Wednesday 12 September 2012

Mabel Loves Melon

Brrrrrr...anyone else round here put the heating well and truly back on today? (anyone else know what the heck to wear on a daily basis?! woolly tights v flip flops?)

I lost a follower this week - was it something I said? 
worried me more than it should!

Anyway - we're all settled back into school and work with glorious predictability, all healthy and happy. This week we re-designed Cleggy's education blog (graphic design by clever clogs Jane...not just a dab hand with a vintage sheet!)                                   Please feel free to share with any teachers/childminders you might know. Or anyone who works with young children.
  Himself is way down south quite a lot over the next few weeks and I'm already missing him (and the drop in adult/child ratio!)
...and I'm struggling not to eat my weight in chocolate.

We had a lovely day with our little niece Mabel last weekend - she had the best time with a plate of watermelon...not just eating it but sqeeeeeezing it between her fingers. Again, and again and again!
And here are some of this weeks Chipper Nelly commissions:
Firstly blocks for Mr and Mr - who got married wearing bowler hats!
Some Home Blocks for another man and his new pad
A notonthehighstreet order with a cute name...
 And lastly another perpetual calendar (I want to make these regularly for my shop but they are too labour intensive)
That's it...I'm off to drool over Grand Designs with a bar of Maya Gold! fee x


  1. I love those perpetual calendars, I have one in the kitchen (old wooden blocks) it belonged to my Mum, but I keep thinking I could do with a new one :) Isnt it awful when you lose a follower? I once lost 3 in the same week and I was mortified!! As you say you dont know what you did wrong :( I wonder if you can find out who went?? I may just have to google that question :/ xx

  2. Grr you've just reminded me GD was on tonight. Will have to catch it on 4OD me thinks. Double grrr as Cleggy's blog wont let me follow and it looks such fun. Just finished my first week back in Foundation and can't remember why I was ever so slightly nervous because it was so much fun. Having said that I've got 31 on Monday...

  3. The things you make are so beautiful - stunning!

    I wouldn't worry about losing a follower - sometimes I think people just decide to leave the blogging world, so they remove themselves from all blogs they're following - so it's nothing personal. (That's what I've decided anyway!)

    Or maybe they've decided to focus on one area of crafting, so decide to only follow specific blogs that blog about that area - they might not have time to keep up with the rest. I definitely wouldn't take it personally! There is no way that it would be anything you said wrong, I'm sure of it.

    Maria x

  4. It's daft isn't it Fee? but I lost one a while back and I still wonder why. I keep telling myself everyone has a perfect right to pick and choose the blog they wish to follow but....I still wonder tch!

    Mabel Melon looks as if she is having a great time! Good photos too

    Amanda :-)

  5. Gorgeous makes Fee! much in awe of your talent.
    Anne xx

  6. Oh Miss Mabel that makes you want a little girl for about a half second.....lovely...that is such a great sign...enjoy your working days..smiles...Renee

  7. Always LOVE seeing all your makes, and that little Mabel is just too adorable too! xx

  8. I agree very difficult to know what to wear, it is getting chilly though!!
    Love the watermelon photos. :)
    I know I say it every time but ~ lovely blocks! :)
    Vivienne x

  9. I can just imagine the feel of watermelon squishing through the fingers!!! She is a cutie that's for sure, and so happy that she was allowed to squish to her hearts content. I LOVE the perpetual calendar, fantastic idea. And we are into Spring now, 22 deg one day 15 the next, stripping one day and covering up the next. I have had the odd day sitting out in the sun soaking up some Vit D.....luverly.
    xo Sandi

  10. My beautiful, beautiful friend!

    First of all, your blocks are fabulous, as always. Mabel is cute as a button, and do you know if you lost a follower? I have noticed here and there that my numbers change, but I never thought that people would have the nerve to take themselves off the member list! Does that happen?

    I have noticed a slowing down of visits. I have no business complaining because I enjoy a large number of people who visit...but it is an enigma because I too wonder if I SAID SOMETHING WRONG! Have you noticed a LULL in sales, blog comments and members??????? Please let me know because I have been distraught with much confusion about my creations and why it has been so slow. Let me know and also, I do want to know if there is simply a glitch in the system with the number of members or do people really pull out?

    MUCH LOVE Anita

  11. I lost a follower yesterday. I thought my lovely holiday had put them off!!!! Ha Ha!!! Don't let it get to you. It bugged me last year when it happened, but not so much now. Of course you wonder what happened but ah, if they don't read your blog, they miss out. SIMPLES!!!
    Lovely blocks, lovely Melony Mabel, not so lovely with Cleggy being away though. I know it's hard. I'm on my own 9 nights out of 14. I am used to it but miss the Husband like crazy on those nights.
    Take care me luv,
    Gem x x x

  12. Aww Mabel's so adorable Fee! Don't worry and dwell on losing a follower, you've still got the rest of us, and we love you!

    Claire xx

  13. Hello Fee......I loved your pictures of Mabel and the melon today....all that squishing is just soooo enjoyable! Don't worry about losing a follower - if you did, that is - the numbers seem to go up and down for everyone I think. Also sometimes people read blogs in a different do not take it to heart :)
    Love all your new blocks and seeing the different things people request too. Your calendar blocks are adorable and so are the room signs you make.
    Happy weekend, Fee!
    Helen x

  14. yeah, I lost a follower too this week, trying not to dwell on it. We have just got a woodburning stove installed so i am willing cold weather!!!! haVE a lovely weekend xxx

  15. I just LOVE seeing photos of your latest blocks!!! :-)

  16. Ok, so you lose one and gain one. I think you're FAB so I'm a new follower!

  17. ADORE the Mr & Mrs, how cute, love love!!
    I love the name Mabel, my great auntie Mabel lived to 112 in England, i used her name as my first born's middle name. I remember telling her when she was about 5, than great great auntie Mabel passed away, she said "how old was she" I said "112" & she said "shouldn't she have died when she turned 100??" Love their wisdom.
    Followers, i lose them all the time, i doubt it's anything i said, more a cull or they stop/ close their blog. I don't think it's personal, they just disappear. Last week alone i lost 3 yet gained 10, go figure?? Must admit, when i stop following a blog it's because they have completely lost my interest or done too many negative posts, i don't need that in my life. So you don't fall into that category!! Sweet weekend to you, as you start to chill, we're defrosting in Australia. Love Posie

  18. I think flip flops with tights Fee. It gives off a certain mad woman about town impression which is so now. Ho Ho.

    The word heating has made me jealous as we're still without and no hot water either since July. Might have the immersion finally mended tommorow so at least we can bath again instead of trudging to nannies for a shower and upstairs with a kettle for a lick and a promise.

    Followers thing, I know I find it odd that someone can even be bothered to think I'll unfollow. Do they think I'll show them? If you don't read you just don't read. There's so many blogs I'd love to read and visit, but there just aren't the hours (we're going to be late for the girls golf lesson as I'm writing this - don't even ask why they're playing golf, it's for my parents) and I'd hate to think people take it personally, but if they do well then they're the ones with the problem aren't they.

    Can't get the Mabel pic which is a shame, even my pooter doesn't work properly. Have a great weekend and hope the man returns soon.


  19. Yup, the heating has been on here too! Hasn't helped that hubby is doing the garden and letting a breeze in today though!!! Bloomin' nippy I say.

    Love the watermelon squeeezing pics, Mable is gorgeous! And the calendar blocks... Useful AND so so pretty...LOVE them!

    Thanks for the comment on my post... I'm quite enjoying being a craft ho... Hahaha xx

  20. Your Mabel is adorable!!! I wish I had a Mabel around my home...sooo fun.
    Flipflops and wooly tights..perfect comb I say.
    Don't worry about the lost of a follower...mine go all the time! Don't know where they are going...maybe we should tag along one day! xoxo Hugs and love.

  21. Could have sworn I left a comment already!

    A happy belated birthday to Mabel, and hurrah for more gorgeous blocks. I've just been admiring Viviennes!

  22. Ah, those fun days of squelching food in fists!! Love your Mr & Mr Blocks!

  23. HI!!!
    Your niece eating that watermelon is so cute!!!Kids love to eat and feel their food!!!
    I love your wood creations!!!Great job!!
    Have a blessed Sunday and are you cold in your area already???
    Still HOT here!!

  24. Hello Fee...Gorgeous pics of little Mabel...she does look so happy squeezing that watermelon..It's always the simple things that children love the most,isn't it?
    Gorgeous blocks as always (love the calendar although I can imagine as you say that they are very time consuming to make)and never mind the loss of a follower Fee..hey,you've passed 300!...Sometimes people just delete their accounts altogether...I think maybe that's the reason?
    Hope you have a happy Sunday with your boys,
    Susan x


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