Tuesday 23 August 2011

Alfie's back

  My coffee just did that! how cute...

I can't believe we're into the penultimate week of the school holidays- what about all my plans!?
This last week Alfie was away in Cambridge with his friend Toby's Grandparents. We have all missed him terribly (even his brothers readily admitted it by the end of the week) and it felt like he'd been away for months. He returned today - having had the best time. Granny Pam and Gramps have treated them most generously and for that we say a big heartfelt thank you...

So, while he was away we decided to decorate his bedroom. Until fairly recently we have been a foster family - and as a result the boys have never had their own rooms. When our last fostered child moved on at the end of last year we decided it was time for a break and handed in our notice, at which point there became a spare room. 
Unfortunately for Alfie, Granny's cellar conversion started the following month so his designated room became a storage cupboard, housing the contents of the cellar until we got round to the big sort - which we have done this week. (if truth be told we merely shifted it into the dining room but never mind...)

So, and this is the point where I really hope all you Mums of girls thank your lucky stars - most recently Alfie mooted 'black with neon' as a colour scheme for his future room. I tried, and tried some more, but just couldn't embrace it (black sheets for a pre-teen boy? ever a good idea?) 

He also mentioned vintage Marvel comic book - now that I could work with. So here's the before...

white room, 
ripe for 

...and the after
I painted the vintage Captain America on rough planks of wood with emulsion tester pots. It's heavily sanded and inked to look aged.
The colour palette is white and slate grey with accents of navy and deep red with brushed aluminium
(you can take the girl out of retail...)
The bottle top paper is Tim Holtz and the poster is from Ebay
The headboard is also made using old planks from the original bunk bed. I've mod podged on some vintage comic and added some lettering and Alfie type 'art'!
I rarely get round to making blocks for our house - but was quite inspired to make these. All Tim Holtz paper
I had to dig deep - but overall we're pleased with the result - and most importantly, Alfie LOVED it!

Other than that we've seen very little of any of the boys as they've been busy socialising, camping, playing...I can definitely feel a sea change towards independence (and I'm not sure I'm liking it!)

We did have a welcome visit from the youngest members of our wider family, Sonny, Luca and Mabel. Here are my favourite shots of them playing with bubbles

and our own littlest boy concentrating hard
...and the photograph I'm most proud of - little Mabel caught in the evening light
Now, before I go I'm long overdue introducing the newest member of the family - our new duck Myrtle!

Unlike the pesky chickens the ducks seem to accept new girls with dignity and grace - although to be fair Myrtle did grow up with our original girls (and boy) on the farm
I know Cleggy is secretly hoping Bertie will mate with all three girls next spring so we can have more ducklings - and he looks the type!
Myrtle is an East Indian duck - her colours are so beautiful in the sunlight. Here she is with Bertie, Polly and Dolly
 and Pearl - who thinks she's a duck
Finally - I know there's a lot of love for Bertha the fox scaring mannequin - but, quite rightly, many requests for her to acquire some clothes!
So Cleggy, Geordie and Kenzie went visiting the local charity shop with a challenge - to dress Bertha for less than £5
 They did well, don't you think?
fee x


  1. where to begin, fee?

    alfie's new room, love it, and the surprise factor.
    so sweet and perfectly boyish.

    that picture of little mabel, a m a z i n g.

    the fact you used to foster parent, w o w.

    miss myrtle, w e l c o m e.

    the fox scaring bertha, e e e k.


  2. Teeeheeee...............you are wonderful to read!!! AND...you are one heck of an artist! YOU PAINTED THAT CAPTAIN AMERICA yourself? WOOOWOOOWW! YOU ARE GOOD. And I love your new duck, and I love how the boys stayed within their budget to dress up the mannequin. AND YOUR COFFEE! That is too funny! Anita

  3. Wow, you are amazingly talented. that room is awesome, any boy (and possibly my husband who is in to marvel comics as well) would love it!!
    It is amazingly fantastically brilliant!!!!
    Also that photo of mabel is just beautiful, she looks like one of those old fashioned dolls

  4. Fee it is said that boys leave the house and girls always stay. I do hope our boys prove them wrong. Lovely redo. Spot on for his age. Mabel photo is darling. Those are the once in a lifetime shots. Myrtle is gorgeous in her iridescence. Bertha is far more fitted for an English garden now although I am surprised she is not sporting a floral ensemble...smiles...Renee

  5. Alfie's new room is to die for. You clever, clever lady. I love it!!!!
    Your family photos are gorgeous, the one of Mabel is adorable.
    Your new duck is sooo handsome with such pretty colours. A chicken that thinks it is a duck,....hmmmm, our chooks think they are human. :)
    Have a lovely day,
    Anne xx

  6. You'll be getting requests from all bloggers sons for cool rooms like Alfies - it looks fab :)

    Lovely photos of the little people playing with bubbles - especially that one of Mabel.

    As for Bertha - she's looks very glam - I hope she keeps the foxes away.

  7. What a fab post - from the coffee giving you a perfect heart to the stylish Bertha it was a real treat to read! Alfie's room is bound to be the envy of all his friends - it's fantastic! And the photos of the children are beautiful, especially the one of Mabel. Love the way Myrtle has tilted her head inquisitively. Thanks for a lovely start on a rainy morning.

  8. Love what you did with Alfie's room, no wonder he's pleased :) I adore the artwork on the blocks, I expected your house to be full of them? Amazing images of the little ones, especially Mabel (just how sweet is she?), that shot would win a competition :) xx

  9. loving Alfies new bedroom, i've got to tackle George's but am waiting till schools back {& will enlist the help of my mum with a spot of wall papering!}

  10. Oh my gosh, if i were a boy (how much do i want to start singing as I write now!) I would be so made up with that room! It's amazing Fee, you are so super talented to transform it in such a tasteful boy way!! The headboard and the blocks are fab, no wonder Alfie is chuffed to bits with it! Loving the picture of mabel too, she does look like a little doll, so cute! xxx

  11. #1 Loving penultimate - what a great word, too rarely given an airing.

    #2 Alfie's room is pure genius - edgy and bold without being too black and overbearing = clever, clever you!

    #3 Your photos in this post literally sing - gorgeous

    #4 Welcome Myrtle - if ever you want to share you glossy feathers with an Antipodean friend, I promise to take very good care of them.

    #5 Bertha -phew!

    #6 fee you are such a sparkling gem!

    xx Felicity

  12. What a gorgeous pic of Mabel! It's a beauty!! Loving your boys room.....perfect for a pre-teen :) who are a clever thing!!!

    Jo x

  13. What a lovely post to read today...smile from ear to ear.......lovely !!...great done with the room !!!....love from me...xxx...

  14. Alfies room is fab, well done for keeping to what he wanted :-) and hello Myrtle, such a cute duck. And that photo of your little one in the evening light is gorgeous, I had to look at those cute little cheeks several times , such a lovely photo!

  15. Wow! I am not going to show my sons those wonderful pics - some serious jealousy would be going on! But you have given me some good ideas - thanks so much. Love the rest of your photos and good to hear all your news, too.

  16. Oh boy! What a fabulous post! I love what you did with the bedroom! That was some serious creativity. I am so glad you didn't have to go black and neon, LOL. Our home has textured walls and we flattened the ones in the girls room and put in a floral wallpaper. They are stuck with it. FOREVER! :)(Can you tell I really love it?)
    The picture of Mabel is GORGEOUS!
    And, as always, I love hearing the animal antics. Pearl looks like our Alicia Bobblehead (named by Odelia). Congrats on having such an elegant mannequin. :)

  17. Everything's getting a make over at your place! Love the new vintage comic book theme room and Bertha looks like she's ready for a photo shoot! Well done!

  18. great job Fee, Alfies room looks great - both my boy's bedrooms are complete messes! I caved in and let them put football posters all over the walls and somehow radom stickers have appeared on every flat surface!! Nevermind, one of these days...! x

  19. Loving Alfie's room - good work on staying so positive with the boy theme (I know how hard that'll have been) - think it looks fab (though I am still clearly in denial about how grown up it feels).
    Pearl - always has been a little confused. Think it may have been the constant hen pecking (hmm, wonder if we are partly to blame for Colin and Justine?)
    Pictures - do think they could win some sort of photo competition. Gonna look for one!
    Love you xxx

  20. Alfie's room looks fab! I bet he is so pleased with it. Funnily enough, we bought the same desk for my 10 year old's room last week. She is over the moon with it. She also wanted black (and purple) for her room but we have white walls with one aubergine wall and some black accessories. Hope Alfie continues to enjoy his room. xx

  21. Your pictures and words are lovely, Fee. Alfie's room turned out beautiful, he will be making lots of wonderful memories in there!
    Have a happy Thursday ahead xxx

  22. Oh STOP! That room is AMAZING! Can you come and jazz up my new place please?! What incredible talent.
    Excellent photos as usual I see.
    Myrtle is a bit gorgeous isn't she? Love all the wildlife you have there.
    Hope you won't mind a bit of Pinterest stalking!
    kerry x

  23. Loving that room make-over Fee, I am contemplating a revamp for my boy in the next year or so (noted the black bed linen comment for future ref! lol)

    Where did you get the lockers from, they are lush!

  24. I am gobsmacked, what a room, what a post!!!!! Yes boys and black sheets are not a good mix (hmmm) Love EVERYTHING about this post you have been so busy with one thing or other and extending your family some what.
    I think the boys did a top job dressing Bertha, looks ready for a garden party, one lump or two my dear.
    x Sandi

  25. Oh my goodness...I love the decor of your son's room! You did a fantastic job!!! I'm very impressed...and inspired...I think I need to think about a little decorating in my boys room now!

  26. How the heck have I missed your posts, I assumed you hadn't been on Blogger as I haven't been getting my Fee updates.....hmmmmm.
    Glad to see you've been busy.
    Alfie's room is stupendous, utterly fab. What a lucky boy he is.
    What is your background, to be so arty?
    I LOVE Bertha, she makes me chuckle every time I see her.
    Must go, I am near my end time on Ebay for TWO Noo Noo duplicates - yes two!!!!
    This is my third attempt to get one and I always get pipped at the post and tonight I feel lucky.
    x x x

  27. What an amazing transformation! I love a room makeover. My mom did something similar for me back when I was in high school. What a sweet surprise.



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