Sunday 26 June 2011

Winning... and other (very) randoms!

LOVE winning something (who doesn't?) and today I won Vintage Vicki's giveaway - her spare copy of Mollie Makes! I scoured the shops for the first edition, scoured some more for the 2nd, then finally got my act together for the 3rd and have subscribed! I'm thrilled to get one of the ones I missed and vow here and now to make something out of it for a show and tell! Thank you very much Mrs VV.

Meanwhile, to give you a chuckle, I thought I'd share Cleggy's reading material...he gets it delivered each month! 
As you can see, this month there's a feature on keeping your birds safe and sound. Little late for that!!

Anyway, Cleggy has spent many (more) hours this weekend moving rocks to reinforce the fence in an attempt to keep the ladies as safe as possible - all we can do now is keep our fingers crossed.

STILL no sign of the ducklings - we can't locate the golf course pond but I'm going to presume they are both there living happily ever after. Apparently, since we now have a pond, we 'need' some more ducks! No doubt there will be a trip to the lovely duck lady again soon. I'm hoping that if I ever get off I'm not replaced so soon!

(Anthea - if you are reading this please can you stop telling Cleggy he needs more than 2 - he doesn't!!!)

Anyway  - can report that Granny's church fair was a lovely way to spend a saturday afternoon. 

To make it even better the boys were allowed to stay and help clear up (/eat the left over cakes!) so Cleggy and I went home for a little peace
the cakes weren't all for us! we had family guests!  
Can also report that the Lip Service theatricals were as good as ever. We actually had dinner with the stars of the show beforehand. To be fair, they weren't on our table, and we didn't actually speak to them, nor did they know who we were...but we were in the same restaurant! It was bizzare to think that while Glastonbury was going on we were swaying along to Doris Day's Que Cera Cera! We rock man...

Speaking of Glastonbury....I am in awe of Beyonce! I've just reassured Cleggy that she isn't real, and that what his eyes are seeing is infact a figment of his imagination. HOW is she doing that dancing, and singing, in those legs, ...and not having a good wheeze?! AM AZ ING.
check my bootylicious legs!!!
Anyway - it has totally distracted me from writing anything interesting in order to graciously accept my Kreativ Blogger awards... I'll be far more interesting tomorrow!
Happy new week - could do with more of this sunshine please.
fee x


  1. mean if you eat a burger and those cakes you can look like that?
    I say a baker's dozen of ducks then you will never notice if one is missing...thanks for the laughs and for keeping it real...smiles..Renee

  2. Too funny. So after our conversation about what on earth to put on in a morning with the random weather I watched the weather forecast this morn. They gave some advice on how to cope with the heat (you've got to love England...);
    "stay in the shade, keep cool and drink water" - Ah helpful, glad I tuned in xx

  3. This is such a funny post, I loved every word,!!
    Did you know you can download Molly Makes??? Wait...maybe it is just for overseas people, try this site and see if you can.
    You may have to register, but you can down load the issue you have missed.
    Hope this helps it's the only way I can get it.
    x Sandi

  4. Ooooooooooooooooh, I do hope you get some more duckies! Although i'm still hoping that Lola and Coco come wandering home.

  5. YOU.....are a hilarious person! Dearest, I must put you on my blog roll....I follow so many people, but I MUST FOLLOW YOUR SHENANIGANS HERE because you are truly a blessing of humor and creativity!!!! I LOVED YOUR COMMENT ON MY BLOG....lucky to love and be loved, but could use that BLUE COAT!!! AND HOW....I love to mix the earthly pleasures with the heavenly bliss that we all have at our fingertips if we just reached out....and that is what i see you do. AND I AM loving my holiday!!! HAVE FUN PRECIOUS! Anita

  6. Love your blog :-) Is that St Johns Church on Brooklands Road ? I recognise the brownie hut and the church window...brings back memories of my girl guiding days :-) Ooooooo I suddenly feel really old..hehehe

  7. Lovin' yer Zara scarf/shawl. What divine taste!


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