Friday 13 July 2012

Things To Report...

Thanks so much for all the brilliant comments on my last post. I can't believe that Cleggy actually wrote something - all it took was a photo of himself in (girls) dungarees!

And it was a week largely lacking in laughs. Until the boys reports appeared today...
We thought Alfie's Primary ones were good 
(From reception:  'Alfie needs to learn that sometimes there's just no room for compromise'. A lesson he still hasn't learnt by the way.)

But I think GB beat that this year with the following comment, from the wonderful Mr Downes:

'Geordie often entertains the whole class with his stories and vocal talents. Although he sometimes needs to be reminded to wait for his turn to speak, he always has something interesting (and sometimes even relevant) to share with the class. 
Indeed  "it's not really about that, but...."  has become his catchphrase'

Brilliant! (he went on to say he wouldn't change him....hmmmmmm, I wonder)

The other nice bit was a cheering up cup of tea in the shed with my BF Jane, and a trip to the church 'good as new' with Amanda, Emily AND my little sister Nelly, along with the two little M's. What a treat. I found the most adorable china tea set  - which I'll be sharing when I've taken some decent pictures, as well as sharing my giveaway booty. The weather has been rubbish for photo taking of late.

Meanwhile here are a couple of this weeks commissions:
 These ladybird blocks are for a lovely and (very) regular customer Diane, for her new kitchen.
 I tried to persuade her that she wouldn't like them and that I should keep them (really) and even went as far as to photograph them on MY kitchen shelf so she could see how nice they looked....
 She was having NONE of I reluctantly posted them today.
(if you change your mind Diane I'll always have them back!)

The next one is a sign for Helen (see her lovely shop here) for her friend who has opened a children's boutique and vintage tea shop in West Horsham (here's their facebook page link, looks right up my street)

I have more makes to share but I want to wait until the recipients have received them, just in case!

Hoping to pop over to my favourite blogging places over the weekend...

Wishing you a happy weekend
fee x


  1. Your makes are gorgeous as ever. It made me laugh talking about your kids ahhh.. the dreaded school reports or even worse parents evening I am looking forward to them in the future.

  2. Oh I do love those 'kitchen' blocks but then I love all your blocks, always!!!! :)
    Happy weekend,
    Vivienne x

  3. The school reports made moi laugh out loud big stylee!!! Ha ha ha!!! LOVE IT!!!
    I love your blocks too. Thank you so much for your email, sorry I've not responded though. Been a stupid week. Going to keep an eye out for a Ladybird book though! :-)
    Your kitchen blocks are amazing.
    LOVE THEM!!!
    I live near Horsham, need to check that shop out in the summer hols. Right them beautiful, I shall leave you to it, on this Friday night, so that you can wine and dine Sir Andy of Pandy.
    He is similar to the Husband, it appears!! They look fairly similar. What music does he like? (random question)...

  4. I meant THEN not THEM...gah!

  5. You have a great weekend too Miss Fee! When do your holidays start?

  6. I popped into St Johns on the way to the physio, got a couple of fab tablecloths for chopping up.
    Your G sounds very similar to my M, always got something to enthusiastically contribute, though not always on topic. x

  7. I really like your blocks !!..lovely

  8. Can't wait to get mine Fee! Xxx

  9. Great new makes Fee, I really like that sign you made. You made me smile about husbands' commenting on blogs.....I know mine would never do that BUT I know he has a sneeky peek at my blog ;0) School reports are always game for a laugh. Enjoy the weekend,
    Jane x

  10. The kitchen blocks are wonderful.

  11. Those comments are priceless. Love all the makes too - how talented you are xx

  12. Ha, ha, I love those comments on the boys reports. They sound like real characters.
    The blocks are beautiful, as always. :)
    Anne xx

  13. Isn't it always the truth that the teachers who report these things are usually young single and childless or the mother of all girls...just saying! Love those lady bird blocks. Enjoy your clouds while we fry at 107' I am not bitter. Smiles...bitter mother of boys...Renee

  14. Your blocks are gorgeous!! I am in love with them, all!
    That vintage touch....really amazing!
    I collect vintage children's cups and dishes and storybooks and love those illustrations.
    Besos from Argentina, Silvina.

  15. Hello Mr.Cleggy sir, erm (shuffle, push dirt around with toe) I was wondering if Fee could come out to play, see I've got this barn and some hydrangeas and she's got blocks and stuff and well, you know....

    Have a wonderful weekend with those wonderful boys of yours,

    Love Sarah -x-

  16. Loving your stories again. I would frame the boys reports, something to love and laugh at, at the same time xxxx

  17. Loving those ladybird blocks, but my absolute favourites were the Alice ones.

    Reports make me laugh becuase sometimes you wonder if you sent a different kid into school to the one you have at home. I think they sound great boys.

    Happy weekend rain dodging.


  18. As a teacher, I am LOVING the teachers' comments here on your boys my dear!!!!!! AND YOUR NEW COMMISSIONS are just darling, SO WONDERFUL! And to think I have one of your creations in my home. SENDING YOU LOVE MY SWEET FRIEND! Anita

  19. I would have hung onto those block too. They remind me of books I used to first read, Janet & John. Fantastic. Will you be including these in your shop?
    P.S. Teachers comments - PRICELESS! :-)

  20. You just keep on making such adorable blocks, Fee! (And the signs too.....more things to want!!) Hadn't thought of having kitchen blocks before but now you mention it....
    Love the boys' reports, they sound so funny!
    Hope you're having a great weekend!
    Helen x

  21. I just love the ladybird blocks. They are stunning! I have the postcard box and hate giving them away - it want to keep them all for myself!!!

    Have a great weekend, and thank you for the lovely read!

  22. I often had: " Gayna should try to stop talking so much as then she would hear what she should be learning"

    I once had; "Gayna is delight to teach" but that teacher soon changed her tune.

    I also had:" Gayna is pretty and intelligent and should do weel" Yeah, I showed her!

    L:O:V:E the kitchen sign. Add that to my perpetual calenendar request. Thanken you.


    1. Do wee!!!!! What!!!! Oh too funny (I know you meant to say well hehe)

  23. Ah, more gorgeous blocks Fee...I love the Ladybird images and the kitchen sign too clever lady!
    Your boys reports are funny..well done to them!
    I've just been catching up on your last post...Congratulations on 19 years of wedded bliss! Time does fly, doesn't it?..Love the last pic..definitely made me smile!
    Hope you are having a lovely weekend,
    Susan x

  24. I always love stopping by to see what you've been making, Fee! I especially love the 'kitchen' blocks!
    Have a great week.....

  25. As a jaded and disillusioned ex-teacher this post has just restored my faith in the teaching profession! Brilliant reports!! And gorgeous blocks, as ever :D

  26. Lovin the blocks, stunning. I don't remember what my reports said, too long ago now, prob something like 'Sandra should find her voice and stop being such a mouse' yes I was Sandra back then. Not so much a mouse now tho' so I guess I did eventually find my voice. Love what your son's reports said, teachers have a good sense of humor.
    xx Sandi

  27. Good morning precious Fee!! THANK YOU FOR HOPPING ON OVER OT SEE ME!!!! You are just a gem....I will be back to Blogland on Sunday; I am so looking forward to seeing this old friend from our HIGH SCHOOL DAYS!!!!!!

    LOVE, Anita

  28. The kitchen blocks are darling. I don't think you'll get to keep them after all.

  29. I LOVE THOSE KITCHEN made these!!!!WOW that is awesome.....I hope your kitchen has some....I loved your tea cups pretty...
    Hope your week is off to a GREAT Start!!

  30. Have just found yet another reason why we shoudn't holiday apart, have had to sneak away to share le vacance bleu with someone. Has gone too quick man. Obviously tried G Kisby in the absence of any other but got the usual short shrift. Drowning my second to last night sorrows with a wine glass of diet coke.


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