Monday 2 July 2012

3 x Winners!

Grrrrr, I'm having really annoying laptop problems this week (the charger only works when I hold it in at a VERY specific angle, then have to type one handed with my lefty!) so I've been a little absent...and late in announcing my giveaway winners... and this is going to be brief!

THANK YOU SOoooo much for entering (if you did!) and for all the lovely comments - I tried to reply to all but know I will have missed someone. 

I've made lots more new blogging friends, found more lovely distractions and made some new FB pals too - so win win from my point of view.

Speaking of winners... here they are
I'm off to let these lovely ladies know...

...and notice that I'm scarily close to 300 followers...which can only mean one thing - 

another giveaway!!! 

To keep with my literary theme it will be some kind of block covered in pages type thing like the first 2.

 I was thinking I might chop into my 
(extensive) Topsy and Tim collection 
(check out the T + T special I made for Jo recently here)? 
Jane Austin? 
Helen earlier suggested an annual theme....Bunty? Twinkle?

Any other ideas?
Look forward to hearing what you think...fee x



  1. Weeeeeeeee!!!! those lovely labels are mine, really mine...can't believe my luck and am now in love with you Ms Nelly xxxx

  2. Oh well done winners, I am tres envious as it was such a lush giveaway!

  3. Oh and I read bunty from the age of 7 til I was nearly 17 and not a lot of people do that. Go for bunty!!! X x

  4. I have a horrid hormonal ness about me and it's making my brain stupid. I meant to say not a lot of people KNOW that. They probably don't read it til they are 17 though either..... You move onto cool stuff by then, like mizz and just17. Also loved tipsy and tim though too....what about wizard of oz....or Ronald Dahl theme...... X x x

  5. RONALD DAHL'!!!!!!!!!!! Blasted period..............ha ha. Sorry, going now..... X

  6. Congrats to the winners! :)
    Another one soon??? Woohoooo! :)
    Vivienne x

  7. I have a 1965 Bunty annual!
    Congratulations to the very lucky winners.

  8. Well done to the winners! Jane Austen sound fab!! :)
    Victoria xx

  9. Oh Fee, you know what's happened :( Iv'e had to make a dash to the chemist!!
    Yahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!! I hope they sell those Tinkle Lady's in multi packs! Sending huge hugs for this fab win. I'm just off to do my pelvic floor exercises :) xxxxx

  10. I remember loving Bunty.....though I do have a fondness for Topsy and Tim.....and Shirley Hughes would be wonderful.

  11. Congratulations to Penelope,Rosa Lily and Emma...lucky lucky you!!!

    Amanda :-)

  12. Fab, what lucky ladies, especially pleased for Penelope, very nice that such a lovely blogger won.

    I vote Topsy and Tim, I have the most horrendous memories of childhood books etc... I do think I remember one called something like 'lord of the rushy river' which had nice illustrations .....but then my memory may remember something far grander than it actually was!

  13. Hi Fee,

    I missed your beautiful giveaway, but see I have another chance to win soon :-)! Congratulations on your 300th follower and congratulations to the lucky ladies as well.

    Have a lovely new week,

    Madelief x

  14. Not. Talkin'. To. YOU!!! Ha!

  15. Congratulations to the lucky winners! I lived Topsy and Tim and read Twinkle too ... Oh the nostalgia! Xxx

  16. Congratulations to your winners, they are lucky ladies indeed to be receiving some of your beautiful work.
    Laptop problems....grrrr!
    Anne xx

  17. I understand your frustration with your charger. With me it is my phone charger which has to be held in at a certain angle. What is really frustrating is that the same cord used to charge it is the cord used to transfer files from phone to computer and most of the time it doesn't work!!! The culprit of course is Little Miss T who loves to yank the cord out from the plug and chew on both ends, then push it at random in any plug it might fit into. Grrrr!
    xXx Helen

  18. Lucky lucky ladies..well done to all and yes I am very jealous..but hooray nearly another giveway! Hope you get the laptop fixed soon Fee, IT is fab when it works..a bit like trains ;0) I love the idea of Topsy and Tim. My other faves would be Beano, Ladybird (yes I have read about the issues with both!)lots of the older Enid Blyton illustrators, Beatrix Potter, Sam Pig, Cicely Mary Barker, Betsy Clark, Rupert...I am sure this gives you an idea of my brain eh!! I still have so many glorious retro books and the illustrations make me smile. Mind you I could NEVER cut into my own...eek. Hope you are not rusting in the rain ;0)
    Jane x

  19. So disappointed not to be one of the lucky winners!
    I have a yearning for one of those boxes covered with Kate Greenaway images - I'm thinking pictures from 'Marigold Garden' rather than the infamous rude biscuit tin though!! Might commission you to make me one, actually, if I can get hold of another copy of the book.
    Charger aside, hope all is good with you. xxx


    LUCKY WINNERS and I am also a lucky winner, knowing you and your wit. I so love my plaque and tag and I can personally attest to the beauty and craftsmanship of your wares. I LOVE THE IDEA OF JANE AUSTEN THEME!!!! DO IT!!!

    And I wish you luck with that laptop; our storms out here do also interfere with my activity on the computer since we get VIOLET LIGHTENING!!! Be well beautiful Fee, and DREAM!!!!!! Anita

  21. Congratulations to those very lucky winners!! Hope your laptop is working better for you today. Love all the new block ideas.....there are some very old annuals too like the Robin annual which would be lovely chopped up for blocks :) Also Margaret Tempest picture books which I like because they have a lot of rabbits...
    Hope all your tasks are done quickly and you have some time to play :)
    Helen x

  22. Congratulations to the very lucky winners! ♥Debi...Canada..

  23. many congratulations to all the lucky winners!
    and best of luck too you with your laptop.

    i loved the twinkle comic so much when i was a little girl that i named my daughter after it :)

  24. I loved Twinkle and then Bunty as a girl. Wonderful memories - thank you!

  25. Congratulations girls on your lovely wins, am so happy for you (a little sob from me) I actually have the little trinket on the front of the box! Wow Fee another giveaway, I'd be happy with anything you made from any sort of papers :)
    xox Sandi

  26. Oooh, what to cut up next???? I was thinking I Spy books, or old mechanical engineering books, or botannical illiustrations, or Milly Molly Mandy books. Actually the last one would be really hard for me, when stressed with life I love to escape to that little room under the eaves that used to be the jam cupboard. jo xx

  27. Fee
    Just to let you know that my internet connection is back, thank goodness and I have just feature your giveway on my blog amongst other joyful moments while I have had no internet. I cannot tell you how over the moon I am with my beautiful win, I have only just been able to see this post and want to thank you again from the bottom of my heart for this seriously generous and beautifully crafted gift. It will be treasured always xox Penelope


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