Monday 25 February 2013

Spring Makes

 We took a little trip to Treacle, the vintage/craft/food market in Macclesfield again this weekend. None of the boys were too keen, but the promise of some authentic Mexican street food soon shut them up!

We didn't stay for long though - brrrr it was flamin' freezing. When the snow started I found myself in Costa Coffee getting some hot drinks just to warm my porky little fingers.

I didn't part with any cash other than to pick up this lovely pistachio teapot - from a charity shop. Of course it needed a cozy - so as soon as we got back I set to, using a great free pattern found here at 'the green dragonfly' blog (thank you Janette)

 Of course my cheapo teapot isn't standard size or shape, but now I'm a confident cocky crocheter I wasn't fazed! I also used an alternative flower pattern but only because I had one in my head.

Treacle is always worth a mooch - might try and go in the warmer weather next time.                                                          
I redecorated 'the branch' with some crochet leaves - an idea I pinned on pinterest then actually went back and made! 
(might be a first). 
The original comes from here at 'easy makes me happy'(me too Tara)
It's surprisingly hard to photograph (without getting my face in) but you get the idea
The good thing about the branch being in front of the mirror is that it looks like I've made twice as many!
(Elephants by Sarah @ Northfield Primitives - here's her Etsy shop link)
 I also made a HUGE infinity scarf for a special friend. I used a pattern appropriately called 'great big hug' available for free here on ravelry (thanks Aimee) and added some popcorn stitches and a little red heart for the back of the neck.
Other than that, whilst (still) waiting for the block mojo to return I've been playing with clay and silver leaf. Here's a sneak peek - definitely some new products on the way...
Before I go, we are visiting Cornwall for the first time over Easter (we're fans of Devon) as Cleggy is working down there...anyone recommend any places to visit/eat?
We'll be near Swanpool/Falmouth. 

And sharing this lovely giveaway over at Annie's blog
Happy new week
fee x


  1. I am SOOOOO jel that you can crochet a teacosy. Oh my, I search all the time for one in cherry tree shops, hoping some dear old soul didn't want hers any more. How long did it take you to make? You are so fast these days. I am quite literally left on me todd on the "no idea" crochet front.
    Will look at the pattern, but I must admit, I can't grasp patterns. In the same way I didn't grasp fractions or equations.
    LOVING your scarf too. My god its amazing
    Re Cornwall, we used to go down all the time but not been for ages. Used to stay near St Ives.
    If I find any details, will email.
    x x x x

  2. Love the tea cosy - so cute!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  3. Hi Fee, thank-you for the like on FB. Wow, your crocheting has really come on (I'm quite envious). Love the teacosie. The elephants are looking well too - still my favourite commission.

    Lots of love Sarah x (and Mabel - woof!)

  4. Look at you, you clever lady, a post filled with crafty goodness and cheery makes. Loving the teapot cosy. Did you write down the pattern for the flowers? If it was in your head it was yours? Love it!
    Every scarf should have a heart on it, such a gorgeous little touch...a red heart on a grey scarf. Perfect.
    Your sneak peek at clay and silver leaf looks VERY interesting. Waiting for more!
    Have a good one.
    Anne xx

  5. Oh I love your tea cosy, such lovely colours, very pretty. Also adore the scarf you made for your friend.
    M xxxx

  6. You've got the bug bad Fee and it's really paying off as you're making some fabulous hooky things. Love how soft and colourful your flowers are on that cosy. Great idea adding that wee heart to the cowl too.
    I'd love to know what the yarn is you used for the cosy as I love how soft it looks. Btw hats in previous post, best results I've had are using Debbie Bliss cotton as it hooks up like tight rope so the hat keeps its shape better.

  7. What lovely projects! I especially love the tea cozy with all its pretty flowers :-)

  8. Wow, I love your tea cosy... and your leaves... and your awesome infinity scarf!!!! Your blog is gorgeous! Thanks for linking up :) Janette xxx

  9. That teacosy is a thing of beauty. Of course you are cocky, would expect nothing else. That and the fact you will have moved on in about six months ha ha.
    Liking the heart motif as a brand, works I think.
    Missing you xxx

  10. Wonderful crochet..... I love all your gorgeous spring makes, especially the colourful flowery tea cosy! Stunning pictures as always, and I enjoyed seeing the ones of Treacle Market. Cornwall at Easter will be favourite places in Cornwall are Zennor and St Ives because we holidayed there for years during my childhood and early teens......every now and then I go back and still love it!
    Keep cosy, Fee! Hoping for it to warm up a bit round these parts VeRy soon!
    Helen x

  11. Your tea cosy is Fab-U-Lous! As are the rest of your projects too :-)
    Cornwall in the Spring sounds great - enjoy.
    Happy Tuesday xx

  12. Precious Fee,

    Everything you present here, from YOUR tea cozy to all the other goodies, you have stirred my shopping heart! I must go on to buy one of those elephants but she also has TERRIERS that are my passion.....and they are on WHEELS! EEEK!

    Good to see you again sweet girl! Anita

  13. Yesterday I drooled when I saw the scarf (no, I didn't go crazy, I simply loved it soooo much), today I can tell you that the heart in front looks also pretty cool :-)

  14. I LOVE the scarf! What a great gift.

  15. Such pretty things. :)

  16. I'm having a catch up.

    Man alive, you are obsessed with the hook, woman. Best you and I lock ourselves away and allow the boys to run riot over Easter. Lets Yarn Bomb Salcombe single handedly. I think you could probably cover the entire Fisherman's Ferry in just one week.

    Those iron men on the beach. Anatomically correct? What? Did you see the moobs on that one? Weird.

    Gotta dash, the bogeys are scrapping and I have wine to drink and choc to eat.



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