Sunday 24 April 2011

New approach to life...

So, last night in bed I decided upon a new approach to my life! (like you do)
The past year has been v eventful for me/us - the nicer parts of which I have blogged about - the less jolly I chose not to. Not because I don't believe in blogging about the 
less nice bits...(reading about some of the 
hardships fellow bloggers face has inspired me), or because I want to pretend my life is all
Bunting and cupcakes !

 Anyway...for various reasons my joblist at the moment is longer than ever. Over the past few weeks I have been v grumpy and more than a little stressed. I can be a bit of a control freak and nothing scares me more than feeling out of control! I've taken stacks of headache tablets and gone to bed ridiculouly early to avoid being even more annoyingly miserable.

SO. Something had to change...

This time last year our beautiful inside and out cousin Jen died after a long and selfless and courageous battle with cancer. Just a few weeeks earlier she had been well enough to attend Nelly's wedding, where this picture below was taken

The two beautiful young ladies on the right are Jen's girls - who continue to be such an amazing credit to her.

Growing up Jen was always someone I aspired to - she was my glamorous older cousin , the epitome of style. She gave me the best bit of advice a couple of days before she died. I commented on how she was still 'working it' with the surgical socks she had to wear, and laughing, she said 'ah yes, slim legs careful what you wish for!'
I vowed there and then I would never, ever complain about being fat!!!

Of course, over the year I have forgotten this vow, along with the vow I made to myself that I would be grateful and feel blessed  for each and every day I have. I also made this promise to myself when our #2 son recovered from cancer after being given a 50/50 chance of survival (fighting maudlin...bare with me!)

SO, (again) HOW could I let 
the state of my house get to me 
so much? I have a beautiful home.

How could I dispair at the damage the builders have inadvertantly done? I'm so lucky to have the Granny move in to her Garden Suite and spend so much precious time with her.

How could I complain about being over weight...I've eaten too much. Lucky me.

How could I moan about the hand prints on the walls, the lack of grass in the garden, the piles of dirty washing, the muddy shoes ruining my hall carpet, the fact that my house (home!) smells of 'boy' rather than Jo Malone....I wanted carefree, happy, adventurous children....and that's exactly what I've got!

And with regards the job list? yes, it all has to be day
In the meantime here's todays pledge:
I'm going to spend less time moaning about the lack of storage for the boys games....


thank goodness for late night clarity!!! fee x

The bunting is by my lovely friend jane - I have such special and inspiring friends too!


  1. Fee, such a wonderful, inspiring post. I too am guilty of not always looking on the bright side. Many of my moans are the same as yours, especially the being fat and the muck caused by children (girls are as bad as boys).
    I'm so sorry about your friend. Cancer is such a terrible, nasty illness that affects so many people around us.
    Take care, much love.

  2. How inspiring! I always get clarity like that late at night when the world is still (and your mind is racing!). I too am a control freak and getting my long to do list done sometimes takes over my brain and life. I don't think it's fair to the BF either.

    I'm glad to see you've put your priorities straight and in your honour I'm taking tonight off of my to do list and spending quality time enjoying life!


    ps. thanks for the sweet comments about my bathroom make over. I look forward to seeing what you come up with your hallway bathroom!

  3. Good post and very true!
    I'll try to remember to look back at it when I go to moan! I love that picture of Jen xxx

  4. oh my goodness you are so right fee, I too am guilty of getting caught up and anxious about the small things instead of just living, and anniversaries can hit you hard.'s to a bright and wonderful Springtime♥

  5. Thanks my friend...I needed this kick in the butt today! Moaning way too much about my silly back not getting better.
    We all need to be constantly reminded of the daily blessings around us....which I have many.

    hugs xoxooxox

  6. Dear Fee,

    What an inspiring post, I think we all need sometime to sit back and give things a little perspective....

    Sending ((((hugs))))

    S x

  7. Next time I see you I'm going to give you a very big{{{hug}}} x x x x x x x x x x x x

  8. What a beautiful and inspiring post...thanks for the reminder.

  9. What a lovely post, so thought provoking. I had a friend who died of cancer just before she was 40 and I too try to remember not to be a moaning minnie. But I think we can give ourselves permission to moan from time to time too, but to keep it in perspective. When shocking things happen and shake the foundations of our world the repercussions will stay with us.x

  10. A reminder to try and see the good in everything. Thank you for such a beautiful post!


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