Thursday 9 June 2011 the ducks

We knew the ducklings would change in the time we were away....but couldn't believe the difference in 10 short days!
(For new friends benefit - the road to living, breathing ducklings has been a long one...I must be the only girl on the block to post pictures of a dead duckling on her crochet squares here!!!)

Anyway - here are Lola and Coco on the day we got them - only about 5 weeks ago
          and here they are the week we went on holiday
and here they are now!
The boys even suggested that Granny had accidently killed them while we were away and replaced them with these monster ducks!
(we know you took great care of them really Granny. Although you do realise that they now expect a mixed baby leaf salad from Waitrose as opposed to the leftovers they were getting previously???)
 They are clearly teenage ducks as Lolas voice breaks between a  
teeny tiny cheep and a deep quack - very funny!

Anyway (again) they have been residing in with Tortoise Ned, until Granny pointed out that the greedy ducklings were eating all of Neds food as well as their own. He's just not quick enough...naturally!
So, today they were moved from here:
to behind the workshop...with the chickens.
Bearing in mind that the Orpington Ladies have literally pecked the 2 rescue chickens (Gladys and Muriel) into submission over many long months, the chickens were seemingly afraid of these 2 pre-teen ducks! 
They stood...
they stared...
they stared some more....
....then got on with the eternal hunt for worms! 
Meanwhile the little ducks splashed about in their new (way too small but ok for a couple of days) pool. Yes, that is indeed a beautiful belfast sink...don't ask me why it's not in our home.
Speaking of change, can you believe how healthy those rescue girls are looking? 
(compare for yourself here and here)
They still get kept in their place and have to be very strategic when trying to get in the coop at night, but are doing so well. Here's some more pictures of them enjoying the sunshine:
  As for Ned?
He didn't seem tooo upset to see the ducks had gone...and was rewarded for sharing his house so generously with a lovely new sign!
That's right...Ned and Breakfast. 
That's what happens when you let an 11 year old boy 
choose the name.
(note to self...)
fee x


  1. Teenage ducks - watch out for loud music and strange explained smells ;)

    Love the Ned & breakfast sign - a perfect name for a blog is ever I saw one ;)

  2. That's an absolutely brilliant name for a tortoise house - love it! What a gorgeous post - I have SUCH bad henly longings, and you've just made them a hundred times worse...your garden looks like a dream (sigh). Hope the gawjuss teens are happy in their new home!
    Emily x

  3. Oh what a sweet home...home sweet home....lovely

  4. This is my absolute favourite post from any I've read all week - and believe me I'm a reader!

    Loving every element that you've shared and think that Ned's new house sign is inspired!

    Happy day Fee, thank you for sharing!

    xx Felicity

  5. I chuckled out loud a few times reading this post. The hens staring was funny. The waitrose salad. The squeaky deep quack, slow to the grub tortoise...

    Not sure if I'm a weirdo following your link to a dead duckling or if I'm off the hook because you are odd!! ;oD

    I love your writing, you're fab.

    I'm about to get new chickens, I'm hoping for rescued ones but I'll probably get some sad looking ones from the chicken place down the road, so they are kinda rescued.


  6. I love love love Ned! He is super cute. Is he about 4-5 years old? And what species is he? He looks perfectly happy in his home and I loved reading the post about how it was constructed. Thanks so much for stopping by. BTW, the fry up was delish! Julia at Peacock Blue xx

  7. Oh Fee these are lovely. How do you get anything done? I would be outside all day. Beautiful photos...I happen to love the sign...I get that boy humor! Smiles...Renee

  8. Glad you're back, I've missed reading your funny happy posts. Don't know where to start except it all made me happy. Lovely feathered and shell friends.


  9. Great post! Would love to have a few friends in our garden, but with pesky foxes around, it would be a disaster!

  10. Oh Fee, what a wonderful post! The chickens are looking fabulous. As you know, I would love have some of my own but lack the space, so I love reading about how yours are doing.
    The transformation in Coco and Lola is amazing, I'm so glad that they are doing so well.
    As for Ned and Breakfast, that made my week. I share your animal posts with the rest of the family and we all loved that. Genius.

  11. What a great post, I can't believe how much those ducks have grown - if I didn't know better I would say your boys are right on the money! hehe. They are huge now!! Love the pics of chickens too, we used to have chickens - brought back lots of memories looking at your photos! Have a super weekend Fee! Oh and that sign is just fab, what a great name :)

  12. The girls are amazing...they are looking so lovely! Happy dance.

    What happened to your sweet baby ducks? Wow...lucky children do not grow so fast.

    I love your life!!!!

    hugs for a great weekend my friend and thank you sooooo much for sharing.

  13. Well that is quite incredible how fast those dinky ducklings have grown- my puppy is the same. I just love your posts about your little animal family. We have a postage stamp sized garden, and I long to have the space to have chickens and ducks. My daughters love Ned, my 5 year old said 'oh Mummy, he is adorable' bless.

  14. I am very impressed with Ned's des res. It puts our little Winnie's outside quarters to shame. Winnie being our two year old tortoise. I am sure Winnie would love a weekend at Ned's B + B.
    Michele x


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