Wednesday 22 June 2011

Duckling update and other randoms

Thank you for all the lovely comments yesterday - we've searched (and listened) but can't find our little ducks anywhere. 

On a more positive note there are absolutely no feathers belonging to them so hopefully they have found somewhere new to live (with a puddle!) and will survive until they can fly away somewhere nice!

The boys are all fine with it - but then again we've had to do 'the circle of life' chat quite a lot recently. Soz to anyone who is now singing that annoying song for the rest of the day....

Our chicken area has been reinforced - with more big stones, more wee (apparently v good as a deterrent) lots of securing and THIS:

Then I had the brilliant (if I say so myself) idea to get rid of  make the best use of Bertha!
Cleggy said 'good idea fee [as always] and if you get me an appropriate outfit I'll sort it out'. 
What the heck is the appropriate outfit for #1 fox deterrent??? Anyway - here she is, in her birthday suit, arm missing and, for reasons only known to Cleggy, a black wig! thinking she has a look of Cher about her?

Meanwhile I have the longest list of jobs decided to make some bunting instead (I didn't like the look of the jobs)
I used the tags from my birthday presents and added some bits and pieces of fabric/ric rac/ribbon etc lying around. Hopefully it won't melt or catch fire!

Finally Cuckoo posted a funny weight watchers card over at hers yesterday and I promised one in return...
Fee x
ps apologies about the dodgy formatting - Blogger is being v v tricksy! AGAIN


  1. I love Bertha's new role :) She is worthy of her own blog really!!

    I hope the ducklings are safe somewhere and maybe they'll even come home again soon.

  2. Too too funny, and genius man. If that fox isn't scared of Bertha it deserves a chicken dinner (joke obviously) xxx
    P.s I live for the blog update which tells me you've been chasing ducklings through Timperley village

  3. Missed your last post - poor Florence. Maybe the ducks will come back when they're hungry?!
    Laughing at that picture of Bertha!

  4. Well Bertha certainly scares me!
    Thanks for the weight loss tip. I've been looking for something quick. This may be the last comment I leave for a while....

  5. If you chop your hands off how long before you can unwrap a Snickers with your feet I wonder? When I was a kid it seemed like my mum was always off to weightwatchers. Every Monday night she'd take x-lax to try and fool the minders by the scales and she paid for it too?

    Love Bertha in the run. Think you need to add more modifications as that's one cool place for hens to hang out Fee.


  6. Much to say, much much to say. Back in the morning when laptop is charged. iPad is pants to type on.

    Ps she needs a mirkin/murkin and nothing more.

  7. You my dear are BRILLIANT..using your crazy lady to stand guard over the ladies! I love it!
    Only you could make me laugh out loud with that silly weight watchers card!

    Hugs and love. xoxoxox

  8. Hello! Been meaning to stop by for a while now and just now do I have a quiet moment. There's been a lot of action taking place in your neck of the woods! Poor Bertha! She does rather look like Cher- that's about as much clothes as she wears on any given day anyway...

    Your bunting is DARLING! So pretty! You should make some to sell! I'd be all over that!

    xo friend!

    p.s. loved the weight watchers cartoon! HA!

    p.s.s. blogger was being a royal pain for me too... something funky going on there..

  9. Brilliant idea to keep the foxes away! You'll have to let me know if it works. We'll hopefully be getting chickens soon after we settle in from our move!

    And, I have to say I got the biggest laugh with Amputee Judy.....hilarious!

    - Samya

  10. I am still laughing....thank you for such a good laugh!

    - Samya

  11. Crazy post, thank you for making me laugh. I wonder if Bertha will out stare the foxes so they run away. Thank goodness I don't need weight watchers, I need my hands.
    x Sandi

  12. I feel I must have put a curse on your birds when I mentioned the fox had had mine. There's a long story about the sad morning I found them all scattered about. But It's only funny if you can see me doing the re-enactment. Otherwise it sounds very sinister, you see I had to shoot the girls that were mortally wounded (The fox killed some and maimed the rest). I was stood there in the garden wearing nothing but Knickers, T shirt and welly bobs. Looking utterly crazed with a shot gun. Really horrible. I don't look the type do I? But I couldn't bear to let them suffer one minute longer.

    My boys miss the chickens as they are not allowed to wee in the garden at present. Big was grumbling about the lack of chickens just this morning.

    Your bunting is lush, Bertha is genius. Your house is full of contrasts. A naked, brazillianed doll in the chicken coop and delightful bunting above the stove.


  13. Sorry to hear about the duckies.

    I think that as Bertha looks like Cher with that wig on she needs the horrific V shaped black lace Borat mankini outfit from the Turn Back Time video, that scares me so it should do the job with any fox.

    Love that bunting btw! x


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