Tuesday 10 May 2011

My guest Blog (by Kenzie) [completely unedited]

Hi i'm Kenzie this is my post about Ned's new home. Ned is our Tortoise. Me and my dad bilt him a new home because he kept escapeing from his old home.

We chose a bit of the garden we thought he would like.

I was allowd to use dads tools. I'm not normaly allowd.

 I used Granny's special trolley to move a big stone for the base of Neds house. I'm not normaly allowd to use that either!

My dad cut his finger on an old milk bottle that was in the mud.

Maybe he should leave the big jobs to me.
That would hurt!
I decided to play a trick on my mum and pretend that I had choppd my finger of with her saw

Mum didnt fall for it but me and dad had fun pretending. My mum knows all the tricks in the book.

My dad has lots of these severed fingers to help boys remember to use a finger space when they are writing. He works with teachers and children.

Lots of funny things have happend with these fingrs.
eg once we took one to the beach when we were on holiday with our friends. daddy left it half buried near anty sara and she got a huge fright. Mummy said she went white.

Another time Dad was kept back in security at the airport when they spotted a bag of fingers in his case. He also had a light saber and a fairy wand. The security man confscated the light saber. He was cross because it was a good one.

Anyway. Where were we? I spent so much time working I forgot to take any more pictures.  Here is the new area.

Here is a picture of Ned and the ducklings from today. Ned is eating the ducklings food!

I hope you liked my post (and my beard)
Please comment (I don't want to sound needy)


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  2. Good work Kenz - love that you told the story of dad and the fairy wand!
    Hope Aunty Sara is reading about herself in Australia...
    maybe you should have a blog of your own?
    really impressed,
    love mummy x

  3. What a great post Kenzie, I read it all the way to the end and wanted more! :-)
    Dutch lady from Seattle....

  4. Well done Kenzie - a great post. You are lucky to own Ned - I've always wanted a tortoise - we almost inherited one from a Great-Aunt but it got stolen before we could collect it :(

    Your Dad sounds great fun :)

  5. Great post Kenzie I am not surprised Aunty Sarah went white when she saw the finger in the sand it is yukky. You and your Dad have done a great job making a new home for Ned - I bet you are really proud. I am like your Mummy and know lots of tricks but I think you would have caught me out. Well done on your post you did a fabulous job. Are you going to do some more - please? Love the beard btw. Debs X

  6. What a fab blog Kenzie! What a great day you had! You must be very proud of your work, especially when you see the ducklings and Ned so happy in their new home. That finger is yukky!!!! (Please don't play any tricks on Granny!)
    Are you going to be a regular guest on the blog? I'd like that. Well done!
    The Granny x

  7. Brilliant !!!! You are much better at spelling than your Mum (don't tell her I said that) I love your story about fingers and your beard :-)
    You should have your own blog for sure
    love from Jane x x x x x x

  8. we liked your post especially your funny little black beard
    from Charlie and Ollie x

  9. Thank you for such a lovely post Kenzie. You and your Dad made such a lovely house. Yes and I liked your beard!!


  10. Wow, Kenzie you did a fabulous job!! I bet Ned is thrilled to bits with his new home, well done!!

    S x

  11. Fantastic- He is quite the comedian. The fake severed finger is a classic, perhaps Kenzie may consider a career in film and special affects makeup.How old is he? He is an excellent little blogger!

  12. Ha, ha, ha - hilarious Kenzie, loved the severed finger joke and the story about your Dad and the fairy wand! Perhaps you should ask your mum for a regular slot?

  13. What a funny post Kenzie, you should start your own blog :) Looks like you and your dad have built an excellent new home for Ned,sure he will be very happy munching away in there! x

  14. Hey Kenzie, great post! So good in fact that you're the proud owner of your uncle Mark's first ever blog comment!

    I'm not admitting to getting old, but isn't it amazing what you can do with electronical word processors these days!

    If you start your own blog you can put me down as a follower; but only on the condition that your posts are all as funny and imaginative as this one! The standard is set, maybe on your next post you can tell everyone how your mum loses her children down the back of sofas!?!

    See you at the weekend, hopefully with an FA Cup to celebrate ... C'mon you Blues! x

  15. I really enjoyed reading your blog entry Kenzie. I'm looking forward to reading your next one! I'm sure Ned and the ducklings will be very comfortable in their new area.

    I am a teacher and have lots of those fingers to help my children remember finger spaces in their writing too. After reading about the tricks you and your Dad played on people with them (which made me laugh out loud) I'm rather tempted to be a little naughty with them tomorrow....maybe I will leave one in the playground (with added tomato ketchup for effect) for our Headteacher to find....mmmmm you've really got me thinking!
    Sarah x

  16. I love your post...thank you for filling us in. Your Ned is lovely...and very lucky to have such a talented friend to build him an outdoor living area.
    I am afraid I would of fallen for the finger trick...they look so real! I think they are wonderful....I am a teacher and need to find some of those...my students would love them.

    Take care and hope you write another post soon..I will be waiting.. xoxoxo

  17. Kenzie -
    First off, you should start your own blog! You have blogging talent! I really enjoyed reading your post. Secondly, I love, love, love Ned! Just ask your mum, I do nothing but gush over her posts on all things that involve critters. I think he's adorable and definitley deserving of the awesome home you built him! I'm really looking forward to your next post!

    p.s. I really, really want a turtle - and some ducklings! You are sooooo lucky! :)

  18. Loved reading this Kenzie. Brilliant really funny and interesting too. Your mum and dad sound pretty cool.

    Loved seeing Ned in with the ducklings too.

  19. Kenzie, Please will you start a blog of your own? This post was brilliant. I laughed out loud a few times and smiled the whole way through. You have a wonderful writing style. I'd be your follower and I'd comment on every post.


    ps tell your Mum i rather like her blog too, I'll be a frequent visitor now and thank her for the super comment she left me. I'll be emailing soon as I've done my tesco on line shop xxx

  20. Sara Bondi Beach31 May 2011 at 02:16

    Hello!!!! Thanks a million for the mention Kenzie - and you won't believe it, but I went white again - and it wasn't like it was a surprise or anything because you posted what was coming up! I am very impressed with your blogging - you obviously have inherited gorgeousness and creativity from mummy and daddy - in equal measure - miss you lovely boys and yummy mummy lots and lots... Aunty Sara xxxxxxxxx

  21. Well Done. This is simply the best post that I have seen for a while. Loved reading and the pictures are awesome. Keep Sharing. Cheers.


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