Thursday 7 July 2011

Busy bee (literally)

Can't believe it's been a week since I was last here - like everyone else I'm up to my neck with end of term stuff. Today was Geordie Boys violin concert - luckily for you I can't upload video or I would be sharing it!

(90 x 7 year olds +violins = slight headache) 

We seem to be limping towards the summer holidays -  suddenly all trousers seem to have holes in, shoes are falling apart and no one can find a PE kit. I'm counting the sleeps man.

Anyway, I've managed a couple of days in the workshop - making some new signs...(available on Folksy soon)
 some bunting (it's for you Paula - hope you like it!)
 and lots of other ...

Now for the randoms! 

We bought some little white stones back from our hols.

I loved this little ♥ shaped one and 
thought it made a sweet 
message for Cleggy! 

Speaking of himself, we were both working in the workshop yesterday and found this pair getting it on in the summer sunshine...

I've never seen a Queen Bee before - maybe she just comes out when she's after a worker!

I only managed a couple of photos before they were off - still amorous and very much attached! 'wooah' says Cleggy 'double the fun'. 

Finally - a couple of pictures of our lovely Ned enjoying the early evening sun. Love how he's stretching that leg out for maximum warmth. He went missing a couple of days ago - we're still not entirely sure how he got out but he was soon found enjoying the delights of next doors plants. Thank goodness for that!

Oooh, before I go, does anyone else look at the keywords people have put into a search engine and found your blog? They frequently make me chuckle...a favourite is 'extreme grandma' (which relates to a post from yonks ago about pimping Grandmas stool! if you missed it take a look, it's cute) and more recently 'man in love with mannequin for 20 years'!  Too funny.
Love the idea of some bored teenager looking for sky diving grannys and finding modge podge!
fee x


  1. I hope you took earplugs with you?? I remember when my youngest was learning the violin - so glad he swapped to something else - brass is less painful on the ears!!

    I checked my search thing - grass snake seems to bring loads of traffic to my blog - all because of a surprise I had at the end of last summer!!

  2. O oh.
    Do you think my post on pxxn in the loft is going to come back to haunt me?
    G Kisby's response to me saying I'd been at the Good as New, "Argh man, please don't tell me you've brought any more tat home"
    Me, ""
    I'm gonna sneak that typewriter in next week, he'll never notice!
    Nelly x

  3. Haha oh mine are nowhere near as interesting as yours, just boring things like 'beach hut fabric' and 'pastel coloured bunting'! Maybe I need to add in some random obscure phrases/posts every now and again! Oh and i love that little heart stone, so cute! x

  4. See this:

    Scroll to last paragraph. There's your answer. Oh and they find me by googling Big Busted Beauty as I made a pinny for my beautiful friend with a big bust who needed a larger than average bib panel in her pinny.

    And I get the inevitable "cock land" too.

    Think I need a tortoise.


  5. Fee I missed your REAL have a gift for making life worth laughing...glad you are near the end of term. Can you believe we are closer to starting up again? You are teasing me with those sewing block...a bit too talented for me! Be careful that honey is sticky! smiles....Renee

  6. Thanks for bringing back my repressed memories of having to undergo school music concerts when daughter#1 was learning the clarinet :)
    I may have to spend some time rocking under the table now to recover from that, lol
    Love the heart shaped rock, and also your tortoise, I have a turtle I am quite fond of, but he lives in a large fish tank

  7. hey missed you this week, do you think we will be able to have crochet lessons with 5 boys in tow??
    I love the sew happy sign :) :)

  8. Lots going in your neck of the woods! I love your sweet bunting and other creative gems. And those bees! Me oh my!
    Love is in the air!

    Hope your weekend is full of summery goodness!


  9. Lovely things, as always.
    I recently googled 'granny triangle' (meaning crochet granny!) I cannot tell you what popped up on the results page- the YouTube entry was verrrrry disturbing!

  10. Ha ha! I was going to write a comment but got distracted by Annaboo's above ^^ and her granny triangle. Ha ha!! Some of the things that show up on the stats page are truly grim aren't they but they do make me laugh!

    And how funny that Cuckoo's comment says 'they find me by googling 'Big Busted Beauty'... this stuff just tickles me.

    I may just have the silly giggles today but it also struck me as funny that a tortoise could do a runner. Bless him, found next door, must have taken him ages to get there - what an anti-climax for him...!

    Glad you're still managing to blog despite the end of term crazies. Nicki xx

  11. Cool bees! I love your heart rock, it would make my daughter's day to find something like that.

  12. That's a great pic of the bees! I don't think I've ever seen a bee that color before... And I'm so happy you found Ned! What a scare! :)
    btw - that bunting is to die for!

  13. Oh my gosh, I have had such a giggle reading the comments above. I wanted to tell you how much I love your paper crafting, I recognise the good old 7 Gypsies there, I love their paper, I have just about all their 6 x 6 paper pads. I started my blog to showcase and hopefully sell my journals, cards etc that I make, but it has evolved to where it has and I haven't done any papercraft for almost 8 months, I am so into the crochet and knitting at the moment. If you would like to see a little of what I do/did go to this post on my blog and it shows a little of what I do/did.
    Take care, love the little heart pebble and what can I say but 'lucky bees' more action than what I've had in a long time :)
    x Sandi

  14. Ha ha, you are a funny one. I always love reading your posts. I feel better knowing that I'm not the only one sending my child to school with holey shoes, it always happens in the last couple of weeks.
    Hmmm, extreme grannies. You must have a cleaner mind me, it doesn't conjure up skateboarding for me. I'm afraid to google it for fear of what may come up.
    I hope you are having a fabby weekend.


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