Friday 6 May 2011

Time to give up the sign....(sigh)

When Nelly and Gaz got married last year we made LOADs of things for their wedding, one of which we've (I've !) been reluctant to part with! 'All you need is love' was the song they walked back down the aisle to - and worked really well painted on a chunky old bit of wood, hung at the door of the barn.

It's currently hanging in our hall! I told Nelly she could have it when there was an appropriate place to hang it in their new home....and the time has come to hand it over!

I decided we needed more signs/blocks around the house anyway, so today I made one especially for Cleggy.

I love simple black letters on old white wood. This particular bit of wood has been lying around the workshop for months, just waiting for the right little project.

The fireplace in our bedroom has always been lacking a little something (no, not cufflinks, random bits of paper or loose change, funnily enough) so this chunky block fits there perfectly

 Now, for the rest of the house...fee x


  1. Its fabaroo!
    I'd love to have a fireplace in my bedroom.

  2. Adorable!!! Love your sweet sign. xoxo hugs for a great weekend my friend. xoxo How are your sweet ducklings?

  3. Precious Fee,

    YOU ARE AWESOME!!!!! I LOVE YOUR WORLD...and that FOR LIKE EVER sign is fabulous. Thank you dearest for coming to visit me today and yes, Dolly has her own CABINET! My momma's little handiwork means the world to me, given that she had so little in terms of material goods to give...but a heart of gold overflowing with beauty was her greatest treasure and still is. Give mum a big hug for ME....Anita

  4. That's a great idea, I think I am going to copy your beautiful sign, Fee. Love love it!
    To go on a holiday is quite something to look out to. Have a wonderful Mother's Day, I think your ducklings will cuddle some extra with you this Sunday ;o)
    Much love xxxxx

  5. hA hA! I have chortled over your English tourist board comment! You are of course absolutely right, I am terribly keen on this green and pleasant land. As for your beauteous sign story, what a gorgeous and thoughtful idea, hmmm, got me thinking.....

    Sarah xXx

  6. No wonder you don't want to part with the sign, it's gorgeous:) Love your new one too - and I also love the fireplace itself! Have seen your lovely things on NOTHS by the way - beautiful! xx

  7. Hey there Fee, I will be turning 45 this summer and short hair just makes you feel younger so why don't you just go for it? ;-) Just do it sooner rather than later so that you have enough time to get used to it before your big day... :-)

  8. that is a great idea - love it! I have been making posters lately with wordy sentiments to hang around the house and am liking the idea a lot. Thanks for your input into the party debate! that actionman story! sheesh, people are crazy, whatever happened to a piece of cake and a balloon?

  9. How cute! I love how personalized it is. I find sometimes those 3-d sayings you buy at the store a bit too overdone.

    Great job!


  10. Yeyyyyy, time for the sign.
    How exciting!
    Nelly x

  11. Hi to you and your great blog! I found you via Elaine at northern hi-lights and have had a great time rifling through your stuff!
    Can't wait to be inspired by your next crafty adventures. X

  12. Oh Fee, I am so sorry I haven't been here more often. I have just realised that you are not in my reader- well that simply will not do. I don't want to miss any of your posts. BIG love to you.xxxx Jo


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