Tuesday 26 April 2011

Tap Tap Tap....a tiny duckling is trying to get out!!!!

We’re all very excited (none more than Cleggy) as we heard the familiar sound of tapping from inside BOTH the duck eggs

It was a big decision to let home grown (and v broody)hen Pearl incubate them… but it looks like it might have paid off.  Let’s hope she can cope with the fact that they are ducklings, not chicks! (how will they communicate? surely they speak a different language?)

We’ve noticed over the last few days that Pearl has been tag teaming the job with head hen Betty. Yesterday Cleggy managed to photograph the shift change:


The ducklings will tap all the way round the shell and break out the top - it may take up to 24 hours. They eat the egg sack as they go, which will sustain them for a day or so. We will then need to provide duck crumb and a shallow dish of water, as they need to drink while they feed. 

If it all goes well we should have two new additions to the party!
We are hatching 'Call Ducks' so should all being well they should look something like this:
The breed of duck comes in lots of colours so we've no idea what colour they will end up.
How exciting is that??!
See the story of beautiful Pearl here)
Fee x


  1. I am SO excited for you!!! The cuteness factor of your world just went up a notch... Many pictures shall be required! :)

  2. How delightful my sweet friend...and so exciting. They will be lovely and I love that fact that Pearl and Betty are tag teaming it! Please keep us posted as I am on the edge of my seat with delight and anticipation. xoxoxo hugs.

  3. Feeeee!!!! that is so exciting, and how clever and sweet of those hens to be sharing the job -look forward to hearing your happy news!!

  4. Oh how exciting - looking forward to loads of cute duckling pics :)

  5. Oh my giddy aunt! I hope it all goes well. It's so exciting.

  6. What a fun post. I wrote a whole long comment about it last night but then my computer got funky and it was lost. Alas, I was too tired to retype it!

    Looking forward to meeting the ducks! xo


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