Saturday 10 November 2012

Totally Unprepared...

This is my third Christmas (officially) in business - you would think I would be better at it by now. Not least because I spent a whole other career in retail! 
Obviously having to take October off didn't help, but I am WAY behind. I still have things to make!!

Anyway - on a positive note it's largely non Christmas commissions that are keeping me busy. Here are some of the ones I can share:

This is actually 2 sets - one for a best friend and one for a sister. I love using Cath Kidston paper - 
just wish I could sell them 'legitimatly'! 
Always happy to take low key orders though...
 MORE home blocks
I've just finished a lovely big wedding commission - gifts for the wedding party. The theme is navy and grey, with accents of cream and pale green - and worked a treat! 
I won't share too much as it hasn't happened yet - but here's a hint of the beautiful colours

 I have wrapped and posted all the December wedding blocks - 
these are all personalised on the back
1) glamorous black lace and cream
 2) Winter white Christmas 
(with hearts on the back of the snowflakes)
 3) Traditional winter wedding
 A hook for Ned. 
His big brothers got theirs a few years ago so I had to dig deep to remember how I made them 
(and find the right kind of matching hook!)
 I also had a lovely commission for a new baby Felix who has been poorly and not yet left the neo-natal unit (in Madrid!). His parents are from Manchester and support Manchester United (thus the red and white theme!) and the nurses in hospital call him 'Felix el gatito' (Felix the kitten)
I found the kitten images in a vintage book gifted to me (for playing with purposes!) by lovely Renee from 'My Vintage Mending' as part of a swap last year. I knew the images would find a special home....

 I have of course been busy with Christmas treats too. 
Santa's Magic keys are flying out (hope he appreciates how much easier it will be for him for houses where there isn't a chimney) and some Christmas commissions too. 
These hearts are for grown up children who still love snowmen (who doesn't?) and retro
  And lastly for today some blocks inspired by my lovely pal Jane - who is the Queen of the vintage print. I liked them so much I'm going to make them for my might even be in time for Christmas!!! Fee x


  1. Wow you have been busy :) You should have an email from me with my address on it if the email system hasn't eaten it :)

    Love the little Felix blocks - lucky baby :)

  2. Love the vintage Christmas blocks, okay, I love *all* the blocks! I still have those laser prints here to post to you - oops - but I guess if you're snowed under (pun intended) with Christmas stuff there's no hurry?

  3. Good morning dear one! I know what you mean about BEING BEHIND! I am so busy these days with commissions, Etsy and local retailers asking for orders that I am ENJOYING IT ALL, but I am also taking a writing course. Now I am sitting here wondering WHEN and WHAT I will post on my blog!

    Your work is always CHIPPER indeed, and we love ya! HAPPY DAY, FEE! Anita

  4. What lovely work Fee and I am delighted to see my commissioned grown up kids"First married Christmas" and "Our 1st Christmas tree" decs pictured here....they will be so loved. I was delighted with them both, thanks so much for making them. I am sure everyone else will be just as delighted, I love the Winter wedding blocks. Keep it up..Christmas is coming.....
    Jane x

  5. I would have such a hard time deciding which ones I wanted because I need them all....beautiful work....smiles..Renee

  6. Fee, gorgeous blocks as always. I love the ones for Felix, those are absolutely adorable. Snowmen, ah snowmen. I may have to have some of those later but I'll wait until after Christmas. : )


  7. Hello from New York. I've hopped over here via Helen's blog and am so glad to have visited. Your design sense is quite wonderful and totally your own.

    Best wishes for continued success!

  8. Wow you have been really busy Fee! Totally in love with that last set of blocks!
    Victoria xx

  9. These are ALL so lovely - and thanks again for my blocks & other things, I am truly chuffed with them all :-)
    Have a great (and productive!) weekend,

  10. Your things are as always, gorgeous!
    Enjoy the weekend xox

  11. WOW! how busy have you been lady? love the lace wedding ones and janes vintage Xmas blocks.xx

  12. Your cubes look lovely Fee! I liked the one on Helen's blog too, with the London theme.

    I hope you will be ready on time for Christmas. Good luck!

    Madelief x

  13. Lovely work Fee, as ever!
    Wishing little Felix well. :)
    Vivienne x

  14. Sooo gorgeous....there are so many lovely ideas combined in the blocks you create and they are always a delight! How sweet the ones are for little Felix...I wish him well too.
    Have a happy week, Fee!
    Helen x

  15. Gorgeous blocks as always Fee...I really love the navy and grey winter wedding ones. I will be in touch to order some Christmas blocks!
    Caroline xxx

  16. Such beautiful work Fee, thanks for sharing.
    Anne xx

  17. I am so in love with your blocks...I can't wait until someone has a baby...i want to order a set of those vintage ones...pure joy. You are one busy bee or I should say one busy elf! Hugs. xoxo

  18. Still loving the magic key idea, genius and look great on your NOTHS site.
    Felix blocks are too gorgeous.
    I think it is the very fact that we have spent so long in retail that makes us unorganised, almost because you can now (sort of)!

    Nelly x

  19. Hello.
    I love your work and would like to discuss a commission, I couldn't find any email link on your blog and so I am contacting you this way (perhaps I am blind).

    It's for my friends daughter. She is 6 months and her name is Elsie. I would like her name and a bunny rabbit theme, perhaps over three large blocks.

    Is this something you could do?

  20. Hi Fee,
    I love reading your blog, it is interesting and funny and inspires me to get on with my work (I too run my own business from home in Devon and sometimes find it extremely hard to stay focused!) One of my pal's is expecting a baby boy on New Years Day and as soon as she knows the name I'll be ordering some of your blocks. How long is the process from ordering to posting please?

  21. Hi Fee,

    Lots and lots of gorgeous sets....but Little Felix's blocks are just so sweet.

    keep well

    Amanda :-)

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