Tuesday 24 July 2012

Treasures from near and (very, very) far

So, this month I have been lucky enough to win 3 giveaways and one 'carry it forward'
How lucky is that?
The first was from very lovely Vintage Vicki over at ....Vintage Vicki, who was celebrating 400 followers!
Thanks again Vicki, it was a wonderful box of goodies - little dolly has been gifted to wee Mabel.
My second good fortune came from my blogging pal Anita from castles, crowns and cottages - who was celebrating the end of her Paris Blog Soiree. 
Anita makes exquisite treasures out of paper - including these amazing little shoes!
 My shoe is a very specific colour - and will go in my boudoir perfectly. The picture below already hangs there- what a perfect match!
Anita also included the little castle below - and I was delighted to see 'lavendar' on the list of ingredients. One night when Cleggy was away I was CRAVING chocolate (as is my want) and remembered this little treat with great excitement. I had save it for just such a time. Unfortunately as I bit into it I soon realised it was in fact SoAP!!!
SO serves me right for being such a greedy guts!
My last treat was this little set of spotty magnets - which I received from The Little Picture Company 
(thanks again Anita!)
Obviously they are being used to create as many rude words as possible..... !
The last treat comes all the way from Korea! Whilst travelling in Italy last month The Granny found a wallet full of money and documents. On returning to the UK she googled the name inside and duly posted it back to it's rightful owner, a doctor working at a medical centre in Seoul. Despite the fact that she wrote 'wallet' as contents of the package (doh!) it still arrived and the delighted recipient sent her a little something to say thank you! 
 A beautiful inlaid mirror -  How lovely is that?!
Here are my commissions from the past week:
Chunky blocks for a wedding and an anniversary
A set of 1st anniversary blocks:
 New style space inspired blocks for boys (hoping to put in the shop in September):
A single love block for a pearl wedding anniversary:

A girls room sign:

And some special, LONG overdue, blocks for a blogging friend...
you know who you are! (clue on map!)
And finally something I
made just for the sake of making (a real rarity!)
I so enjoyed making the Alice in Wonderland things for my giveaway I decided to play with wood, stamps, and old keys:

Speaking of giveaways...I'm only 7 followers off my next one! And it's already made and waiting...
Meanwhile, I hope the sun is shining wherever you are (and if you're in the US I hope there's a breeze!)
We had our first BBQ last night - bring on the summer!
fee x 


  1. Oh Fee, you absolute sweetheart! I am beaming merrily in faraway Hobart, Australia. Thanks so much - they are divine. And so *me*. Of course, you crafty minx! I can't wait to receive them. Yippee! J x

  2. My darling Fee......

    YOU ARE THE BEST!!!!!!!! As I was admiring your first win, I scroll down to see a lovely little white box with a touch of aqua...I thought to myself, "Oh what a gorgeous color scheme...I wonder what came inside that treasure box?" AND THERE YOU WERE....or there I WAS, MY HEART, my art. Oooo! But the topper on the cake or rather, the biskie, was the story about the castle.....ooops! You have a grand sense of humor and it serves ME RIGHT! I think it best that I write SOAP on the label!! teeeheeee......next time sweet one, I will send you an American chocolate delight for your tea time!

    You have done well with all these gifts of love to a talented, beautiful and FUN blogging pal!

    I hope your weather is better than ours today; we are having violent thunderstorms with lightening! CHEERS! Anita

  3. Three giveaways, that wonderful...ENJOY!! I had to laugh when you bit into the soap, what a disappointment.
    I'm just loving your new style blocks for boys. I'm wondering if you are awake at night with all your new ideas running through your head.
    So glad to hear it was sunny and warm enough for a BBQ. Here's hoping you get to squeeze in many more this summer.
    Anne xx

  4. Nice to see the generous Fee be showered with gifts herself. You are quite lucky my dear. You should play the lotto? Oh but then there is the soap issue. Loving those rocket blocks. Your wrapping is so divine. Smiles...Renee

  5. Lovely gifts, the little mirror is so beautiful.
    Brilliant blocks as always and I love the little Alice. :)
    Vivienne x

  6. Ah well done with all those giveaways!! How fab!! Anita is so clever, I love that shoe.
    You deserve to win all this, you shower everyone else with gifts.
    I LOVE the name Kip. It's my friend's husband's name. Was great to see it on one of your blocks and never ever met another Kip. Lovely name.
    Happy sunny day my loe

    x x x

  7. My LOVE, not my LOE. The 'V' key isn't working well. I blame the Princess.......

  8. Crikey bobs...what a lot of lovely prizes...and blocks...you busy girl, hope you are free now for crochet and chips while the sun is a shining x x x x x x x

  9. Gosh, Fee - you keep excelling yourself! These things are just lovely, and of course I'm feeling smug that some of them are once again headed my way. Like Gem, I love the name Kip - (just as well I do, since I'm his and Ted's lucky granny!) All five of our little grand-sprogs now have your name blocks - such great keepsakes, and so are the wedding / anniversary blocks. I'm so glad you've done a bit of 'receiving' this week for a change! Those giveaway treasures are beautiful.

  10. I got a giggle about you trying to eat the soap. That's why I love these blogs. I feel at home because that is something I would do. The new blocks are so adorable. I really like the anniversary block. I have a 40th coming up in October. I need to email you for pricing and ideas.


  11. Wow 3 giveaways!!! Loads of beautiful blocks to, I love the ones with the little silver hearts x A mouthful of soap eh? Just think how many chunks of chocolate you would have to eat to get rid of the awful taste of suds!! Happy days x

  12. Can't believe how lucky you have been - what lovely giveaways. How do I order a commission block - I've been through Not on the high Street before but would like a couple of blocks for an engagement?

  13. Wow Fee what luck you've had..I did laugh about the soap good job you didn't sink your teeth in before you realised! Great the wallet was returned safely...good job it did! Hope you are enjoying the summer holidays we certainly now have the correct weather.
    Jane x

  14. Lovely lucky giveaway wins! And more beautiful blocks and makes......just love them all....how busy you have been!! I loved the sweet story of your mum and the lost wallet :) Now summer is actually here I have been taking pictures of my seaside blocks so look out for them soon....Have a happy sunny week.
    Helen x

  15. what great prizes!!! I love the Alice bloc, as well as all the others actually!!

  16. Right, time for me to start entering more giveaways.
    Though Mabel will of course be thrilled with her little doll.
    Liking those new boys blocks xxx

  17. This post proves there are good people in the world. Hurrah for The Granny!

    You lucky wotsit winning all those treats. Too funny you tried to eat soap. Hilarious. You banana!

    Ahh there's Kenny. Love that cheeky little face.


  18. Hello lucky Fee...all your wins are so lovely, I am so envious that you have one of Anita's enchanting shoes...they really are just exquisite!
    Oh my, how beautiful is the mirror?..Such a heart warming story..it's so good to read about the good things in life for a change!
    ♥ Love your blocks as always,
    Hope you are having a happy week,
    Susan x

  19. Three giveaway wins, jammy! (As my youngest has started uttering every time he's impressed. Words come around again just like fashions, who knew!)

    And so many, many beautiful gifts and blocks :D

  20. Arriving from Jane for a brief visit and I fell, fell hard for your blocks!!!!

  21. You make beautiful things!

  22. Oh Fee, what a ripper to link up with the POTMC. You know how much I love it ☺. J x

  23. These are just so lovely! You have inspired me to try creating more things like this. All your images in this post are gorgeous!


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