Tuesday 5 February 2013

But seriously...it's an addiction

As my friends and family know (some more than others) I have a VERY addictive nature. I would like to be able to apply this personality defect to useful things like, say, treating my body like a temple, practicing yoga, saving money..... 

However, instead I feel the need to say 

'my name is Fee and I'm addicted to crochet'

Seriously. I can't stop.

SOooooo, I've decided to make the most of it (hoping it will pass in time) and have started making things to sell in my notonthehighstreet shop. Ties in nicely with the fact that I've lost my block making mojo.
 The only issue I'm having (and I know this is a common problem) is keeping the price reasonable whilst taking into account the buying, designing, making, packaging, posting costs. Turns out you have to crochet like a demon to make any kind of profit. Lucky I enjoy it so much! And as soon as I don't I'll be straight back to wood 
(also hard to eek a profit out of!!)

 I've started with jar cosies and brooches...
...and hope to move on to the capelets and cowls!
I sit on the same chair in the lounge and the mess just grows and grows. Cleggy is working away again (second family?) and it currently looks MUCH worse than when I took this photo!
 I've really enjoyed making these little versions - using the lacy net curtain (cheapo from Ikea) and crocheting either side. They work a treat with a candle - but I think they are too fiddly to make for the shop - the joining takes an age.
 Of course I have made some blocks too...most of which I forgot to photograph. I love using old photos and these ones worked a treat. They are another 60th wedding anniversary commission.
There are more images on the back - will share next time as they are really beautiful.

Before I go (to tidy wool mountain!) 
I need to share two links that are both family related and both about little people.

The first is for all the teachers/child minders/anyone who works with young children - and it's a GIVEAWAY on Cleggy's blog. I don't think it's the current post but the giveaway doesn't end until Feb half term.

Secondly, my little brother and sister both have their own individual blogs... and now they have a joint one too. It's called 
and is a collection of anecdotes, advice, musings, confessions and general mutterings about being a parent. It's very readable and there are some funny things on there - pop over and say hello.
fee x
(ps I'm also addicted to Instagram and Pinterest...let me know if you're on there too so we can share!)


  1. am I the first??? :) I partly blame myself for your addiction and I apologise to Cleggy for your obsession...blimey though you are on a roll girl x x x

  2. Wow Fee! Want to say what I particularly like, but I love everything! Amazing imagination and creativity, but hope you get your block mojo back too (the wedding blocks are fabulous)

    Love Claire xxx

  3. Just go with the flow Fee, they are lovely. Addicted to Pinterest also? Tell me about it, I think I already follow you xxx

  4. I know what you mean about trying to crochet/knit fast enough to make a profit. What else do we have to do in our spare time right? But designing and selling your patterns could be somewhat more profitable. Love your blocks.

  5. What a great addiction - I for one am glad you have it! I've done some jar covers too, they are so fun to make. Do hope you get your block mojo back sometime too - still have my little Let it Snow blocks on my desk, and love both the door signs you made too.
    Have a happy week,

  6. Am I a saddo? I haven't got the foggiest what a block mojo is ;((
    But I do like the things you make. Had a look at NOTHS. I would add pictures of your cosy candle holders with candles burning inside. That's so atmospheric as the Ikea-crochet-jar proves.
    I agree with Barb though. Designing & selling patterns might work ... you could for instance sell kits, say capelet instructions plus wool (maybe in a choice of colours), could even include a crochet hook ...
    Mustn't get carried away. Off to find you on Pinterest :)

  7. Loving the crochet Fee - in fact I nipped straight over to Not on the High Street to look for the pink love jar - dont know if it's already sold! I don't think I can really buy the Special mum one for myself .... Keep giving into the addiction, much better for you than cake and chocolate.

  8. Love those jars - might have to point my girlies in your direction for Mother's Day x

  9. The corner of your lounge looks just like the end of my sofa, thank goodness it's not just me!! ;)
    Love the crochet! x

  10. hi, love all your crochet projects.....glad someone else works messy too, ali

  11. Hey fee!

    Thanks for visiting my blog! Oh yes, the crochet bug bites everyone sooner or later... :) Hope to see more of your crochet, it's fabulous!

    By the way, I've still got a broad grin on my face: I've got this strange habit, that - when visiting a new-to-me blog - I always check out the very first post, just to see what people are like and why they started blogging - and yours was just so nuts that I had to laugh out loud! :D (no need to check back on my first post, it was the usual boring blahblah)

    And something else: I really LOVE your blocks! I've seen similar ones at a fleamarket in Detroit (with Detroit-themed pictures), and ever since I'm thinking about trying to make something like this. How did you learn it? Is there a good tutorial on the internet?

    By for now, have a nice week,


  12. Fee, this is post full of fun and real, truly real views behind the scenes.

    You've got such a unique talent...it's fun to see what you bring to crocheting.

    Keep going. Find a pace that you enjoy, making what pleases you to create. I think that you will find an receptive audience that appreciates the unique.


  13. Oh gosh, Fee...those letters were supposed to say "this post is full..."

  14. Hi Fee! Welcome to the CAC (Crochet Addicts Club!). It's a fun place to be. I love all your wonderful projects; you certainly have a decorative eye. Enjoy all your hooky time :-)

  15. I love all your projects.
    And I also love to crochet.
    Have a nice day.

  16. He he, it is an addiction, glad u are discussing your issues in public. Love those jars, the colours are gorgeous. And your brooch on card idea works really well. Thanks for link,
    Nelly x

  17. Hi Fee, me again ... I've just realised I wasn't an official follower although I thought I was ... doh! All remedied now ..

    love from your newest follower

    Claire xx

  18. It's always lovely to see the things you make, Fee, whatever they may be! You always bring your own special style and creativity to everything you do. Your crochet makes are gorgeous!
    Helen x

  19. FEE DARLIN'! I HAVE MISSED YOU SO MUCH!!!! Oh what a lovely surprise to see you on my comments page! I thought you never wanted to come back! Really!

    We all get so busy, so I understand. I AM THRILLED HOWEVER, truly thrilled that you are creating WITH ADDICTION! YES....passion is the power to get us moving and creating! AND I LOVE all of your flowerets and move on, PLEASE to one day make one of those fabulous CAPES! I so want one and need to learn to make myself one, with little sparkly beads crocheted in!

    Well my dear, thank you for your kind comment. I love forever, my momma, my grandma, and all those in my family. I hope the boys are well, and of course, YOUR MISTER!

    Love to you dearest Fee, Anita

  20. Woweeee - you HAVE been busy!!! Do you still have FINGERS after all that crochet??? It's all very impressive. I especially love the little jars - they're very fairy-ish!!! :-)
    I have these addictions from time to time too! I think it's a good thing - they keep us out of trouble!!! ;-)

  21. Totally addicted to Pinterest myself. Love your crochet!! :)
    Anne xx

  22. I'm just starting to learn how to crochet too! I hope I don't get too addicted though, I don't have enough time as it is. Love the jars!
    Love Caroline xxx

  23. I'm kinda sad you've lost your block mojo because I LOVE your blocks - can you believe it's a year since you made me the giveaway blocks?! - but I'm happy you are happy with your lovely crochet. I do know what you mean about eeking out a profit ... it's impossible with knitting which is even more labour intensive than crochet!

    That chair pic totally says 'no dogs or cats live here'!

  24. 'ello lovely, your jars are swoonworthy, I love them, know what you mean about not making a profit out of it tho. Its a tricky business pricing your work, as I said to someone recently, if I was paid for my time I would be paid in gold bullion ha! I was heavily into paper craft and since 'finding' crochet I really haven't touched it.
    xxx Sandi

  25. Lovely jars! The idea of using the net in between the crochet is lovely :) Elisabeth x

  26. Hello Gorgeous Chuckling in Hobart. You'll find out why soon enough. Can you please email me your address? J x

  27. Your work is amazing...I love your sweet little jars. Pure joy..you are so talented..I remember you just learning and look at you go..you are selling your wares already. Congratulations. Shipping fees are always a problem...it really does cost a lot to ship doesn't it. Your blocks are amazing...sometimes you just need to try something new. oxo HUGS

  28. Your addiction is very pretty....and not too dangerous! Your blocks are wonderful! thanks for dropping by!

  29. I have NO words... Not a single one. Clever, cheeky or otherwise. Your crochet is just divine!!!

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