Monday 9 May 2011

Unreasonably excited...

 Today was less than promising... more rain than sun, more housework than making and more salad than chips!
But when everyone came home it livened up and was filled with happy things.

Firstly Geordie Boy brought home a violin! I know what you're thinking...
7 year old boy + violin = TORTURE?
Not so!
Seems his hypermobility lends itself well to the difficult finger positioning required to make a pleasant sound. 
He was delighted when I got mine out (first time in about 20 years!) and he found we could kind of create something resembling music.


Then, as I was off down to the workshop at dusk I walked past the birdhouse Alfie made at cub camp last year and heard the loudest cheeping...I hung around for a bit...and sure enough was rewarded with the arrival of Mr and Mrs Great Tit, armed with caterpillars for their little family, using the box as home.
I was unreasonably excited and (literally) ran into the house to tell the boys!
I then spent an hour alone in the tree house (see top picture!) trying to get a decent photo.
Turns out they are as quick as ducklings and pretty hard to capture, especially with a rubbish camera!

Most of the photos I've got don't feature a bird of any description - but here are the best two

How cool is that? 
I will, of course, be keeping a close eye on them and watch their progress.

Lastly, as I'm sitting here (reading out Great Tit facts - easing into my 40's!!!) I had to go and plump the cushions next to (bored) Cleggy as it looked remarkably like he had a bear sitting next to him on the settee. Made me chuckle.
 Took a picture as he had no idea what I was talking about. Nothing new there then...fee x
ps Did Cleggy make predictable yet funny Dad jokes about 
great tits? 
of course he did!


  1. your garden looks so lovely fee, so lush and green too x

  2. I think MrVV and my boys would also make GreatTit jokes ;)

    Little son has just stopped his violin lessons as he's decided to concentrate on playing his euphonium instead. Hoping he picks it up again when he's older.

  3. I love this post. I love that beautiful moment captured of your son playing the violin.
    The adventures of the blue tit are. hilarious,you did so well capturing them. I am suc a geek when it comes to birds- Birds are Brilliant.

  4. Cant wait to hear the first performance of the two of you perfoming Lark Ascending... tee hee. Alternatively I am very partial to Twinkle Twinkle little star.
    Now where is that loaf of sourdough? Hmm strange, none left, perhaps a bagel with cream cheese honey and banana... care to join me Fee?

    Sarah x

  5. A tree house, a nest with birds in, an 8 year old delightful child who does not make horrific sounds with a violin, a bear shaped cushion and a hubby you can share jokes with about great tits. Sounds like bliss. Loved your post it made me chuckle.

  6. I just like your posts so much Fee! They really make me laugh and smile and sigh. Your boys are so fun to hear about (from the violin excitement to your man's tit comments) keep the posts coming! They make my day!

    xo friend


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