Tuesday 28 June 2011

Favourite waste of time

Thank you so much Jenny and Cuckoo for bestowing on Chipper Nelly the Kreativ award  - I love reading your blogs and still think its funny that anyone (other than Granny) reads mine!

Last time I divulged some of my dreams...this time I'm going to  share 10 of my favourite things/to do, in no particular order;

  Can't imagine life 
without them. 
Currently reading 
Tracy Chevalier
'The Virgin Blue'. 
Favourite book = Wuthering Heights.

 I could happily read a good one 
all day. 
I Enjoy them as much as eating. (almost)
Favourite food writer = Nigella

Toulouse, 2010

Planning holidays

Don't have to be planning on going on one to enjoy random planning! 
Favourite place = France. (or South Devon...)


 Just love them
Favourite brand = Irregular Choice

Freshly laundered bedding
That moment when you jump into bed and it's all neat and smells of clean washing
Favourite fabric smell = lavender
I don't own this PIP bedding.....yet!

      ♠Card games
MUST add remembering how to play poker to my list of things to do before I'm 50!
Favourite card game = canasta

LOVE a fact, especially a 
random one. 
Favourite = animal groups eg: 
a mischief of rats, a crash of rhinos, a tower of giraffes...
I could go on!

 When I had a real job I spent much of my hard earned salary on products! Now I have less disposable money, or rather 3 children, I think I appreciate a good product more than ever. I especially love how make up can transform you, even when you feel rubbish.

Favourite product = Bobby Brown concealer

A good TV series
I like when we're right into something, so we always have something to watch if we find ourselves with a free hour (both awake!). Enjoyed 24, Dexter, currently working through Chicago Code and Mad men.
Favourite = The Wire (genius)

I Can't believe I've only been partaking for a few short months - have met so many lovely people, been so inspired, happily wasted so many hours!
Favourite blog = all of them!!!

Ah, done! Now to pass on the award....and I know lots of people already have it, so I'm giving it to Bee, who is the only person I know is newer than me, and we need to know more! 
Fee x


  1. ooh gleeful! thank you for sharing your fav things to do. I love freshly laundered bedding, especially when I have just had a bath, and I climb into bed x

  2. .. happily wasted so many hours .. I am smiling ear-to-ear here, sweet Fee!
    PIP is awesome, I have a few pieces too, they lift my days just by looking at them. I have a thing for books, hope to find enough patience to finally end the one I have been reading for months now ;) Mags just do it better lately.
    Have a lovely Midweek, well that is for tomorrow. The sweetest dreams for now oxoxo

  3. what a great post! I also love reading, and watching Mad Men. One of my favourite things is watching Mad Men and crocheting!

  4. Oh yes! I do like all your favorites! I'm with you on the reading of cookbooks (love Nigella!), the travel, the shoes and pretty much everything else.

    p.s. Mad Men starts a bit slow. The mister and I were on the fence about it but it just gets better and more intriguing, FYI.

  5. very cool post! I read the Blue Virgin a few months ago and loved it (still working on those kindle uploads!) ♥ Dexter too!

  6. Mad men ,crochet, pip bedding, France, make up, (oh I know you didn't mention crochet...sorry I'm obsessed) yes I'm with you and I think 'Dolly'could make an appearance tommorrow :) I'm off now to drool over Don and coo over Joan x x x

  7. Great list, completely with you on the make-up. I think it's a wonder drug. I wake up looking mangled and it works a wee bit of magic to make me look less than morgue like. You wait till you get crocheting, that'll be on your list soon enough.


  8. Diving into a great book - truly wonderous!
    As you now know {after visiting my blog this morning} I'm loving the new season of the reality renovation program 'The Block' [Australian viewers will relate to this] and cooking up some soul-reviving soups is just what's needed to chase the cold weather away at the moment.

    Happy day & congratulations!

    xx Felicity

  9. Fee I will be there in a minute with my Pride and Prejudice book and a vintage Canasta deck of cards. You have the Nigella treats ready and we can kick our heels off under the table...smiles...Renee

  10. Love learning more about you!!! I am so with you on the recipe books...I could read them all day long too. I tend to do a lot of summer reading as well...too busy any other time of year.

    Hugs for a great day my sweet friend.

  11. oh yes, freshly laundered bed sheets are fantastic! I also love cook books...they are my absolute favorite..I could go into a bookstore and sit on the floor and just look for hours! I have never done that for hours, but i want to!

  12. Bet you love Steve Wright's factoids!

    "A hairy arm pit holds 40% more water than a bald one"


  13. Loving this post Fee! And great ten things!
    Shocked to the core (not) that you hate Bon Jovi but yes it's Jon's lips that help I think.
    Hope all is well at your end, really enjoying your blog. It's lush, as we west country girls say.
    Gem x x x

  14. Hello again! Yes! Pinterest away my friend! I'd love to have my pics floating around that lovely site. xo!

  15. Wuthering heights?!
    A lovely memory of one of my fav books whilst reading Eng Lit at Goldsmiths University. ( I like my authors well-dead, on the whole)!

  16. Nice to learn more about you. Love the shoes, gorgeous on tanned slim legs hey!!
    x Sandi

  17. Hi there :) thanks ever so much for your comment on my blog! I've not told any viewers to kiss my arse......yet! A couple of people have mentioned to me about my blog not updating in their Google Readers or blog roll thingys.....I've tried looking in the help section but as I'm not the most technically minded of people I can't make out what, if I've done wrong! The Google help section can kiss my arse that's for sure!!

    Oh and you can't beat fresh laundered bedding for sure or shoes! I LOVE shoes!!!

    Jo x x

  18. Hi Fee... again you're very welcome, your blog is a very lovely and funny (in a good way!) place to come visit! Blogger has not been letting me comment on anything for the last few days, so thanks for the reminder just now! :) anyway love your list, am totally with you on most of them, especially the freshly laundered bedding... oh it is one of my favourite things in the world!!! Have a super weekend xxx

  19. Wonderful post! I love getting to know more about my blogging friends!
    That gentleman with the beef against us American women is a hoot, and I have a feeling might have had his little heart broken at some point...


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