Saturday 2 July 2011

Tiramisu and fairground rides (but not together)

We are off out for dinner with friends tonight (I know, out on a Saturday night 2 weeks running! get us...and we're out next week!) and I'm making desert, which is my favourite job!
This morning I was up nice and early and making Nigella's  

Irish Cream Tiramisu

It's one of my favourite recipes and (like many of my makes) is never the same twice but always good.

You can find the recipe on Nigella's site here.

I had to remind myself that drinking Baileys at 9 am was probably paramount to a drink settled for some serious licking of spoons. By the time everyone else was up I had finished, and only feeling slightly sick.  

Nigella suggests making in a large glass bowl but I think it works well in pretty china cups:

Our afternoon was spent at the annual town fair. You can hear the marching bands from miles away (love that sound) and the bottom of our road is closed off for the parade so the boys can run down and watch when they hear the music.

We had a large amount of huffing and puffing when they were told they needed to 'earn' some money for the fair by doing jobs. My biggest bug bear of the moment is that they don't appreciate the value of money (especially son #1) and  I vividly remember last year being horrified when I realised we'd spent about £50 at the same fair.
I'm not sure they appreciated their rides any more than last year but at least the cars are clean!!!
Anyway, the big boys were allowed to go off by themselves (which I hate on every level) so we just had Geordie - our little feardy! He decided this year was the year of the BIG ride...

After much deliberation he picked a fairly fierce one and seemed to enjoy it. 

Until he got off, when it was clear he felt less than well! It was boiling hot so we grabbed some fair food (hot dog and chips, naturally) and found some shade. Geordie announced he needed 'a lie down' so our trip ended fairly prematurely and we came home! Ah, the year of the big ride....
fee x


  1. What a glorious weekend fee.
    Nigella from morning to night and a fair full of colour and fun in between!

    Happy day!

    xx Felicity

  2. I am absolutelt CRAZY about Tiramisu, but I never tried making it! I always end up with it as a dessert if we are dining out though :)

    Hugs and a happy weekend to you!

  3. That looks very yammie yammie......nice the circus too !!...and we like VW !!...enjoy your

  4. Did you take all these pics Fee?!!! I LOVE them! :-)
    And I assume that is Cleggy with Geordie? How cute they look!

  5. Oh you've had such a fab day!! How cool to have such a fab fair in your town - looks like a proper old-fashioned one. Lovely pics and good idea to put the tiramisu in little cups, very sweet. Might try that recipe.

    The photo of the balloons is kind of creepy don't you think (or is that just me)? Looks like a shot from a horror movie pre bogey man....

    Cute pics of your man and boy together, love them.

    Nicki xx

  6. That tiramisu looks so good!!!!
    And I love how you've made it in the china cups- what a great idea!!

  7. Love the way you presented the tiramisu with the cocoa flowers in the cups, and am thinking you may well be eating it round now-ish...dribble...Great photos - do you do something special to get the vintage-look colours?

  8. Oh, your tiramisu photos are so wonderful! I love your colour schemes. Yes, Baileys, (cough, cough) I bought a bottle last week and it only lasted 6 days! Anyway after that slightly shameful confession from a newbie poster here I will wish you a very happy, sunny Sunday.

  9. Wow, can you come over and cook for me? I love the Nigella Express recipe book. I have it myself. I had actually borrowed it from the library and accidentally absolutely drenched it so much that it was too damaged to return but still nicely usable by moi! I was visiting my mother at the time, we ended up ripping up an old flannel sheet into page size pieces to prevent the pages from drying and sticking together. That was a frantic and intense job! I let the library know what had happened and had to pay for it, but I was allowed to keep it. My favourite recipes are the pomegranate icecream, but not yet made with pomegranates, and the choc mint biscuits, but not yet with the minty glaze!
    xXx Helen

  10. Gorgeous pictures, love the ones of the teacups and the fair.
    Don't think I have tried this desert option, feel ever so slightly put out at that fact,
    Nelly xxx

  11. Hello sweet lady. Firstly, thank you for you comforting words on my blog, and I always appreciate your comic relief. Secondly, if I so much as looked at that tirimasu, I would gsin a pound (doh..I just did)
    Thirdly... I know how hard it is not to spend huge amounts in places like fairs, they temp the children terribly, I avoid them in this country, as they are so over-priced. Luckily I can't do spinny around make-me-want-chunk rides.

  12. Your deserts look delicious Fee! The cups are such a sweet idea too, really pretty! Love your fairground pics too - I used to love going to 'proper' fairs with all the glitzy lightbulbs and going on all the old fashioned rides - the waltzers were by far my favourites, but not been on them in quite a few years now! Hope you've had a fab rest of your weekend xx

  13. Those are gorgeous pictures of some lovely things, sweet Fee. I am sure many unforgettable memories have been made.
    Sending hugs for a wonderful new week o xx o xx o

  14. Oh wow fab pics. I do know where Home Bird is coming from re the freaky balloon scene. I can almost imagine the music in the horror film, and adding echoey children's laughter sounds, which would build up to the scariness.
    Or is it just me and Home Bird?
    Your dessert looks amazing. And how cute is your man and boy? Handsomeness all round in your family then!
    Happy Sunday.
    Gem x x

  15. Just found your fabbytastic blog via brit mums blogs..haha I thought the same as you mumsy blogs.. !!!lovvee tirimasu,they looked great,I am now a follower.

  16. Oh you bought back the feeling of 'needing a lie down' after rides like that, I did start to feel a bit squeemy in the tum. I love your idea of the desert in the cups, they look great. Mmmm Bailey's and Midori together, called 'Squashed Frog' Midori in first then Bailey's slowly poured on the top, 'licking lips' mmmmmmm.
    x Sandi

  17. Just got your lovely comment. Thank you and you are quite right. Can't expect to keep the masses entertained. Was gutted, getting over it.
    Glass of rose and a dish of Trifle Crawford helps!
    Thanks Fee.
    X x x x

  18. Poor Geordie, it will get better as he gets used to it.

  19. Ok! I have lots to comment on:
    1. Your early morning tiramisu adventure looked AMAZING!
    Is that your espresso machine I see, with the gorgeous shot being poured? I'm jealous...

    2. Your little town fair sounded like so much fun! Your photos were just lovely!

    3. Congrats to Geordie Boy for being brave and trying something new and scary! Speaking of scary at the fair, I remember getting lost at our town fair when I was about 6. Somehow I managed to wander off. Thankfully, a family friend found me and lead me to my parents. Ahh memories! xo friend!

  20. I'm sorry your fun looking fair trip had to end early! It looked so cute! I'm a bit sorry to say that your son is braver than I because last weekend at the local fair I couldn't even get on one ride, I was too scared!

    I LOVE your dessert in a tea cup idea!


  21. Ah.. a girl after my own heart. Love Tiramissu.. never can spell it though nor walk past it in a supermarket. Must try out that recipe but know I'll be in danger of eating the whole pud as my boys are not fans. Oh well.. I can think of worse things to suffer!
    Very sensible boy Geordie.. so much more fun to watch others turn green.
    Michele x

  22. god fee you piccys are looking really professional,i still canrt belive you have ducks be carefull you will have a whole farm soon next it will be sheep and cow ohh dont forget the tractor speak soon love you kendal x


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