Saturday 28 July 2012

End of (another) Era

Our boys have finally broken up for the summer! 

It was #2's last day in Primary school so we went out for a celebration tea...finished with ice cream in the sunshine

 We then watched the Olympic opening ceremony - which was all agreed was bloomin marvellous. I loved how different it was from Beijing - good work Danny Boyle.
Other than that it's been the usual busyness - although we did find both time and sunshine for an annual 'chips and crochet' in the park with my good friend Jane and her boys (we crochet, the boys play and eat chips)
Made all the more special by the addition of my beautiful blanket, made by same said friend!
Speaking of herself - I borrowed shamelessly stole an idea from her while taking tea in the shed. 

She had the loveliest floral curtains up - which I learnt were from Ikea. I managed to get a cheap set on EBay and put them up at our front window. 

I was all set to hem and sew them - but Jane said 'Oooh no, just chop them up and whack some Velcro on them'. It worked a treat - and since I bought a jumbo sized roll of sticky backed Velcro I'm now going round the house wondering what else I can stick up!

Our house has a pretty facade but is on the main road into Timperley village so non too private. We've thought about putting a pretty glass film on before now but it always ends up being really expensive. This option took less than an hour and cost 
less than £25! result.
I also received a lovely package from Jooles at Sew Sweet Violet.
Her daughter Sweet B has been helping out in Jooles' Etsy shop to help fund her studies - and her makes are TOO cute.
I requested a set of luggage labels with meal time, kitcheny words on to make some new bunting for above the oven...
and she didn't let me down:
Thank you Sweet B - I will photograph again when they are up 
My shop has officially closed for the summer (hooray!) but I am still finishing off some commissions (my favourite) - here's a sneaky look at what I've made this week.
This one is for Emily's Mum:
Some Cath Kidston covered thank you blocks for little flower girls
And blocks for a first birthday

A double sided block for my blogging pal Helen
who inspires me on a regular basis!
And lastly some family blocks for another regular customer Liz - hope you managed to part with them!!!
Happy weekend - fee x


  1. WOW!! I have those curtains, loads of them, left over from my old house and love them, but the windows aren't the same as I have curved bays now and couldn't work out how to hang them. This is a great idea and I might have to copy it too! Love your blocks, but you already know that, don't you ... xxx

  2. Ah Timperley! My nan and grandad lived in Altrincham and I remember being taken to Timperley among other places when we went up for a visit. I think it was there that there was a tea shop although I am talking about 40 odd years ago so probably gone now! I think the bus into the town centre from my nan's went through Timperley depending on which side of the road you got on.
    I love the Ikea curtains. Cheap as chips in Ikea and you get two in a pack. I have them in a couple of rooms in my house and the scalloped edges make them look a little less like net curtains!
    Lovely blocks, very pretty indeed and your boys look overjoyed to have finished school for the summer, their smiles are huge!
    Happy weekend!

  3. More lovely blocks :) Have a great summer Fee, enjoy the break :D

  4. HAPPINESS and JOY abound in this family! YEAH! CELEBRATION is everywhere in your land my dear! So does this mean that your childrens' summer holiday is starting???? We start so early here in June....ENJOY MY DEAREST FEE!! LOVE YOUR WARES. I am busy creating more...I sold ALL MY PAPER SHOES and dress!!! Anita

  5. Loving the Cath Kidston blocks Fee! So so pretty.
    Victoria xx

  6. Ah yes, LAVENDER SOAP! darling person, YOU! I will never forget that incident! I think my next batch of soaps should be something else! But the dear woman on Etsy that I purchase my soaps from makes ALL HER SOAPS with the most delicious fragrances and shapes!!!!!!!

    Big hugs Fee!! Anita

  7. Hi Fee,
    Im so glad that you like my tags! :)
    I love all of your work, your blocks are so beautiful!
    Hope you are having a nice weekend
    Sweet B x

  8. Hope to sneak in one more crochet and chips next week...need to get a project to bring this time x
    Curtains look fab, yay for sticky Velcro
    x x x x x

  9. I'm always so inspired after I read our posts! You're such a busy bee Miss Fee! :-)
    Love those flowery curtains by the way. I wonder if they have them here in The States? Another reason to drop by the Ikea store again....
    And yes, I also LOVED the opening ceremonies! So British and so familiar, having grown up with quite a bit of it over in The Netherlands... :-)

  10. Enjoy a wonderful weekend love love

  11. Your boys are sweeeeet! We fell asleep yesterday at the opening ceremony ;-) Oops!

  12. Gorgeous picture of kenz and GB, when did GB get so old looking? Where has our baby gone?
    Genius on the net curtain front, I too a, now considering what I can stick up.

  13. Sorry my comment printed before I had finished or corrected spelling errors.
    Also love those tags, match your kitchen perfectly. Did you manage to pass them off as a business package as well...
    Nelly x x

  14. Wonderful blocks Fee, you are one talented lady! We have just come back from a super sun shiny camping trip which was fabulous. Here's to wishing you and your family a fab break.
    As for sticky velcro, well who would have known :o) Your windows look beautiful by the way xox Penelope

    1. Oh and I love the idea of crochet and chips xox

  15. Love the end of term pics. Down here our lot leave First School at 9 and my Year 4s all left with decorated polo shirts last Friday. To be honest they looked better than the rest of the year because you see our shirts are yellow!! Your blue ones are much more tasteful.
    Some sweet blocks there.
    Have a good break.

  16. your little tag bunting will be adorable...I love the words she picked! Oh how I so love Jane's blankets!! Your blocks are always so lovely...hope your Summer is going well....cocooc

  17. Lots to love here today....especially my heart's desire rose and strawberry block.....soooooo gorgeous!!! The pictures of your lovely boys really sums up the start of the summer hols! Sweet B's tags will make such wonderful bunting, I can't wait to see it up :)
    Loved the opening of the Olympics amazing.
    Have a great summer holiday, Fee!
    Helen x

  18. I've done the etched glass effect film thing but this is equally as effective but a lot prettier, love it. So only one boy left at primary school now is it? My boy leaves primary next september, I'm dreading it.

    Loving those blocks, so pretty and that blanket made by your friend it gorgeous. I have some vintage sheet charm squares that I'm going to do similar with soon.

    Enjoy the summer hols. x

  19. What a super post, Fee!
    Love the blocks, and always! And love Sweet B's little cake toppers!

  20. HI FEE!!
    OH you are lucky to be so close to the Olympics!!!!I bet it is so fun watching all the activity around!!!Summer vacation is just starting there???School has already started around here....It is still very HOT......I stay up late watching the games LIVE rather then taping it...I am afraid I will MISS something!!!ALSO our 2nd daughter is in Europe right Germany....but she just got back from 5 days in Paris and she is off for Prague this week!!I love her sense of travel!!
    Hugs 2 U,
    I adore your blocks....I will check those out!!!

  21. Great post, Fee, filled with ice-cream and crochet, and handy hints for curtains and your beautiful blocks! Enjoy the summer holidays!

  22. What a packed blog post Fee, loved it :-) That mate of yours Jane has a lot to answer for , I have already bought some vintage fabric off her which I can't bare the cut into so had to buy her vintage bunting too :-) Love your new blocks - gorgeous!

  23. What a post full of lots of lovely bits and bobs, love those tags and the many blocks you have made they are gorgeous. Enjoy your break with your boys, at least the sun has begun to shine. jayne x

  24. Those blocks are darling...what a great use of super scrapbooking papers and stamps. daughter has stamps. I think she may like this one, too.

  25. PS just joined you site...invited my sister, too. I love those tag with sewing on

  26. Blogger just ate my comment...shame on you blogger! I did say that there were only THREE MORE SLEEPS, yes just three more....are you packed ready to go????
    Time is flying by, it won't be long and your boys will have finished school for good..scary thought. Love all the craft made and received.
    Have a great holiday.
    xo Sandi

  27. Oh and I love your chair/curtain corner, we have 'vertical blinds' here and give you no privacy, so you have to have them almost shut which makes for a very dark room. I love curtains.
    x Sandi


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