Wednesday 11 May 2011


Firstly, a HUGE thanks to everyone who took the time to read and comment on Kenzie's guest post yesterday!

As you may know Kenz hasn't had the easiest start in life and was treated for a very rare form of cancer for two (long!) years. The disease has a high recurrence rate but is one whereby the longer you have without it coming back the less likely it is to return. 

He was just the bravest boy and the way he handled his illness and treatment made (and continues to make) us very proud.

You will be pleased to hear that he has been clear for 5 years now  - and although he has some weirdy hangover health issues is generally fit and well.

The biggest issue for Kenzie at the moment is school - for annoyingly beurocratic reasons too boring to go into  -   he has had to jump a year. It's been a bit of a struggle and more than anything it's knocked his self confidence.

We don't really talk about his illness much - for no other reason than we never wanted him to be defined by it. But I wanted to say that the little mini blog he did was a great boost - and something he definitely wants to do again - especially after the encouragement he recieved! So thanks!

Anyway, back to less important things...
It's been a year today since I set up my little business that is Chipper Nelly. I can't quite believe I ever did it, or that I'm still doing it (v low attention span...)
I'd talked about 'doing something' for years but this time last year Cleggy and I simultaneously decided it was time to  work for ourselves.

I've learnt so much over the year and despite a couple of wobbles have thoroughly enjoyed it. Both becoming self employed (with a larger than sensible mortgage!) has been tricky at times but a year in I'm glad to say it was the right decision. We seem to be working day and night, but we expected that, and the upside is that we also have more time together as a family.

(Incidently Cleggy has an Education Consultancy - specialising in Early Years. One of his biggest passions is for engaging boys. His blog is here if you are in that line of work...or just interested!)

After enjoying making my 'for like ever' sign I've made another version for the shop

Off to make some more (and the tea...) fee x


  1. Hi Fee,
    I too, like so many others, loved Kenzie's blog. He's a credit to you. I'm keeping my fingers crossed he remains well.

    On the business front I wanted to say congratulations and continue the good work. Having just purchased a lovely little box I can thoroughly recommend chipper nelly! xx

  2. Ah I loved Kenzie's post what a brave boy indeed - also very much liked the 'Harvest Festival' pants description - v funny - my hubby actually calls them apple catchers but I think thats more the big old lady pants that you can pull out about 2 feet from your tummy. I am an Early Years Practitioner but I only do supply now to help the family life/work balance. Lots of hospital appointments is tricky when you work full time.

  3. Hello Lovie, I'm a bit behind on my blog reading and therefore commenting. So sorry.
    I loved reading Kenzie's post. He has such a natural way of writing and a great sense of humour.
    I'm so glad that he is still well and truly hope that it remains that way. He's lovely.

    Congrats on having had the shop for a year. I love your work and its no wonder you are doing well.

  4. Haaaaaapy birthday Chipper Nelly!
    Can't believe it has been a year, where has that time gone?!?
    How old does Kenzie look on that picture!

  5. loved reading kenzie's post, fee. funny, and sweet at the same time. he's a talented story teller, i see a book in his future.

    bless him, too...five years remission is absolutely wonderful.

    well done on the sign and your business.
    happy one year anniversary, my friend.


  6. Happy one year my friend...I can't believe I missed your sons to take a peek right now.

    Hugs. xoxo

  7. Thank you so much for stopping by and leaving your sweet words. And we are just thrilled with the new apartment - it could not have been much better :)

    Hugs and a lovelt Thursday to you!
    Oh, and I love the 'you and me are we' sign :)

  8. So sorry for the confusion Fee. That first bag was not made by me, it was made by Rae herself I think. It was just an example... Glad you liked the bag though! ;-)
    Good luck with the mysterious bug, no fun those bugs! :-(

  9. Your sign is wonderful, sweet Fee! think I have to copy the text ..
    Have a great weekend, off to make some tea too ;)
    o xx o


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