Thursday 5 July 2012

Show And Tell: Latest Commissions

Here's a whistle stop tour of some of the commissions I've made in May and June. The first is a set of Ladybird blocks for Charlie - a gift for a little girls birthday. I hadn't seen this particular book before and it was a real treat! 

The set features 4 full pages, which means there are complete pictures down the sides too. 

I then used other key bits of the book for the tops and bottoms - including the date, publisher, book blurb and a message for Matilda. I was going to say it is one of my favourites....but I always think that!

These signs were for friends of my sister Nelly, both having babies within days of each other. 
I love their names! (Monty Milton!)
 I always seem to have a knit block on the go somewhere...this one was for lovely Liz - who also ordered a christening block for her granddaughter Daisy...Liz gave me free reign with colours...(thanks Liz)
The next set was for a long time regular customer who, after much moving heartache, has finally moved house. Cathie requested a family set with some larger blocks to make it more substantial. Her colour scheme is neutrals with a hint of teal and fuchsia (sounds nice huh?)
The next ones were for Annie - some for her sister's engagement (remit:  Clarice Clift inspired colours with a hint of an acorn!) and some double sided Home/Love blocks in neutrals for her daughter's first house:
This next one is a new home gift for another Chipper regular, Paula, who requested Cath Kidston paper:
This large set of boy blocks were for a collective gift to celebrate the arrival of a long awaited little boy called Drew! Jacqui was able to tell me the exact colour of the nursery paint...a huge help in choosing colours for the papers
 Some larger christening blocks for Mary-Janewho also handed over full design choice!
 And finally some wedding blocks for our old pal Lisa...
That's it for my show and tell. I've been lucky enough to win 2 giveaways recently so will be showing off my booty next post...hopefully on a new laptop so I can type properly once more....fee x


  1. I just love looking at your work Fee ~ beautiful! :)
    Vivienne x

  2. Wow, you've been busy! And what beautiful work you do too :)

  3. They are all so lovely....I couldn't pick a favourite!!

  4. I was thinking, surely as you are now well practises in typing with one Han while holding the laptop lead with the other, then why not carry on the new found skill and make the most of it?

    Love all of the blocks, I especially like the ones for babies, make me a wee bit teary!

  5. *practiced* and *hand*

    I swear the iPad autocorrect has a very odd dictionary.

  6. Absolutely amazing ... You are really talented, and I haven't seen anything as original as these anywhere. I have emailed you Fee, as I need a special block for a christening in August ... It willbe the best present! Xxx

  7. Wonderful work are one talented lady. x

  8. Man, you are a busy chipper nelly aren't you! ;-)
    Wonderful work once again Fee!

  9. Wow you have been busy, they are all wonderful. x x x

  10. Your work is so so beautiful Fee!
    Victoria xx

  11. Oh wow Fee, what lovely work but I am just salivating at the first blocks....pigs and ladybird books, it does not get any better for me than that!!
    Just magic!
    Jane x

  12. I love all these blocks muchly. They are blimmin' lush and I wish I had your creative bones Fee.
    Do you have, like, billions of different papers. Do you have an abundance of Ladybird books??? Or are they all one offs?
    Can you email me with your prices please doll.
    x x x x

  13. Ooooh, so much prettiness!!! They're all amazing - almost too much for my eyes to take in!
    Maria x

  14. Ooooh lovely commissions! I love the teal & hint of fuchsia ones and also the Cath ones in particular but they are all soooo lovely! Jo x x x

  15. They are all most fabulous - lovely gifts!


  16. As always all your work is stunningly beautiful, but in particular I adore the ones with bunnies- so ridiculously cute!!

  17. Wow, you are the busiest bee in all the kingdom! Such a lovely selection and all so stackable and interchangeable...v.v. clever you are!

    Sarah -x-

  18. Your work is ALL so beautiful - thank you for sharing these with us. Have a happy weekend xx

  19. Oh my, Fee....You have been busy....So much loveliness here I couldn't choose a favourite....♥ Love them all!!
    Hope you have a happy weekend with your boys,
    Susan x
    P.S I know you are not too far away...Are you getting all this rain this morning?...Definitely one for the wellies!

  20. You busy bee! This is the best advertisement for you work :-)
    xxx back to you from A'dam

  21. I am SOOOOOO LATE HERE! I am sick with a horrible sore throat and cough and with this heat we are having, I am not my CHIPPER self!

    Oh Fee, your work is exquisite. Those bunny blocks are just too cute for words and I always wonder how you get everything to look so SEAMLESS!!!!!!!

    Have a fabulous weekend my dear...sending you much love across that big pond! Anita

  22. Your work is just exquisite, Fee - I'm full of admiration! I'll be in touch with an order for some more blocks once I know the name of my newest granddaughter - 24 hours old now. I wish her mummy and daddy would hurry up and decide!

  23. Beautiful blocks Fee - I'm trying to pick a favourite but they're all just so lovely.

    Hope your having a happy week - even in all this rain!
    Fleur xx

  24. Oh they are all so gorgeous! You are one creative lady. I love the wedding blocks!

  25. All gorgeous! You really do produce the most inspiring stuff. John and Gilly loved their blocks, and so did Bobbie and Matt. They're painting their new living room in a colour scheme taken from the blogs. Can't thank you enough Fee x

  26. Hello
    I've just discovered your blog after reading a post from Emma, The Blooming Times.
    I just adore your boxes. They are beautiufl. You are so clever.

  27. Hello there! I just wanted to let you know I've designed and made a pair of pink opal earrings for my latest giveaway and it would be lovely if you wnated to enter. I've been following your blog for a little while now and think your work is beautiful. Em ♥

  28. You are so talented, Fee! I just love all the blocks and decorative signs you've shown here... It is such a treat to see what you've been always create such inspiring and delightful things :)
    Enjoy the rest of the weekend.
    Helen x

  29. Wow, Fee!!! I really enjoyed looking through all of your goodies. And I almost had a fir when I saw the 'Bunny's First Birthday' blocks!!! I LOVED that story (I still have it, at my parents' house). :-)


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