Tuesday 17 May 2011

Mabel and Ned

This week is turning out to be incrediby busy - starting with a quick visit from Nelly, Gaz and Mabel. I'm not normally a fan of pictures of myself (in reality there aren't many - I'm the one with the camera in my hand) but I liked the feel of these

The weekend ended with Cleggy and I remembering that sons #2 and 3 both needed a 'victorian children' outfit for a trip to Styal Mill. 

We can usually muster up one costume, 
but two was a struggle and we resorted
to 'victorian' football socks!

This is them trying to look like miserable victorian children!

Monday and Tuesday have just been hectic, trying to juggle Chipper Nelly, the job known as 'the house' and also help with Cleggys business. Could do with 48 hours in each day. Can't complain - I'm glad we're busy!

Here are a couple of todays makes (for you Paula!)

...and a new chipper nelly product 


Finally, because he's just SO gorgeous, a few pictures of Ned enjoying the remains of my pink lady apple
 In case you're wondering, Ned isn't enjoying the delights of a tortoise brothel, the red light is his heat lamp!
Fee x

p.s took 30 photographs of the pesky ducklings today and not ONE of them was in focus. They are manic! going to try again tomorrow...you won't believe how big they've got!


  1. two comments in one night...I'm on a roll.... love that right hand pic of Mabel :-) also love Ned's disco home....and yes to tea and tiffin x x x x x x x x

  2. You are very photogenic and should be in lots more photos! I know what you mean, though - there's very few of me in the family album because I'm the one taking the shots!
    Love your stuff, the blocks are great.
    If you get a mo, I'd love you to pop over to my new-ish blog and see what you think! X

  3. happy dance...duckling photos are coming...I will stay on this channel my friend.

    Love you in these images....you are so darling!!! You need to be taking more photos of your sweet adorable self! {I am a bit like you...very camera shy}

    Now onto NED! What a delight he must be. I wish I could take him to show my students...they would adore him. He is very lucky to have such a rockin home!

    Your sons are adorable!

    xoxoxo Happy Wed. sweet friend...now get outside and get a photo or two of the dds.... {darling ducklings}

  4. Lovely photos - I too dodge photos at all costs - the boys look very grumpy and Victorian and Ned has great taste in apples - Pink Ladies are my bestest favourite. The blocks are fab.

  5. Your pics are lovely, you look relaxed and natural. Like everyone else I prefer to be behind the camera, anyone looking at our photos would wonder if the children had a mother!

  6. The photos are great. You should have your picture taken more often. I never have my picture taken because no matter what, I always look like a Jim Henson creation.
    Mabel's face in the 3rd picture is simply adorable.

  7. Teeeeheeeee!!!! THE RED LIGHT DISTRICT in the tortoise world! HEY FAY DEAREST!!!! THANK YOU FOR COMING BY and wanting to participate in my Paris link party!!! I am sooo happy that you are willing to do that, even if you will be on holiday! This is how it works dearest:

    You create a post on whatever you want regarding PARIS and why SHE is simply IRRESISTIBLE! I provide my readers a list of all the blogs and their links only. They in turn click on YOUR LINK and visit your blog site to see your magic! Will you be able to do that, even if you are away? Let me know....I only provide my own Paris post, the list of blog names and links...then my readers go visit the participants. I SO HOPE THIS WORKS OUT WITH YOUR SCHEDULE! Let me know dearest...YOUR ART IS LOVELY! Anita

  8. It must be this week. I can't seem to catch my breath either. Testing mothers limits for sure. So nice to see someone got to smile and laugh...what a gorgeous baby. I like to be firmly in control of the camera myself. Oh how cute are those boys and what are boys without pets...enjoy your week...smiles....lovely makes.....Renee

  9. Oh the baby! And how cute you two are together! So glad you posted them! The light and quality is lovely indeed!

    And your poor, sad Victorian boys look just the part. Bravo!

    Thanks for the encouragement on the house hunting. Much appreciated!


  10. another lovely post, Fee. You are a beautiful lady, you show beauty inside and outside (or is that called, inside out..) You know what I mean.
    Have a sweet evening my friend o xx o

  11. Loving those photos, you are becoming quite the photographer xxx

  12. love the pics, fee. you're a babe with a babe. your sons look darling in their victorian ensembles, good sports.

    love the projects you've been working on, so clever.

    i didn't know you had a tortoise named ned. he's quite something, my gracie would love him.

    anxiously awaiting your duckie pics.

  13. Just dleted my comment for the secind time. Lost my glasses and can't see what I'm typing let alone buttons I'm pressing - dur. Did manage to focus on you, mabel, boys and ned and thjouggt you all looked fabulous. Hopr they had agreat victorian day and you can read what on earth I'm tyoonng. XLisa X


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