Friday 1 April 2011

What a week!

Ah, Friday at last. It's been a weird (and emotionally draining) old week for me, and very little of it bloggable!!!
VERY glad of the weekend and grateful for all that I have.
I did however manage a little trip out with my lovely friend Jane - a date I was so glad I kept.

I decided I needed more buttons (Cleggy literally couldn't speak when I announced that one!) so we popped into Manchester to the bead shop. I only bought 4 buttons (because I couldn't find anything I didn't already have), resisted a couple of dresses I would have bought it I hadn't made that stupid pledge, and picked up some little charms for a (nother) future project that's filling my head space.

We also managed the obligatory cup of tea (actually I had the best cup of coffee I've had in a LONG time...
v v fussy!) and half a cake!
We also visited the Craft and Design Centre, which is a converted fish market filled with independent artists and crafts people. It's very easy to part with your cash here - and I couldn't resist an (other) tile from my favourite ceramicist Lee Page Hanson (see my homage to Lee here)

Last but not least a quick pop into Oklahoma, a fab shop/cafe in Manchester, full of good things.
At this point I appeased a little of the shopping guilt I was feeling by buying the boys some jumping beans
I was amazed that they hadn't ever seen them before! I think GB seriously thought that they were magic...fee x


  1. Ooh I think my friend Sarah mentioned recently that cafe you visited. Apparently her friend opened it and it is right up our street - looks that way.
    Sounds like the perfect day to finish your week on a positive xxx

  2. Jumping beans...I remember those!!! What fun..I know my girls would not be familar with them either.
    Your day looked amazing..what a sweet little charmer that Teacup place is...oh how I love would be calling me right in! Great images...why is everything in England adorable??????

    Have a great weekend with your buttons {and family}...such a pretty collection.

    Hugs. xoxo

  3. looks like a perfect day, fee. i've not heard of jumping beans, i'm sure my girls would love them.

    only four buttons? remarkable restraint, well done.


  4. Looks like you had a great day out. I've not been to the Craft Centre for years, love that place.
    I hope you have a great weekend and manage to put the crappy week behind you.
    Much love and thanks for the mod podge advice.

  5. Looks like you had a good day out. I think my boys had those beans or something similar when they were smaller - sort of thing boys love.

  6. Nice coffee, glad I wasn't wearing this one :) he was indeed a lovely and much needed little treat, hope we can do it again soon x x x x x x

  7. FEE! Oh dearest, I am so happy to meet you! I see that my darling blue bird friend, Koralee is here! What a small world. I have entered you into my give away and I thank you for coming to visit me! You are a bird lover....oh dear! What is it about these creatures that just enchants us? So pleased to meet you; I have great friends in Europe and in the UK. Please, come again!! Anita

  8. Sorry to hear you've had a draining week. I hope the weekend is full of rest - both inside and out.

    Your ladies day sounded (and looked) so charming and fun! That cake looked like a dream and what fabulous shops! I'm jealous!

    Take good care. xo

  9. What an awesome sounding day! I love your announcement that you needed more buttons. I just tried it out on my BF, announcing that I needed more clothes. He was also speechless.



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