Saturday 23 April 2011

Little garden party

Update on weird happenings: the pigeon has finally died behind the fire. We were all sad that we weren't able to rescue it, but glad it's finally stopped flapping around and making us all feel bad! The local crazy guy has (also finally) realised that he doesn't live here and gone back to wherever he came from! 

Meanwhile Mum, The Granny (also finally!) moved in to her newly constructed Granny flat in the basement of our house! It's been a big project (before and after photos to follow) but well worth it. Naturally, the (lovely) builders still have a fair list of jobs to finish...but it's 'moveintoable'!
Of course we couldn't let the opportunity pass without a little family party to celebrate and the sunny weather called for bunting, balloons and doilys...
 We had a visit from Mabel...
 and our boys loved playing with Sonny and Luca (and Ned!)...
...and the chickens!
We also made the decision to let broody hen Pearl sit on the duckling eggs! She gets off them occasionally to get a drink but other than that she has hardly moved. They only have 1 week to go until hatching far so good.
Fingers crossed!
fee x


  1. What a lovely party! You are too much! I love the vases of flowers and balloons and banners! Such fun. Congrats on having your fabulous mom living in her hip granny flat!

    Glad to hear that the weird things going on (strange man, trapped bird) have sorted themselves out. Poor pigeon.

    Happy Easter to you Fee! May it be a lovely one!

  2. Oh my goodness sweet much news and all good except for that poor pigeon...that makes me sad as well.

    Oh Pearl will make such a good mom! I pray all goes well for her. I am so looking forward to the hatching of these little ones.

    Oh how lovely to have your Mum in her suite..and your garden party is so pretty...I do love your pink Sun umbrella and decorations...what lovely days you are having..

    Sending you oooodles of Joy for your Easter day my friend.
    and thank you so much for the update on Pearl..she really is adorable sitting on those eggs. xoxoxxo

  3. Hello Fee
    thank you so much for your kind comment, always appreciated.
    My you know how to throw a lovely party, so pretty... straight out of the pages of a gorgeous magazine.
    viv x

  4. What a beautiful garden you have! I'd love to have something like that eventually! Such a great place to have parties. And oh my goodness! There might be baby duck posts coming soon? I am so excited! Happy Easter!!! ♥

  5. Aww, bless Pearl, what will she think when the babies turn out to be ducks?!!

    S x

  6. that party looks completely darling, fee. well done on the granny suite, i'm sure it's lovely.

    pearl is in for the shock of her life...

    happiest of easter wishes to you.

  7. Happy Easter Fee.
    Such a great idea to let Pearl look after the eggs.


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