Wednesday 27 April 2011

What happened next....

I was half expecting Cleggy to pop down to the bottom of the garden throughout the night to check on the ducklings...but he managed to wait until morning!
Although we both had plenty of work to do we kept finding ourselves having a little peep...and a wee listen to the gorgeous cheeping that was coming from inside.
At lunchtime we were gutted to find that one egg had disappeared from the coop - and we soon found the culprit: a pesky magpie. Unfortunatly he had eaten the whole thing for his own lunch.
Granny had a little weep...we had a little moan...and all hopes were resting on duckling #2.
We closed the door of the coop, letting Pearl out every hour or so (although she was keen to stay inside...probably thinking 'what the heck is this beak!!') to keep the big black birds out
So...we were gutted all over again when we went back a little while later to find the second little duckling had hatched out, but then died. No idea why. 
Granny had another little weep!
The biggest hole in the shell had appeared after mr magpie had paid a visit, so maybe he had given it a little poke. Who knows?
I guess it's just nature - some things work out, others dont.
It's sad, but in the scheme of things...
(cue the 'things die' chat with #3 son!)
Sorry not to be posting pictures of fluffy ducklings!
fee x
ps. apparently greedy magpies are a common problem - they tend to take eggs mostly when they have chicks of their own - so only for a few weeks in the spring. I tried to find a cute picture of a magpie chick to make us all feel better...but they're just not that cute!


  1. Glad you stopped by and said hello. You've got a lot for me to read on my wander around here. Catch up with your posts and then there's loads of lovely new blogs I've not heard of.

    The real reason I signed up for Tif's challenge was because we were so skint I kept looking longingly at things, but couldn't warrant buying them when my girls kept on growing and needing stuff (pah having to put other people first is the bad side of parenting when it comes to clothes shopping). So I reckoned being in a challenge would give me a better reason than just can't afford it which was getting really dull.

    Right off for a wander. Great to meet you too in this odd cyber world way.


  2. Oh, Fee! I'm so sorry! What a tragic turn of events for the little ducks. I was really looking forward to all the stories and pictures... I'm sure you'll end up with some more cuteness to share with us sooner than later though. ♥

  3. Oh my heart is broken my sweet friend...what sad news. I am so sorry. Poor Pearl! Hang in there my friend...and give granny a hug from me. I am afraid I would of been a bit weepy too.Maybe I wouldn't make a good farm girl after all.

    Silly magpies....grrrrrr!

  4. Hi it's me again. I stopped by quickly last night to say hello instead of emailing so didn't really read anything properly. Just read about your wee ducks, so sad and wrong. Even if it is nature it's just horrible all the same and magpies are ugly nasty things I agree.

  5. oh Fee, I think I shall go and have a little weep myself - so sorry to hear this sad news, its a cruel world !

  6. Oh Fee, I'm so sorry. I too had a little cry, it's just not fair.
    Sending you much love and a big hug.

  7. Oh dear! What a sad outcome Fee! So sorry for you all.
    Hope you're able to find some bits of brightness in your day today. Thinking of you...

  8. boo hoo :( so sad....... x x x x x x x x x x

  9. Ah, poor little things, that's so sad. We had an incident with a magpie and a pigeon in our garden last week - they're blighters, aren't they?
    Hope the weekend is a bit more cheerful for you all
    Emily x


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