Thursday 30 August 2012

The Gite Bit

*Warning: photo heavy!*
Thank you for the lovely welcome home comments on part 1 - Toulouse is great! And lovely Floss (who lives there) has offered to get the bear! How ace is that?
So, after Toulouse we tootled Northwards a little. Our gite was in the Tarn-et-Garonne region, kind of in between Bordeaux and Toulouse.
The house is part of a tiny Hamlet called Le Pouch and had tons of space inside and out - perfect for boisterous boys.
The owners Zena and Ian lived there for 2 years whilst renovating it and only started renting it out commercially last summer.  
The red cupboard houses the old prune oven in the lounge!
The nearest town is Montaigu de Quercy
Look at that little cottage - so pretty. And with the keys in the door!
We spent our time...
I managed 9 books - a  most random list!!

I didn't let him beat me. He thinks he's smarter than me and every now and then I need to remind him he isn't. YET
view from the pool!
Bonaguil Castle
 and lots and lots of
 The local markets didn't disappoint. Full of colour:
 and wonderful food:
We planned to do very little but the little Bastide towns in the area were so gorgeous we had to visit.
 [a 'Bastide' is a fortified town built during the 13th and 14th century, largely in the SW France. They typically have a central square surrounded by arcades and a grid layout]

Monflanquin is frequently listed as one of the most beautiful villages in France:
 and Penne d'Agenais was also charming
and very artsy with galleries galore
but my favourite was Lauzerte (another of 'most beautiful village')
The town square was perfect and all the shop signs were metal pieces of art
the animal one is for the local vet!
In one corner of the square the floor had been pulled up like the page in a book 
- with coloured tiles underneath!
I love how in France even the dullest town is made 
colourful with bunting!
...and every other door is a photo opportunity...
The Granny joined us for the last few days - bravely hiring a car from the airport and driving herself to our gite AT NIGHT! 
We were initially excited, then worried, then full of respect that she did it!
You rock Granny!
It wasn't ALL sunshine and light. Whilst we were away a little friend of ours died from cancer. Beautiful Lydia was only 7. Anyone who has read my blog for a while will know that we are more aware than most that this could very easily have been us.
Her family have been amazingly strong and an inspiration to everyone who knows them. We had a little pause in our holiday antics whilst her funeral was taking place but they will all be in our thoughts over the next few months as they come to terms with all they have been through.

Coincidentally we share the same Oncologist as Lydia and had an appointment to see her today. Yesterday it was cancelled - and we were just as pleased. We're hoping to be given the final all clear for Kenzie, -and nervously excited as we are, it just felt wrong to celebrate that this week.
BUT because we know how very lucky we are we make sure we treasure our precious time with our boys. Even when they're hard work!
fee x
ps here are the details for the gite. Zena was most accommodating and I'd highly recommend their labour of love!


  1. Oh Fee, I am so excited to see you and your little men having such a GREAT TIME! I WANT TO GO BACK TO FRANCE! What a life, eh? The villages, the quaint cottages, the slower pace of life (comparing it to an American way of living) and all the have such a marvelous collection of memories in vivid color my dear! LOVE IT! HAPPY MEMORIES!! Anita

  2. Goodness Fee, it all looks absolutely wonderful! What a spectacular corner of France, and your photographs took me there. Was it very hot? It looks hot?

    A friends daughter was killed in a road accident a few weeks ago ... young lives cut short, so cruel.

  3. What a beautiful holiday you looked like you had the best time. Your photos are gorgeous Nd I totally agree about the bunting it's everywhere in France isn't it. So sorry about little Lydia, it's so sad but you are right cherish every moment. Sarah x

  4. Welcome home Fee what a wonderful holiday you had obviously had a such gorgeous photos . How great that Teddy is coming to live with you. Its so sad when young lives are cut short. I do hope your son gets the all clear at his next appointment. Enjoy the last few days of the summer holidays. We are off on our next jaunt in 2 weeks.....can't wait.
    Jane x

  5. Oh your photos are gorgeous Fee! Lookslikeyou all had a wonderful time. Thank you for sharing!
    Victoria xx

  6. Just one word ... FABULOUS!!! XXX

  7. I am wetting myself about seeing you later.

    This is a romp of a post and I loved it, all the photo's and memories.

    Oh and how my heart aches for Lydia's loved ones. Bless them all.


  8. Beautiful photos - it looks a very photogenic part of the world. Trying to enjoy what we have and not take anything for granted is one of life's great lessons and one that takes many years to learn.
    Best wishes

  9. (Sigh), beautiful, beautiful France! It definitely looks you had a wonderful time in a fantastic area, your photos are amazing!!
    I am so sorry to hear of the loss of your friends daughter, so sad when a young life is lost.
    Looking forward to hearing Kenzies good news soon.
    Vivienne x

  10. Wow, what stunning photographs Fee, thank you for sharing them. I just love France. So sorry to hear about your friend's little girl, how terribly sad. Fingers crossed for good news for Kensie.

    Caroline x

  11. Fee, I love how you're captured your holiday with the groovy fonts and different styles. Looks like a wonderful family holiday that will be treasured for years to come.

  12. I kept scrolling and scrolling and wondering where you were in the pics, but hey, you DID include one of you right at the end :-) Looks all amazing and sunny and even more amazing and more sunny. Well done!!

  13. Wow!!! I enjoyed scrolling through all your beautiful holiday pics so much!!! It looks like such a wonderful part of the world, and your photos are so atmospheric. It looks as though you had a great time there!
    I'm so sorry to read about your sad news.

  14. Your lovely photos have taken me right back to one of our first holidays after we were married, we visited Monpazier, Monflanquin and some of the other amazing villages in the area. Such colour and vibrancy, the pictures shine from the screen as does your family's enjoyment.
    Hope you have much to celebrate when the appoinment is rearranged xx

  15. I have to stop reading your blog, it's making me feel rather inadequate as a human ;)

    Looks like you had a blast, pics are amazing as ever. Xxx

  16. So bittersweet. Your beautiful post was thoroughly enjoyed - and was a perfect reminder to keep perspective and go hug my littles. xoxo. Blessings to you.

  17. Impressive post Fee...have thoroughly enjoyed browsing through these photos and seeing what a wonderful time you've had.Your enjoyment well captured in all these images.
    Little 7 year old ...that's terribly sad...

    Amanda :-)

  18. Stunning pictures, I so enjoyed them all and the added captions! You are probably inspiring lots of people to book a holiday in France right now!
    So sad about the loss of your friends little girl....heartbreaking to hear.
    Hope all goes well for you this week.
    Helen x

  19. Hello Fee...I'm loving your beautiful and colourful holiday posts...(actually I'm in bed on my laptop right now and this is my bedtime reading tonight!)...I will be dreaming of travelling to France for sure! You have so many wonderful memories here....
    So sad to read about little Lydia and my heart goes out to her family....Good luck to your lovely Kenzie...that will be one very special celebration,
    Speak soon,
    Susan x

  20. Photo's....swoonfully delicious.....envy much. I keep focused on the fact that one day I shall see it all for myself :) Sad for you and your friend's loss.
    xoxo Sandi


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