Tuesday 19 April 2011

One big fat Chipper Nelly catch up!

So, where was I?
The past few weeks have been busy/stressful/eventful and tested my usually broad shoulders! 

Don't get me wrong - we've had a couple of good days but it's been hard work...leaving me seriously lacking in jolly things to blog about and no new makes! (aside from family troubles we've got a pidgeon stuck behind the fire - tried everything, still alive after 6 days, and a local crazy man who has decided he lives with us, keep finding hime asleep in the porch! Man, it never rains....)
Anyway, enough about all that - here's a little update (including chickens especially for you Koralee!)

All boys are well, Geordie boy turned 7 today (currently at cinema with Pa and pals) photos to follow.

The Grannny flat conversion (in our basement) is very nearly finished...although it's been very nearly finished for 2 weeks now! BIG ta daaaaa to follow, but here are some of the little details we've been shopping for


Baby Mabel has doubled in size - 
and is adorable. We love sharing her

 Ned now has a new improved outside enclosure. Despite the rugged terrain perfect for tortoise clambering he seems to spend most of his time scaling the back fence! 

I haven't managed a picture as yet - but you won't believe how high he gets!

Every time I see him happily munching away I'm so glad he survived hibernation!
And finally the lovely lady chickens!

Cleggy has built a seat perfect for chicken observing (along with little slate table for requisite cup of tea) and planted an apple tree.

The rescue girls are coming on leaps and bounds. It's obviously taken a while to fully establish the pecking order and both Muriel and Gladys have clearly had some scrapes (hence lack of photos...they weren't going to make anyones day!)

But I'm pleased to report they are slowly being accepted by the Orpington ladies and are even allowed to eat in their vicinity!

You can see from the pictures below how many feathers they have grown:

They are all a joy to watch and a great stress reliever!

No pictures of Pearl with the others as she is incredibly broody and rarely leaves the coop. Need to research whether we should do anything about this.

No update on the duck egg incubation project...the first rescued eggs weren't fertile which you would think would be the end of the story. Not so. A few days after discovering this some more eggs miraculously arrived in the post!
Thinking this needs a blog post of it's own!

Now, off to feed 8 hungry (and very giddy) boys...and then for a catch up of all my favourite blogs!!! fee x


  1. 'Hey' glad you're back :) hope everything ok and I will tell rob to stop 'napping' on your porch...catch up soon please x x x x x x

  2. hmm, maybe I was being mean when I said 'only 2 friends' for son number 2's impending 7th birthday...?

  3. Oh Fee dearest! How I love your name...in French and with an accent it means FAIRY! And I can see you have a light and playful heart; this is of utmost importance here! I have met the best of friends through blogging and I am very pleased to see that you have fun and that you LOVE CHICKENS! YOU KNOW KORALEE? FROM BLUEBIRD NOTES? She is a great friend of mine....oh thank you for coming over tonight! It must be late for you out there in ENGLAND...it is 5:15pm for me; it is your bedtime! SO YOU HAVE BEEN TO NAVAGIO BEACH? I dream of going there. And did you see GEORGE THE LAD? He is from Shropshire!!! Well then, I know that you are in the pot for a chance to win my bluebird wand. I will be announcing the winner at the end of the month. In the mean time, COME BACK THIS WEEKEND if you can! CHEERS TO CHICKENS!!! Anita

  4. Oh my sweet friend...really I have MISSED YOU! You are ever so busy! Now I am not sure if I want to hear more about that crazy man who has made your porch his home but just do not let him get to your sweet Muriel.Gladys & Pearl. Thank you so much for the update...I was starting to worry that the girls where on death's door and you did not want to upset anyone {ME} therefore teh lack of mention. But to my delight they look happy...heathly and well loved. Glad to hear they are holding their own with the Orpington ladies. May I add that Pearl is looking mighty fine too.

    Ned is a charmer...really he is..out there in the world...what a brave guy he is!

    Can't wait to hear about the duck eggs..."hoekeydina" you will soon have a few little ducklings around your place too.

    As you can see I live vicariously through you my friend...I have always wanted a little menagerie of farm animals.*SIGH*

    Happy Birthday to your Geordie and yes Miss Mable is adorable!

    Now I am feeling much better...I am all caught up with your comings and goings.

    I see my friend Anita came for a visit...she is such a sweetie and has a love for animals as well.

    Must run ....I think my cookies are on fire...really I forgot about them with the excitement of hearing about the girls!
    Hugs xoxoxoxoxo

  5. I'm so glad to see the chickens are doing so well.
    I feel sort of grateful to you for rehoming them and taking such good care of them. I just wish that we had more room then we could rehome some. It breaks my heart knowing that there are so many that don't find a wonderful home like yours.

    Happy Birthday Geordie Boy!!!!!

  6. Aahhhhhh, this was a treasure of a post!
    Loved Ned's potrait and the before and after chicken shots were inspired. I am feeling rather jolly after reading this. Sorry to hear about pigeon and porch man but you see it obviously is such a lovely place to be!

    Sarah x

  7. Glad to get the update from your corner of the world, friend! I've been missing your posts and hoping all is well. Me-oh-my - life is busy! I'm sorry it's been so wild and hectic and weird (the man on your porch?!). Glad to hear all the animals are doing well - except that poor stranded pigeon! Oh dear!

    Take is easy friend! xo xo

  8. Don't you just love hen watching?

    May I take this opportunity to let you know how you and the other ladies on my blog roll have inspired me to create my own and invite you to take a look: http://shabbychicsarah.blogspot.com/

    It was late last year that I discovered blogs. I knew they were out there but I didn't really "get" it. Then someone gave me the link a blog as they thought I would appreciate her style. Soon after I joined Blogger and learned how to follow all my favourite blogs.

    My list grows by the day and I love to sit with cup of tea to hand to see what my favourite online ladies have been up to. Of course after becoming an avid blog reader it was inevitable that I would want a blog of my own and so "Shabby Chic Sarah" was born.

    After feeling a bit ambivalent about the whole blogging thing to begin with I am becoming increasingly obsessed!!

    One of the things I enjoy about it is it it makes you stop and think a moment about things in your day that might otherwise go unnoticed as you are constantly looking out for things to share.

    Hope you have a lovely Easter....

    Kind regards,

    Sarah :0)

  9. Oh my you've had a time of it, hope the pidgeon doesn't stink too badly when it finally does shuffle off its mortal coil and that the local weirdo finds someone else's porch to sleep in. Glad the conversion is almost finished and that the chicken is on the mend. x

  10. Hi, I love your blog! I am new to blogging and happened upon yours and have thoroughly enjoyed getting acquainted. Your boys are lovely, the hens are wonderful and I've fallen in love with Mabel. I look forward to reading more, with love Elsie B x


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