Sunday 3 April 2011

There's only 1 Granny!

Mum with her three!
Today is the strangest Mothers Day I've ever had as a Mum - because none of my own children are here.
They have gone on holiday for a few days with MY Mum - The Granny!

Mum was re-named 'The Granny' by the whole family when my #1 son Alfie was born 11 years ago. Since then, Kenzie, Geordie, then my brother's boys Sonny and Luca, completed a little band of grandsons. 

It would be fair to say that this year has been a funny old one for Mum, full of highs and lows. A massive high point was the arrival of my sister's baby wee Mabel in January, grandaughter #1!

Now Mum is officially Granny to all of our families and a very special Granny at that. Having children has made us all appreciate just how difficult her life has been. Our dad (her soul mate) died when we were young, Nelly only 2. 

Since having our own children we have all seen this event through her eyes rather than our own. It looks very different from this angle! And has made us all appreciate everything she has achieved in her life. 

The Granny is an amazing nurturing Mum to us three, a wonderful Mum-in-law to our three lucky partners, a fabulous Granny to her 6 wee ones, as well as a loyal and supportive friend to many.

Here are some photos of the good times we've had together since mothers day 2010 and since she has taken my children on holiday for an adventure(and allow us to finish some lists!) I for one will be raising a large glass to The Granny! 



  1. Awww, bless her. What a star!

  2. What a lovely photo montage - liking what you've done there.

    I shall also raise a glass to The Granny.

    Enjoy your time together, I can (almost) now appreciate just how good that must be...

  3. What a lovely post, hope you're mum is a granny blogger and gets to read this. x

  4. Lovely Fee a very special lady x

  5. Such a heartwarming post! I think the photo collage of your mom is wonderful - such great pictures! ♥

  6. How cute is this post...your sweet mum/granny is adorable..what a blessing to have such a close family. xoxoxo hugs.

  7. Yay brilliant Granny!
    How lovely this all is. Must have been a little bittersweet without your kids around though?
    Happy Wednesday, hope the sun is shining on you,

    Sarah x

  8. What a gem you have there! She is quite the woman and from the looks of things, has done a superb job raising her children. (you're adorable, by the way!)

    Also, loved your comments regarding the mojito post. Made my day! xo friend


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