Thursday 15 March 2012


Cleggy has been working away loads recently - and we don't like it one bit!  Neither does he. Anyway, to check that he doesn't have a second family save him some driving, we decided to spend the weekend where he was working - in beautiful Hampshire.           It's a new area to us - and what we saw we liked very much.

So, we rented this house:

Just kidding - we only hired the little castley bit on the left hand side. It was a stunning old listed building - an old mill, steeped in fascinating history. The owners were really friendly - and, thankfully, not precious about their lovely gardens.
                             Inside made for the best games of hide and seek - and I grew more than a little attached to the aga!
I've decided I too need a folly!

We had a great day exploring all the beaches one by one...

At Emsworth I told GB the drop was too steep (it was a much bigger drop than it looks here) - and not to climb over. He did it anyway. I decided to let him hang for a while - you know, teach him a lesson. But was mortified when a stranger RAN over and asked if I needed help pulling him up! (I did...) Cleggy was more perturbed that I'd found time to take a photo...!
The evening light was lovely - it felt like spring had sprung.

The following day reminded us that Spring had NOT in fact sprung - it was bleak. We decided to visit Portsmouth Historical Docks - a great hang out for a wintry day. We particularly loved getting on board the old ships and learning about life on deck. No photos - too grim!
As I had lots of time alone I managed to use the book of crocheted flowers granny got me for Christmas and made my first brooches. I love a blanket but have discovered I don't have the patience - a brooch is right up my street!
The rest of the week has been full of lovely commissions (some need to stay under wraps until the recipient receives) but these I can show and tell:
Blocks for very special Mummys
Some Mr & Mrs Blocks for an old friend Lisa
Possibly my all time favourite thing to make - blocks using vintage ladybird books. I'm still considering the proposal ladybird have asked for (before Christmas - yikes!) with regards a licence - but in the meantime I'm happily making them on request from original books. Yes - they get cut up - but they are then a new mini work of pure joy to look at on a daily basis!!! (it's still hard to take the sccissors to them...)
These ones are for Catherine and are a mixture of School and Party. As always they are such a delight to work with. 
Lastly - I recently made some Vintage Nursery Blocks for Helen, to help display her beautiful creations. This week we decided to do a swap - one of her gorgeous hearts (plus some fab paper and buttons) for 2 bunny blocks. I love a swap.
Here are the blocks 

And here is my heart.
How lovely?

(psst Helen is having a giveaway, Greengate tin, buttons, pin cushion.... here's the link )
 fee x


  1. How darling are these! I LOVE them all!! And the little preview of three others I had today ... sooooo special, you're a star!!!

  2. As always, i want every single one of your blocks- they are all amazing!!!
    I love the bunny ones, and ladybird ones in particular!!
    Love where you stayed, looks beautiful!!!
    I am now also consumed by wanting a folly!!

  3. I love the pictures of your little getaway, glad to hear Cleggy doesn't have another family stashed away! That bathroom in your manor house is just gorgeous, I want one just like it.
    xXx Helen

  4. I have to say I'm a little bit more than jealous of Helen's beautiful bunny blocks! :)

    1. What a simply gorgeous place to AGA, what a treat. I'd love one of those but they cost $16,000 in Australia. I might be able to manage a folly though as long as I made it myself. BFF is very good at laying bricks and bluestones. :)
      Loving your latest blocks too, the Ladybird ones are gorgeous.
      Have a wonderful weekend,
      Anne xx

  5. I love going on adventures with you fee....and I agree, every girl does indeed need her very own folly, especially when her name is fee, or felicity.

    As for your blocks, a treat as always & how thoughtful of Helen to pop your special letter onto the heart.

    Happy day Gorgeous!

  6. Blimey that's a stunning house and a folly too - I don't think I could have gone home! Looks like you all had a great time.
    Yet more lovely blocks. I love the Ladybird ones.

  7. Gorgeous house, I want one of those :) Love the heart, fab material. Sounds like you had the best time, how could you leave it behind? xx

  8. Fee I must look up these ladybird books. They look fabulous on the blocks. You didn't actually think he wouldn't climb down there? Our boys will we live through them? Beautiful holiday away. So glad to see your work. Smiles...Renee

  9. That house looks amazing. Love the pic of GB hanging on for dear life - of course all good bloggers would pause to take a pic before rescuing their child ;)

    When its bootsale time I'll keep a look out for any damaged Ladybird books that might be of use to you.

  10. What a wonderful house you stayed in! Love all your pictures and it sounds like a lovely break...and you made pretty crochet brooches too!! I loved our swap, Fee...the bunnies blocks are all the others on this post too. Our old ladybird books might just be winging their way to you soon too! A much nicer way to enjoy them! Have a great weekend.
    Helen x

  11. What a lovely, lovely post full of lovely loveliness! What a fancy pants la-de-da beautiful place to stay! Gorgeous!!! I love your blocks :) am also loving Helen's heart...isn't it beautiful!

    Hope you have a lovely weekend....and of course Mothers Day!!

    Jo x x x

  12. Oh my, what gorgeous place for a getaway, Fee!! I bet many lovely memories have been made.

    Have a wonderful weekend xoxoxoxo

  13. What a fantastic post. Love your photos of your trip.
    Lovely heart.

  14. Character be left hanging over a deep drop...surely? and one would of course want to capture such a momentous moment on film...can't see the problem? Well...maybe the Michael Jackson baby dangling incident was a tad too early in life....
    lovely blocks as always Fi,

    Happy Weekend,

    Sarah -x-

  15. What a great weekend you had Fee. Love the house you rented. It has so much style! All the rooms you photographed look beautiful. I will check it out on google. It's the sort of place we like to stay in when in England.

    Your new blocks look lovely!

    Happy weekend,

    Madelief x

  16. Yeeeessssss
    I finally manage to leave a comment and it's gobbledygook ha ha

  17. Darling Fee,

    WHAT A WONDERFUL LITTLE PALACE YOU STAYED IN!!!!!!!!! Oh dear, what a beautiful little get-away for you and the family! And as always,your wares are just magnificent. I am so behind on my visiting blogs, but I so appreciate your visit dearest! It is always a charm to read your witty accounts of your daily life. LOVE IT!!!!!!!

    Enjoy another fine day; Spring has eerily sprung here, where we usually battle winds and ice and COLD at this time of year!!!!! Anita

  18. What a beautiful place to stay. Lucky you Fee. It looks like you had a really good time. Beautiful blocks as always. Love Katie xx

  19. Thanks so much for your comment Fee, it is such a shame we don't live closer for a proper catch up, I think we would get on well :) I love the swap you and Helen did - those blocks are just gorgeous, the bunny papers are so sweet - they remind me of those paper/card easter eggs you used to find with little foil covered chocolate eggs in them! I used to love those when I was younger... ok getting sidetracked! Your break away looks lovely - we used to live in Hampshire, very lovely place though very expensive!! Anyhow, enjoy your weekend, hope you get chance to chill out a bit too! Jenny xx

  20. What a lovely set of photographs and a wonderful place to stay... your weekend away looks fab. xxx

  21. Hello there! Thanks for stopping by my place, so to speak and for your ever lovely comments. I'm sorry I've been such a bad comment-poster lately! But my! What a fun little trip you had and I love all your new blocks! I even had to read your post to my husband because it was just so darn cute and British! :)

    Happy Weekend Fee! xo

  22. Yo! Now I have a 'studio' (seriously, can't call it that. Feels phoney) I really will be needing a perpetual calendar and there's another thing I'd quite like too. Lets not forget to discuss this Very Important information over Easter.

    Marvellous blocks as per usual.

    That house looks unbelievable, like a fairy tale setting. Looks like a lovely place to spend some time. A folly would be so lush wouldn't it! Just being able to say "I'll be in the Folly, Darling!" would be nice. Maybe I'll call my new 'studio' a folly. It's the Bird Box currently and I have a feeling that's gonna stick!


  23. Ahhh spring, love the photo of the boats in the sunshine. You didn't tell me about the hanging incident, too funny and very embarrassing... X

  24. Ahhh spring, love the photo of the boats in the sunshine. You didn't tell me about the hanging incident, too funny and very embarrassing... X

  25. Oh what a wonderful trip you had! Looks absolutely beautiful, and I love, love, love that house you rented. I wouldn't have wanted to leave. Your new blocks are stunning, as always!!! How do you have the courage to cut up the books? But you do turn them into something beautiful. :-) XO Helena

  26. Aaah thank you Fee for mentioning me on the blog and link to Mr and Mrs Blocks. They arrived today beautifully wrapped I absolutely delighted with them!!!!!!!

    I want some too!!!. I must say too that I just love the Ladybird Books Blocks - I have some old versions of the books to but one of my favs is Tootles the Taxi. Thank you so much again. Love Lisa xx


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