Saturday 25 June 2011

I ♥ a night out

A busy weekend for us - but in a good way.
Last night I met up with some of my favourite people from my previous life - when I had a proper job and everything. 
In those days I had a (terribly current) bag full of products, a hairSTYLE, shoes with heels (and no socks!), a waist, some cheekbones (hoping to find them again soon), a finger on the pulse of fashion, music, current affairs, business... and clearly a huge (terribly current) pair of rose tinted glasses!!!

(Seriously though, in those days I could always find my purse/phone/keys and more importantly my car in John Lewis carpark. What has happened to me?)

Anyway - Nelly and I were meeting up to travel in to Leeds together and nearly didn't get there. We got stuck in a hotel car park in the middle of, what can only be described as, my big fat gypsy prom! I got my car wedged between a hummer limo and a london bus. If only my camera had been handy....

Although we're Northern, none of us is actually that orange!

We don't get together very often for boringly familiar reasons but always have a great big laugh - and last night was no exception. I wheezed all the way home and sound like Marge Simpson this morning. Even better that I share these pals with Nelly - so get an extra night out with her too.

 Tonight we are out again - what an absolute treat! We're going to see Lip Service - a theatre company largely made up of two very funny women. We've seen almost everything they've ever done (they have a cult following don't you know...and I think I'm in the cult!) Only recently did I realise why they were called Lip Service. Such an innocent. (doh!)

Anyway, their shows are clever as well as very funny. Our favourite is called 'Withering Looks' and is about the Bronte sisters. It's touring again at the moment so have a look at their website and see if it's near you - I wouldn't normally be so bold as to recommend something but I heartily recommend this. 

Tonight we're at The Lowry seeing 'Desperate to be Dorris' - can't wait. 

Cleggy and I are even getting out early (thanks The Granny) and having something to eat beforehand - why, I declare that a big night out! 

We're off to Granny's church fair this afternoon then making the most of the promised warm weather tomorrow with a family trip out. What a perfect weekend it's turning out to be.

THANK YOU very much to Jenny for my award yesterday, and Cuckoo for hers a couple of weeks ago. I'm thrilled with them, natch, and will do my little fact doodah tomorrow. I love both your blogs!
Hope your weekend is as cheery as mine,
fee x
(ps no sign of ducks. Cleggy reinforcing the fence some more this morning!) 


  1. Hope you enjoyed your night out.
    Can only imagine how much cackling went on...

  2. Ha ha great post. Love Withering Looks! They look like a right laugh.
    Glad you had a good night out, us mums need it.
    I know what you mean about the handbag thing. Mine used to house makeup, perfume, wallet. keys and mobile.
    Yesterday I found the following: Three cocktail sausages, dry wet wipes, used tissues (not mine), lolly sticks, fluff, mobile, purse, loose coins not in purse, parking tickets (not fines though!), two books, four nappies and hand spray.
    Not so glam!!!!
    Loving your blog, so pleased you posted on mine and I therefore came across yours!
    x x

  3. Smiling while reading your lovely post, sweet Fee. Hope you all have had a night to remember!
    Lots of love for the weekend, rain on my windowpane, turning in early tonight with a good read a soooo want to finish. o xx o

  4. What fun!

    I have an inkling fee that living in your orbit would be filled with much laughter and giggling whether you go out or not.

    Great to read that you've had many opportunities to 'top up' your heart over the weekend.

    xx Felicity

  5. What a great sounding weekend! I'm doing the oposie, I'm using my Sunday to myself (the first one I've had in it seems like forever) to "putter" around my apartment and get some project done!

    Have a great weekend!


  6. Hand bag? What's that? Seriously, I haven't got a handbag anymore. I have a leather bin bag. Woe is me. I've lost my sparkle.


  7. Hihi, that first picture cracked me up *smile*
    Glad you had a buzy but nice weekend!


  8. I remember proper handbags and grown up shoes - am so glad I'm past all that now!!

    Anyhow - just to let you know - you are a winner - can you email me via my blog to let me have your address so I can send you some light reading ;)

  9. ahhh missed you would've been all the better for swaying along to que cera with you by our sides ....... handbag???current??? does that mean my ltw's are not on trend????? I'll have you know gingham is so 'now' darling :) :) :)
    hooks at the ready x x x x x x x


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