Monday 26 March 2012

Lots To Smile About

Things that have made me smile over the last few days, in no particular order: 
(warning: photo overload plus gratuitous liking of ones own work follows!!)                                 

Starting with a new peg for Mabel. It's the first time I've been able to cut into the Puppies and Kittens Ladybird book....our Mabel better appreciate it!
Mother's Day chocolates....
 Granny's steps, adorned with beautiful spring flowers...
Taking photos for Cleggy's latest book...
This one is 'listening to sounds in the garden' and we needed rain. Wall to wall sunshine...all week! What are the flamin' chances? So we poured a jug of water over Mabel's umbrella. She wasn't happy...
Flowers in ice.
The blossom tree in next door's front garden...
 Mabel loving Minnie...

Finding Ned in a baking tray...
 Spending time with Granny and Nelly...last week we managed a lunchtime film (Best Exotic Marigold Hotel - loved it!) where we had our M+S picnic and a glass of wine (yep, that's right!) and this week we went to Willowpool where we had THIS:
worth being fat for!
The lovely Granny!

Annie's giveaway winners - Heather from Pink milk...who chose 'sunshine' on a yellow block...
And Julie from Little cotton rabbits who chose 'knit' on pale blue...
The overall winner (lori) is in the US so hasn't received her block yet - I'll show and tell hers next post!

 Some more blocks for Helen over at Helen Philipps. These ones are reversible - one side is muted nature inspired colours:
and the other side sweetie colours:
They are in the post Helen...hope you like them!
And a special 'green rabbit' block for Vivienne from 
Some new 'home' blocks (available here)...

 Watching John Bishop's 'week from hell' for Sports relief...
nuff respect...brought tears to my eyes and made me reach for the phone.
And lastly, a loooong family walk yesterday in the sunshine. I did a little research, found a 10k walk within half an hour of home - and we set off with a (heavy) picnic.
What I didn't do was read the bit where it said 
'includes a 1300 ft climb'
Ooops...sore legs all round today, and a little sunburn. In MARCH????? 
We're off to Devon on Friday for Easter hols, so wishing everyone a happy Easter break
fee x
 (ps last thing that made me smile was the keyword search on my blog today: 'how many calories in a chipper kebab'!!!)


  1. Fabulous blocks as usual :) Sport relief was great wasnt it, and yes very tearful :( Makes you think how lucky you really are :) xxxx

  2. I know - sunburn in March! MrVV & I both caught the sun at the weekend.

    Love Mabels new peg - can't beat Ladybird pics :)

    Have a good holiday - look forward to seeing lots of pics.

  3. But just look at the view the 1300ft climb afforded you. Gorgeous.

    I really really need new blocks. I really do.

    Hope the weather holds for next week. I really dooooooo!

    Did Ned eat that chip? Or had he pooped on it? Don;t know why I asked that!!!


  4. Like your new doormat !!...and that first puppy is so sweet !!!...lovely week

  5. Please tell me Ned's not ready for the oven!!
    Loads of lovely blocks you've got there and Mabel's peg is so cute.
    Often my keyword searches make me squirm not smile - I have a love of a vintage children's fabric called Pussy Willow - nuff said!
    Have a lovely trip down our neck of the woods.

  6. I love Granny's steps and the flowers in ice and what a view from your walk!!!!
    And your blocks, I really love your blocks especially my 'green rabbit', thanks Fee!
    Have a lovely Easter holiday! :)
    Vivienne x

  7. Get your blocks off honey!!!!! They are brilliant! I have that Puppies and Kittens book, it's one of my faves. Oh I love them all, you are on to a good thing - it seems everyone is block crazy. Chock a block (did you ever watch this???!)
    Mabel has grown masses, can't believe it! Her peg is cute.
    The walk sounds lovely too, nice to do that with the family, it's one of my fave pastimes, yet as a teenager I HATED walking.
    Do NOT (repeat NOT) baked, ever. By mistake.
    Hope you get lush weather for Easter hols. I've been on the beach ALL day today!!!! I feel so lazy but it was gorge.
    And that dessert looked right up my street. I've put on 12 pounds since early December but can't quit the chocolate and the wine. Need to reign it in a bit, although walked 6 miles today.
    Love x x

  8. PS What is Cleggy's book??! I must have missed this somewhere....

  9. Have a fab time in Devon, hope the weather stays like it is now. We're off to Devon tomorrow to stay in Kirstie Alsopps house which my niece has rented for the week to celebrate her 30th! I'll be blogging about it with photo overload when I get back! X

  10. From the 'chipper' tortoise to the lovely 'bit' at the end, you had a smile on my face that reached from ear to ear - thank you for this gift precious fee.

    Waving and sending happy hugs from afar,

  11. Fee quick run over and check my new blog design...I think that door mat is a copy! Love that sweet puppy hook. Mabel will too. So many smiles this week I am so happy for you. Everyone just loves your story of Ned and the poor chicken feet...smiles...Renee

  12. How the heck did Ned end up in a baking tray? That sounds like no accident to me.... Does he have any enemies? Let's blame the killer piggy again. Bless him. Ha!

    I see your blocks all over blogland these days - really love them. I've been meaning to buy some from you for ages as I'd like a few for my home office shelves. I'll be in touch... :-)

    I always love your posts - they're so cheerful and happy. I still want to be adopted by you so that I can come and join in with the Chipper Nelly fun.

    Nicki xx

    PS you look SO like your mum; she's lovely.

  13. What a lovely sunny weekend. I've been to Willowpool though a few years ago, it's a great place to pick up a few nik-naks for the garden, and seeing your fantastic dessert it makes me want to visit again soon. Do they still have those little huts at the tearooms?

    Have a fantastic break.
    Fleur x

  14. Ooh..I love this happy feel-good post Fee!...the Ladybird pic and Granny's Steps...little Mabel under the umbrella and the lovely pic of your mum...
    All your blocks are fabulous...(Vivienne will be over the moon with her Green Rabbit blocks...they are fab!)...Oh my, Ned has to move out of the baking tray though!
    Hope you are having a sunny week,
    Susan x

  15. Loved this post...the pretty doormat..the new button...Mabel....your lovely mum...her lovely flowers...and the gorgeously inspired blocks with my name on!!! Am expecting the postie any minute now. (Glad you liked your swap too, Fee). Have a wonderful time in Devon, it's one of our favourite places to visit too. Wishing you sunny days.
    Helen x

  16. What lovely images, Fee. There's nothing wrong with gratuitious liking of one's own work if you ask me. Love those blocks. xx

  17. Some beautiful Spring pictures, and the blocks are amazing! I am so in love with the primroses in ice- gotta do that. Hope you have a gorgeous week.

  18. I want to be a granny, I could live with steps like those! And a few grand-babies would be handy for knitsofacto baby wear photo shoots!

    Great blocks, brill walk, lovely post ... happy hols Fee and co x

  19. Oh Fee, I adore all your creations. You are so talented, my friend! J x

  20. Yep I'm smiling now too! So much gorgeousness :D love the blocks, love the walk, love, love love Granny's lovely lush Spring flowers... infact... I love everything! Doormat = swoon! Button = I must try that!! Hope you're finding lots of smiles this week :)

    Jo x x x

  21. yay :) where is that walk...half an hour away? love the that by your front door? might just pop by later and snaffle it...see you later x x x x x


    Everything looks just as CHIPPER as always chez toi! AND YES, we too have had hot weather here in COLD MINNESOTA, but then yesterday I had to pull out my winter coat!

    HAVE FUN! Anita

  23. Your post did make my smile too Fee; the colourful flower, the lovely button, the empty chocolate box (happy to found a soulmate :-).....!

    You must be having the same sort of weather we have in Holland. We are praying for rain too!! It is terribly dry. It feels really strange watering the garden in March too.

    Happy evening,

    Madelief x

  24. What a lot to be happy about! I love the flowers in ice idea!

  25. Hi Fee, what a gorgeous post! So much colour and life and happiness - love granny's steps with all those flowers, how pretty! Hasn't it been such a beautiful sunny week this week - though it's looking very grey at the moment - maybe you will get the rain soon! I love the flowers in ice, what a clever idea, might try that, it's so pretty, though I guess it doesn't last that long :D Beautiful blocks as always too! Hope you're having a fab weekend xxx

  26. As always Fi.. your blog post is as pretty and bright as a fine Spring day.
    Lots of lovely feasts for the eyes and tum! Very very pleased to hear that Ned survived the Big Sleep and is romping around and revving up for his outdoor life this summer. Winnie had a taste of the big outdoors last week and had me scrabbling around on hands and knees in the flower border trying to extract an old fur-ball from the cat which she was trying to swallow. Bless!
    Hope you are having the best of hols in my all time favourite place..

  27. oh my goodness! what a wonderful post! full of all sorts of lovely things! the colors and sunshine, your darling blocks! and mine arrived!! it's so pretty, just like i pictured it! i love the word and the color and i love too that you added my name (now my girls can't run off with it!). thank you so much for making it and having the giveaway, it's in my studio where i can see it everyday! i LOVE it!
    xxx lori

  28. Dear Fee, what a lovely feast for the eyes and soul! I couldn't possible decide what is my favorite thing, but I must say your new work is delicious!!! So much so, that I must contact you soon for a custom order (if you would be good enough, that is.) Enjoy all of your beauty. XO Helena

  29. What glorious things you've been up to, just love that pic of Mabel and Minnie and the one of Ned and the errant chip. Enjoy Devon! x

  30. It has been busy around your your sweet images. Mabel is adorable in polka dots...what kind of book is your sweetie working on?
    Ned always makes me smile. Happy Easter to you. xoxo

  31. Hi Fee,
    Disaster!!! My blogger thingamybob isn't telling me when you've posted. I'm not sure why. I've clicked to 'follow' you again, but I was already? Do you know what I can do to make sure I'm not missing out on any of your lovely, lovely posts??? Help!!! ;-)
    Happy Easter!

  32. I love the blocks... I just bought some to do something similar... beautiful pics!

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