Tuesday 21 June 2011

Poor old Florence and bye bye ducklings

 Yes - it's a sad day here. Mr fox has scrambled under the fence and (after a messy fight) taken off with poor Florence. To make matters worse, the ducklings have seemingly found the hole he left behind and got off! 

We've had a good search but no sign of them. Our garden backs on to a large embankment, then a railway line. At the moment it's fairly inaccessible due to nettles and greenery so Lola and Coco could be anywhere. We can't hear them quacking, and its possible they too have ended up in Mr Fox's tummy.

 We can't believe that the fox didn't kill all the ladies - which would be the usual story. And it's unusual for him to be hunting in broad daylight.
Anyway - we're sad for Florence, and gutted to lose the little ducklings (just finished their pond!) but know that it's the risk you take when you keep chickens and ducks, no matter how fox proof you make their home! (not enough weeing around the fence!)
As sensitive son #2 said 'Mr and Mrs Fox are just feeding their own family'. True. And here's a picture of a cheeky foxy cub to make us feel better...

 And to think it was such a lovely day until that point!
On a positive note Cleggy got the go ahead from the publisher for 4 education books (SO proud!). 
I had coffee with my oldest friend Gail. Not oldest literally you understand. (don't see you often enough my lovely friend)

I even got some work done...

a little heart shaped box for Paula:

a sign for Cathie (think I might like Ava's room!)
( I no longer make these signs for my notonthehighstreet shop  - but happily make them, at a much cheaper price, for friends!)
another baby boy block
(available here)
and lots of happily ever after wedding blocks. Lets hope the recipients do indeed live happily ever after!
(available here)

Now, before I leave this most random of posts, I must mention that today (because I was meeting lovely friend Gail) I wore a little dress over jeans:

However, on account of the horrible rainy weather, I also made a decision only a woman in her 40's would make (surely?)
I put comfort and warmth before style. Then I left the house.
Yep - I grabbed a pair of Cleggys stripy socks on the way out and WORE THEM, like so. Is this the start of the end? Have I no shame? Am I one step away from a sensible anorak? (and divorce?!)
I feel better for admitting it!
fee x


  1. Socks and shoes? The perfect footwear combination, surely? Wear those stripes with pride, girl.
    Emily x
    PS - so sad about your birds, I've got everything crossed that those gorgeous ducks find their way home again.
    PPS - did you get my comment re the hook?

  2. Fee, darling, I'm so sorry about Florence and the duckies. As you know, I would love some of my own but can't have any, so I love to hear all about yours. They have a place in my heart and I'm gutted that they have gone.

    As for the outfit, I love it! It makes me feel as though I'm not the only quirky dresser in Manchester. Perhaps we should set up a club? Quirky dressers of the North unite!

    Take care my dear.

  3. Oh no!!!! This is why I wouldn't be able to keep chooks (aside from the fact that beaks freak me out). I just cannot cope with the circle of life, I'm a bit of a pansy. A few weeks ago we had a pigeon nesting in a bush thingy just above our gate. (I realise that I am fast turning into the lady with the bird stories...) Anyway, we found it one morning hanging upside down from the bush with a hole in its back and chest, dripping blood all over the paving stones. It was a proper gory murder scene, I was upset for days! (And I hate pigeons.) Is everyone very upset or are you all accustomed to it now?

    Good job you put a cheerful little picture of your very pretty dress and cardie to brighten up the remainder of the post. (Love the shoes and socks combo.)

    Nicki x

  4. FEE DEAREST! How dear, what a horrible mess to have to see and pick up after! I am a SUBURBANITE and the worst I have seen is a hawk come down in my garden to snatch up a sparrow in mid-fight..that was enough for me! Oh, and my RUBEN RIVERA (teeehee,that is him) saved a little bunny from the cold grip of a crow once...so we city folks do get our share of animal shenangins! THANK YOU FOR VISITING TODAY; I love your art work and I am enjoying visiting more blogs today as I am finally on my complete summer vacation until late AUGUST! AND CONGRATES TO CLEGGY on the publishing! Oh, I have such a long way to go before anyone takes my work seriously, but we never stop trying, do we?

    Enjoy a peaceful evening dear, Anita

  5. oh gosh thats so sad. sending you lots of hugs via cyberspace!

    i love the dress though...and did someone say you are a fellow mancunian?? how exciting!! x

  6. Ha! I am soooooo glad not to be the only one who does girly shoes and socks (it's the cold- seriously!) am not quite brave enough to do it when wearing a skirt- a bit too school-girlish for me. Maybe if I was in my twenties...
    Sad, sad news about the chooks and baby ducks. But, good, good mews about cleggy's educational book deal! He'll be the next JK Rowling in no time...

  7. Oh no, so sorry for your hens and ducks!!

    We had exactly the same thing happen, the fox came in broad daylight and killed our two Aylesbury ducks and the Khaki Campbell we raised from just a few hours old vanished.

    Do be careful, as although our hens were fine the first time, the fox came back a week a so later and took all bar one. We took the remaining hen to the RSPCA as we couldn't keep her on her own and didn't want to risk getting more for the fox to take.

    I've been doing comfort over style for a while now, I kinda like the stripey socks/shoes combo!!

    S x

  8. Favourite comfy shoes and snuggly socks go with EVERYTHING. After stopping work a couple of years ago (to be a stay at home mum) I have only worn comfortable footwear and chucked out everything that hurts. But I do love your little cardi and dress over jeans. Shame you didn't have a full length piccy for us!
    xXx Helen

  9. So typical of you fee to soften the sad news about your feathery friends with a giggle at the end.

    Congratulations to Cleggy too - exciting times ahead in your home!

    xx Felicity

  10. Lordy - such sad news about the evil fox. When a Weasel broke in and killed George and Lucy our dwarf rabbits I saw it in the village later and chased it in the car trying to run it over (failed though as pretty rubbish at planned murder). Hope your boys are doing ok.

    I'm warming to the idea of the socks and shoe combo, but I'm definately one of those that would rather get wet than be seen anywhere other than a mountain in a kagool. Don't succumb even though you've hit 40. Would love to have seen your dress, but not all pics showing up that you're talking about.


  11. Oh my sweet friend...I am so sad about the news..poor poor Florence! I know you will miss her. And for those little ducklings...what a miserable rotten no good day {well good news about your husband's book and your sweet dress wearing..I even liked the stripe socks!}
    I will try to erase the image of poor Florence from my brain....thanks of posting a cute image of Mr. Fox..it does help.

    Hugs and love xoxoxo

  12. Oh Fee I am so sad. I would be out in the thicket looking if I could. Big hugs for the boys as I am sure they were mighty attached. More fence less wee! I say here here for the socks...it is a sign of wisdom my dear not age...Mr. Fox...go eat the field mice!


  13. Oh no Fee, that's awful news... poor poor Florence and those lovely little duckies - hopefully they escaped, and may one day find their way back to you... so sad :(

    Really hope that Mr fox does not return and that your others will be safe... get those boys out on fence patrol!

    Great news on Cleggy's books though, that's fantastic!!! xxx

  14. I love your socks and shoes - and yep I do indulge in the same but my stripy socks are hand knitted - hand knitted socks are just the best - and get a kagool mine is Damart and flowery and I love it. I do draw the line at pakamaks and rain hoods - do you remember those yukkity yuk. Thanks for your comment it made me laugh out loud - glad its not only me. I, however, do not have the back up of a degree but I do like to share and make people laugh. TFFN. Well done to Cleggy. Clever boy.

  15. With the current November ....I mean June ...weather socks are a better choice than flip flops. What funky socks Cleggy has! I've been wearing a similar combo, but then I am over 40 :)
    Sorry to hear about the fox taking your birds, I often see one round here ( ordinary suburban street) and would worry if we had some hens, even though I'd love some.x

  16. So sorry to hear about the hen and ducks. I have fruit net over my tortoise enclosure 24/7 and make sure they are in their little coldframe at nighttime, but you never know what might be lurking in the garden after dark. xx

  17. Sad :( :( :( I live in hope that little ducklings are still pottering about somewhere behind your house or that they got on the train that goes by and went on holiday :) shoes and socks = ok by me but if I ever see you at school in a plastic rainhood walk on by friend x x x x x x x x x x x x

  18. I like the shoe stripe sock combo. is there any hope left for us? I used to wear hold ups and heels and walk like Marilyn Monroe. Now I have a stoop and a waddle from trying hard to hold my trumps in.... What's happened to me?


  19. We have a Coco and a Lola, too. :) I LOVE your blog; your posts make me giggle!

  20. My you have an eventful life! I pop away for a couple of weeks and look at all that's happened! I'm so sad about the ducks and Florence though - that's horrible! Sneaky little fox. I have to say despite the sad news, your outfit looked fabulous (the striped socks were perfect) and that little box is SO precious!


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