Saturday 14 May 2011

The awards post

It's the end of the week - and I still haven't done the award thingy! So, here goes.
I've decided to base my 7 'interesting' facts about my dreams...
My first car was a red  2CV called Dolly. We painted her with white daisys. When she wore out and the day came for the scrap man to pick her up, we had a sudden change of heart and with five minutes to go pushed Dolly round the corner out of sight and hid behind the settee when the man called (sorry Scrap Man!). Some friends took her apart and filled her with flowers.It's still my dream car!

I LOVE taking photographs. Of anything. I love the satisfaction of capturing a moment. I equally love missing the  moment but being able to recreate it in Picnik!

The scenery in Snowdonia is breathtaking - and I loved this picture of a lovely red post office van - the only colour for miles.
Being a photographer is my dream job.

Cleggy and I visited India in 1993 and long to go back. The food, the buildings, the people, the history, the culture - all fascinating. I'd like to take the boys - to see the sights but also to appreciate how other people in the world live.

I guess if it was my dream holiday it would include a week on the beach before coming home...

Dream date? Johnny.  Every time.

Vanessa and the kids 
would be welcome too pop over and keep
Cleggy company (think he might appreciate that!)

My favourite kind of day would need to include the following:
fresh coffee, croissants (and butter, natch), the saturday papers, noisy family but a little peace too, being outside, sunshine, the making of plans (especially holiday ones) some telling of stories, a good (uninterupted) film, dinner cooked by Gaz (preferably fish stew), pudding I've made earlier, some wine....
I would invite Johnny and Vanessa over but I think it would take the edge off enjoying the papers?
Dream day.

 Dinner party wise - I'll nick Cleggy's idea and have all my relatives back to 1900 - including the dead ones! I'd get them to tell the stories we've all heard and fill us in on some history!

If they are all as mad as they sound it would surely be a dream dinner party...

Finally, as I'm 40 in a couple of weeks, I thought I'd do a little dream list of 7 things I'd like to achieve in my next decade. It's self indulgent and shallow...because it can be!

I'd like to 
  • finally lose some weight and keep it off (predictable, but I'd be lying if it wasn't up there in my top 3!) 
  • learn more about sewing
  • grow my business a little 
  • learn to recognise bird call 
  • create a beautiful garden (preferably mine)
  • read all of the BBC's Top 100 books(not counting the ones I've read)

There, finally done.
 Thanks again to  Elaine @ Northern Highlights for The Versatile Blogger award and Emma @ Sylvie's Garden for Stylish. 

I struggled to find a blog I follow who doesn't already have an award but I'm going to recommend my little sister Nelly's blog:
because her posts always make me laugh! (love you Nelly!)

Now, for that dream day I had in mind.....fee x


  1. Oh if only you lived a little nearer I could help you with the sewing one.

  2. Thank you x
    Though you've set the bar pretty high with that post...

  3. Ok...I like you even more..if that is possible..but you are going to have to share Johnny with me!
    And I love Dolly....I had a green bug in University...still wish I had it!

    xoxoxoxox Happy to make doughnuts...xoxoxo

  4. Such a fabulous post, I loved reading all about you.

  5. Fab post.........but sorry Fee and Koralee......Johnny is all MINE!!!!! x

  6. Aaah, Dolly, I love love Dollies ;) Great post, Fee! Good coffee and croissants are on top of my list too.
    Lots of love for a happy Tuesday ahead o xx o

  7. Hope this comment works....... I love your 7 dream things, as do I also love Johnny but I'll let you have him as your #2 said to me tonight "he looks a bit grumpy these days"...
    x x x x x x x x x

  8. Great post Fee, I love all your facts - I think you are ace!


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