Tuesday 17 July 2012

Counting The Sleeps...

...until our holidays! (21)
We usually take our family holiday in May so this one feels like it's been a long time coming. I can't wait.

In the meantime there are commissions to finish and plenty of things on 'the list'.

Boys wise its all about end of year performances and making do (not mending) the rags they call uniform!

We went to our first speech night - where #1 made the speech on behalf of year 7. It was held at The Bridgewater Hall in Manchester - and I have to admit I was feeling pretty nervous. Not because I thought he would mess up (he's a natural on the stage - not a trait he gets from my side of the family!) but more that he would be buoyed by an initial laugh and veer from the script! (he didn't. Phew)

Meanwhile Kenzie is playing The Scarecrow in The Wizard of Oz this week. Scares me how much he looks like me with that make up (maybe I'm overdoing the foundation!!)
  Here are my latest commissions:
Some 'funky eclectic' blocks for a naming ceremony. They aren't colours I normally use - but I really liked them

some more Ladybird blocks (can't ever get enough of these!)
A big block for a special friend (front and back view):
and some more knit blocks (hope you like them Avril!)
 That's it for me...back to the list! fee x


  1. Hello Fee,
    soo loved that piccie of your 'wee' one as the scarecrow!!
    Brought back memories of a rendition we did many moons ago, where I played the wicked witch...
    Your commission work is beautiful as always!
    Not long till your holiday too!
    Wishing you a Tuesday of loveliness!
    Maria x

  2. What a brilliant scarecrow!! :)
    The bunny blocks = love!!!
    Vivienne x

  3. Yep I agree totally scary how much he looks like the scarecrow.

    My list is so long today that I'm doing a bit of this and then heading off to do a bit of that all in a blind chaotic panic. Half painted a wall, put some dye on my hair so I look scary, cut up some fabric so it's all over the place and now I just want to sit in the middle of the mess and daydream before sports day.

    Hope you get your list done properly.

    Lisa X

  4. Betcha can't wait for your hols. Mine isn't til mid Aug and am GAGGING for the south of France!
    Loving your blocks. I do love the Ladybird ones.
    Ha ha the scarecrow costume is brilliant - I love it.
    Happy week Fee, happy week.

    x x x x

  5. Thanks for your comment! It's lovely to find your blog! I love your blocks, they are gorgeous!!! x

  6. Your young lad looks fab in his costume and more beautiful blocks too.
    Anne xx

  7. What a handsome scarecrow :)

    Will be glad when term ends here too - little son has had a growth spurt & his uniform looks like it belongs to someone much smaller!!

  8. Oooh the papers from your Knit block down are the sort of papers I work with, love them! Kenzie looks fantastic, a little bit on the orange side and looks too cute to be scary. I wish I was going on a holiday at the moment, sooooo tired :)
    xo Sandi

  9. Love the friendship block with the patches, very pretty indeed. I also love your button jars, I'd love a rummage through those!

  10. Ahhh a lovely catch up! We've had exactly the same problem with uniform rags. Tight collars, socks with seams that are now too small.....argh!! I keep telling them it can all go in the bin on Friday in the hope it will fill them with joy rather than screaming at me. Enjoy all the end of term thingys....your boys are certainly busy!!

    Jo x x

  11. Love the blocks, they would make such a beautiful gift. I must remember them next time I have to buy a baby gift.

  12. We're having one of those weeks too.....there are trouser knees thinning, slightly too small jumpers, school concerts, reports, class work, homemade teacher pressies (I still haven't finished) half-completed cub badge work due in tomorrow.....me? I'm sitting procrastinating on the iPad!

    Have a good'un!

  13. Hi Fee - as you already know, this is about my 79th attempt to post a comment - grr-grr-gremlins! Anyway - YES, I LOVE the blocks and I'm really excited that when the postie arrives, these will be mine, all mine! Well - not really, I'm giving most of them away - and what gorgeous gifts they'll be. Thanks again and enjoy those hols when they finally arrive! Avril x

  14. Are you going anywhere nice?? The blocks are lovely new colours, I like those ones. Kenzie is very orange, I remember 70's make up being this colour. It was cool then, so it's cool now! He will be the star of the show x

  15. I love those 'funky eclectic' blocks - my kind of colours!
    Maria x

  16. HI!
    I again love all your blocks!!!
    WIZARD of OZ...our fav movie around here....Our little 4 year old grand daughter loves that movie...however since watching it..she is terrified of storms....good thing we don't get them often...but we are smack dab in the middle of Monsoon season...so lots of storms here lately...if the woind is blowing she is crying...screaming more like it...I told her MIMI is going to Pray for your fear of storms to go away.....
    SO happy for your SOns....one an actor and one gave a speech!!That shows great confidence!!!!|
    Way to go!!
    Our Son stayed in Manchester for 2 weeks one summer.....he loved England...how could he not....I am his Mom and MOM loves it!!!
    hugs 2 U,

  17. Not long till your holiday now!! Love all the blocks here today especially the adorable ladybird bunnies, they are just so perfect! The knit ones are delightful too...love the design of those and the wonderful buttons you have put on and with them :) How amazing Kenzie looks as the scarecrow.....so like the real one!!
    Have a lovely week, Fee....hope the uniforms last out and that you get your list ticked off.
    Helen x

  18. Counting the sleeps to holidays here too... :-)
    Love all your blocks, you are so creative and clever. xx

  19. Ooh, have a wonderful time away when you get there! Best I can do is counting the sleeps until Ted has a week off work in September, no holidays here before next year :(

    The new blocks are spectacular, and I especially love the knit ones. I know. I'm predictable. And curious. Had you ever made a knit block before the Knitso giveaway?

    Happy holidays Fee x

  20. I love ALL your blocks! But, I have to say, I'm ESPECIALLY fond of the Ladybird book ones. They always bring back such lovely bedtime story memories for me!!! :-)

  21. Only 18 now!! Yay......
    xoxo sandi

  22. Wow! Your blocks are just so beautiful. I'm really loving the Ladybird ones and the one with the pretty hexagons on the side... gorgeous!! You are so talented.
    It has been much the same in our household this last week by the sounds of it. Rushing from one school event to the next and virtually taping uniform to hold it together for just a few more days....(Our bin is VERY full today!)

    Thank you for your lovely comments on my recent post, believe me that last pic of me and hubby is very rare! I usually look like I've been dragged through a hedge backwards (twise) so it was quite a novelty to get all glammed up and have some child free time. I hope you have a fab time away in Novemeber together and your enjoy your family hols too.

    Louise xx

  23. Gorgeous blocks as always. The colours on the naming ceremony blocks are actually really lovely. I also can't get enough of your ladybird blocks. Lots of love katie x

  24. Hello Fee...Kenzie looks fabulous as the Scarecrow (does the make up come off easily or will he remain that colour until all the shows are over?)and your latest blocks are wonderful as always...the Ladybird blocks are fab and I love the polka dots on the Knit blocks...really pretty!
    Not long until the hols now!
    Hope you have a lovely Sunday,
    Susan x

  25. Your son is adorable which means you are too!!! But we knew that already.

    Have fun on your family vacation...we leave at the end of August for ours. Happy dance. xoxoxo

  26. BEAUTIFUL BEAUTIFUL FEE!!! I have missed you so much. I was off from blogland for a week. I had my best high school chum fly out to visit for one week and it was fabulous. She has left and now for me, it is back to creating art!!! I HAVE MISSED EVERYONE, and I will miss you when you take your holiday, but I wish you the BEST!!! Your new commissions are ADORABLE!!! Anita

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