you feel any better I recently bounced the side of the car off one of those solid metal barriers that supermarket trolleys are corralled behind in supermarket car parks. It was dark, there were skateboarders involved ... don't ask! The bad bit ... the car needed a new front and rear door and sill. The really ugly bit ... it was Mr knitsofacto's car I was driving at the time ... oops!

    And as for Minnie ... bad pig indeed! Wild pigs do eat ground nesting birds but not their friends!

    Thanks for the mention Fee, I can't wait to see what words are on the winners blocks, there have been some wonderful suggestions.

  12. My hand is clamped over my mouth in horror. I am a townie, forgive me, but WTF??? I had no idea pigs were quite so heathen. Right, roast pork on Sunday ...

    Sorry about your wall ..!

    Love that you met up with Cuckoo and chatted none stop - oh, to be a fly on that wall.

    Have naturally entered Knitsofacto's giveaway but, having just won a giveaway (yippee!), odds are well and truly stacked against me.

    Still reeling ... pigs, who knew?


    1. Oh dear oh dear, the piglet eats the chook. Not something you want to face in the morning. I'm assuming segration of poultry and pig is now in place.
      Gorgeous, gorgeous mothers day blocks....big sigh, I love your work SO much.
      Have a fab day,
      Anne xx

  13. Sorry but piggy eating chook did bring a little smile to my face!

  14. You need to update your profile blurb about who lives in your garden. Most of those animals have been gobbled up!

  15. That really bad word beginning with an F was the first thing that came into my head when I got to the bit about only her feet being left. Could it have been spontaneous combustion? That used to fascinate me when I was a kid. There was this odd magazine about people just catching fire sitting in a chair and the picture on the front was of a charred ankle and foot in a shoe.

    Such a beautiful looking pig, beautiful hen and very very dreadful tale.

    How I keep meaning to plan a trip to C.Sodbury. One day I might get a car that can actually get to places without clanking and beeping.

    1. Ooh dear Fee, you have had a real roller coaster of a week. Poor chuck. Poor you/wall.

      Mother's Day blocks...absolutely goergeous. xxx

  16. Oh my god Fee, what a story! Bad piggie, I never knew a pig would eat a hen!! When I told Karl the story, he was not shocked at all though and told me that criminals use pigs to eat dead bodies as they will get rid of all the evidence! I said 'what, like in medieval times?' 'No they probably still do it today!' Well I never, you learn something new every day!! Anyway, sounds like you had a lovely time with your bloggy pals - I've never met any facebook/blog friends in 'real life'! Gorgeous blocks too - so pretty xxx p.s hope to get on with card this weekend xx

  17. Hi Fi.. this makes far better reading than a Spaghetti Western but not sure the bit about the chicken.. might have to be edited out of the film script!
    Certainly life is never dull in Chipper Nelly land and nor was it dull last weekend when we finally met across the table at the V & H fair. A brief encounter that left me feeling .. 'aren't folk lovely.. and especially ones called Fi and Cuckoo'. Great to meet you and hope we do so again... for longer!
    Much love
    Michele xx

  18. Ha! I love that Jooles - if you're going to knock a wall down do it properly. Ha! Made me laugh. xxx

  19. Blimey Fee, your boys are learning the hard way about the circle of life aren't they! This whole experience will be toughening you up for sure!! Can't believe that just a pair of feet was left. Grim! And Minnie looks so cute too! Surely a pig wouldn't eat a live animal???

    Love the Mother's Day blocks, they're gorge. Truly gorge.

    Have a great weekend!

    Nicki xxx

    1. Doll, do you think you might consider removing the word verification thingy from your blog? I read last night and wrote a huge comment on my ipad but the word verif made it freeze up and I lost everything....

      I don't think spam is a huge issue and maybe you could just delete when it appears instead?? xxx

  20. What a week you've been having, Fee! Just when I was thinking 'aww, how cute the hen moved in with the pig' I discovered the pig ATE the hen!!! What a shock! Sorry about your wall/ mother's comforting words on incidents like this are 'never mind, everyone bumps their car sometimes!'
    Love the new blocks for mother's day, and all your lovely makes from bloggy friends too, the fairs sound amazing. (Am sewing my swap today!)
    Have a wonderful weekend.

  21. P.S I forgot to say, thank you for the link to me too!!
    Helen x

  22. Oh my...I was reading happily about your lovely vintage fair and you having so much fun meeting your blog friends...looking at your lovely new blocks in complete admiration (love them!)....thinking how lovely for Minnie and Delilah to share their little home together...but then it turned into one of those terrible fairy tales with a horror filled ending...I really am speechless!...Poor Delilah..and to see her little feet....
    Sorry to hear about your car and the wall too and hope you have a nice and easy deserve it Fee!
    Susan x
    P.S Love your pics...
    Susan x

  23. fee...stop, stop you are making me laugh so hard I might tinkle. Poor dear chickens. My father just got his lot today. I know he will want to hear all about this. Well done on your artwork and all the fun with granny squares. What accident? I saw nothing? Smiles...Renee

  24. OMG, bad piggy!!!!!!!!!!!! You know, I have read that those HUGE pigs could eat small humans....dear me!

    Hello sweet one! Your creations are always sweet and wonderful and I am so glad to hear you have a Pinterest board! I am loving it and it always offers much inspiration for my writing! HAVE FUN! Anita

  25. Wow! You have been a busy bee!!! Sounds like you've (mostly) been having lots of fun!
    I love the blocks with buttons on - very cute indeed! :-)

  26. Oh thought on your sweet piggy has just changed 100%...bad PIG! Wow...I don't know if I could be a country girl. Now to get that thought out of my head...lets move onto happier things like the King and I...pure joy. I love that theatre production! And your blocks are lovely...when in Mother's day? Ours is in May!
    Happy weekend...still can't believe such a cute little piggy could of done that???? Are you sure? xoxoxo

  27. Hi Fee, too funny!! I'm just stopping by to say how delightful your blog is. Thanks so much for sharing. I have recently found your blog and am now following you, and will visit often. Please stop by my blog and perhaps you would like to follow me also. Have a wonderful day. Hugs, Chris

  28. Why why why Delilah?...
    Oh my chicken pie! And after all that loveliness too! You are a trouper Fee - loving the goodies from Viv - she is a clever lady, wondering if you could use some of your lovely blocks to repair wall - would look great!

    Sarah -x-

  29. LOVE the King And I, remember watching the movie as a child. Sorry to hear about the wall, although the squashed banana made me chuckle. Your piggy was, well, rather piggy. T'is the stuff of nightmares! Gosh is that the whole clan blogging now? I shall have to take a peek so I can stalk you all. x

  30. What a naughty pig! My Mum always had a fear of pigs after growing up on a small holding with a giant porker called Susie. She always said that if you ever need to get rid of a dead body you should feed it to the pigs because there's be nowt left by the time they'd finished with it!
    Your crochet blocks are lovely - I especially like the second one. Pity neither of us won the blanket, eh?!
    Hope you're having a lovely, less traumatic time, this week. xxx

  31. Fee! I absolutely REFUSE to believe that that cute little piglet would kill his good friend the chicken on purpose! As I see it there are 3 possible scenarios:

    1. Piglet accidently rolls over on chicken whilst they were cuddled up in bed... and then, in a desperate bid to stay in your good books, ate the evidence! The guilt the poor pig feels now is an awful burden....

    2. The poor old hen died of natural causes... and the natural clearing up instinct of the little piggy took over...he was almost finished his spring cleaning when you found him with said chicken's feet...The shame...

    3. Horrible Foxy comes in night... fights with piglet, who tries in vain to save the life of afore-mentioned chicken, but sadly is defeated... then has to watch said Fox eat his dinner (eeeuuww).. and is found the following morning carefully preserving the evidence for you... Poor tragic, broken hearted piglet...

    That poor piglet... how could you accuse him after all he has been through?!

    ps: Thank God it was only a wall / Glad you had fun at Chipping Sodbury / Looks like that is going to be a great book!

    Big hugs... and give the poor pig a break... Jill :)x

  32. Hey Fee, you can tell Mark that after clicking on your link from Facebook I become engrossed in his blog (he clearly has the Bryce blogging talent!) Now, I am recovering from a nasty flu bug and whilst waiting for antibiotics to kick in and convincing myself I am never going to get better I was truely cheered up after a hearty LOL at the bin day streak! I am now definately on the road to recovery! x

  33. Fee! pigs don't kill (and then eat)chickens, surely?

  34. Oh blimey. I think I'm quite traumatised by the story of minnie and then hen. I hope she was dead before she tucked in or that could be a scene out of a scary animal horror film.. I grew up in the country but didn't realise pigs ate other animals!! :S
    I hope Mabel's on the mend and it's just a cold or something rather than something really serious..
    I'm loving those blocks! Gorgeous!

    Ashley xxx

  35. I saw your blocks on Pinterest and love them so I followed your blog address over to here.....I LOVE THEM!!!!!!! Soooo STINKIN' CUTE!!!!!

  36. hi fee, i came to say thank you and i'm so excited to have won one of your pretty blocks, eeps! but i almost forgot after reading this lively post! i was loving the fair (so envious) and the meeting with bloggy friends, special times. not loving so much the thought of your poor chicken meeting her demise by the cute pig. really? yipes!
    i love your blocks and feel so lucky right now, thank you!
    xx lori

  37. Bad piglet!!!!! Only feet left? She must've been hungry...
    As always Fee, your posts are pure eye candy - I love them ♥

  38. Hi, only just found you?? Why, I don't know?
    Lovely blog, could be here (not making dinner) for quite some time.
    Emma of Ooohbetty. X


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