Thursday 26 July 2012

Blog hop?

My little brother Mark has requested I join in this blog hop, and it's for a good cause so how could I refuse? He has shared some memories of his childhood (an event that I knew nothing of!) over at his blog here.

The purpose of the hop is to highlight the gulf in differences between some of our own childhoods and those of youngsters around the world who don’t even know the meaning of the word childhood, let alone share in any of the joys each one should include as a guaranteed minimum entitlement.
As part of the campaign, every £1 donated will be matched by DFID so there really is no better time to donate than today, and it’s easy peasy, just follow this link … Word Vision – Single Gifts

I too was lucky enough to have a wonderfully carefree childhood! Like Mark, I hope that I can provide my boys with the same love and security that I was so lucky to have. As is often the case, it's only through having my own children that I realise the effort my parents put in to making us feel loved and cherished.
My Mum with us three!
One of my favourite games as a child was 'the tasting game'. Basically you had to blindfold your younger gullible sibling, then feed them a surprise on a teaspoon...they had to guess what it was.

There were some basic rules - nothing from under the sink (!) and no marmite - Mark HATED it.
It was a simple but fun game that went something like this:
Mark fed me jam, I fed him marmite. 
I chuckled, he cried, Mum told him not to play it again. He always did. 

My boys like to play the same game - and it seems to pan out the same way (poor Kenzie)

Anyway - in the style of a blog hop I'm going to encourage anyone who wants to to join in and share a childhood memory....and on that note wish my little brother a very 


fee x


  1. What a wonderful reason for a blog hop.

    If I'm honest my childhood was a bit of a mixed bag, but that's not to say it wasn't immensely privileged compared to that of very many children, the world over.

    But a good memory ... a Friday night treat of 'fizzy pop', the only time we were allowed, drunk while enjoying a question and answer session with Dad. 'How far away is the moon?', Which was the very biggest dinosaur?', Why are plants green?'. And he always knew the answers. Ace chap my Dad. Thanks for the memory prompt Fee!

    I'll mention the hop when I blog tomorrow :D


    Oh I must go visit your brother to wish him a JOYEUX ANNIVERSAIRE! Let's see....I had NO SIBLINGS and my childhood was rather different from others. I never learned to swim, I couldn't go outside to play with the others ( I lived in a violent neighbor of Los Angeles) but my BEST childhood MEMORIES are when I would sit and draw and create stories and play them out with my dolls!!! I ended up being a child in an adult body, someone who never wants to loose the thrill of discover.


  3. I loved that game, but only played it a couple of times when I had friends over being a lonely only child. I got all excited perhaps too much so one Halloween playing it with our girls and reduced Rosey to tears when I gave her jam to eat telling her it was witches snot.

    Best childhood games were the ones in my head. I played gymkanha's jumping over broom sticks in the garden, I was a spy hiding in the bushes to pass the time during the endless three hour golf matches at weekends. Boy was a lot of it dull, but it did make my imagination grow and has left me a real dreamer.

    Interesting about the blog hop. I'll definately pop by Fee. I gave up teaching ok teens A'level English as there were no challenges there years ago and now work with vulnerable teens, many of whom have had little schooling and have had to raise themselves pretty much. Inside there's a small child with very low or no self-esteem. Once we've built up trust and respect with each group, we have a lot of fun achieving the soft outcomes that speak volumes and move them nearer achieving their personal goals. Playing cards, watching films together, balloon races, having a laugh and all the stuff that we just take for granted as family time in my life are part of my working day. We try to give our students a bit of childhood that they should have had along with education and vocational training that will give them a chance to succeed.

    As this is a long ramble I won't email you like I was going to - dur. I finally posted your wee CIF gift today, hope you like and really sorry for taking an age. Life as usual getting in the way.

    Lisa x

  4. Marmite you say? The same marmite you'd have in your back pocket, then as I walked past you'd pin me to the floor, stuff your sweaty socks in my mouth then smear the stuff under my nose so I had to breath it up? Is that the marmite of which you speak? Is it?

    ... not that I hold a grudge, or worse still feel it had a negative effect on my life. Oh no, that I blame on your continued taunting with tales of trolls....

    Thanks for blog hopping though, happy memories.

    Mark x

  5. Hi

    Last comment so funny!!!!
    Great idea for a post!

    this is just a quickie just to let you know I have a giveaway on the go and its open to everyone,pop in if you have the time :-)

    Keep well

    Amanda :-)

  6. Thank you Fee for joining in with the lost childhood blog hop with such happy memories. It is so important to highlight what childhood should be like, moments such as this, as four million children are currently at risk of losing theirs in West Africa.

    We've added your photo to our Lost Childhood pinterest wall - please take a look!

    And happiest of birthdays to Mark!

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