Thursday 6 September 2012

Catching Up

GB noticed this heart shaped cloud on a car journey last week!
So, since our holiday it's been unfeasibly busy here. Obviously getting the boys off to school was a priority - especially for #2, who started secondary school...    

All boys had previously insisted that they had NO HOLIDAY HOMEWORK. So we were gutted (not to mention a little bit cross!) when GB announced after his first day that he had 'forgotten to mention' the project he was meant to do, all about The flamin' Rainforest. 

Even more gutted when a (tearful) GB revealed he had told his new teacher he had done it and would bring it in tomorrow...
Yep, an Armadillo made from paper plates and pasta. Thank you Cleggy! GB owes you
But before all that we did a little bit of visiting, eeeeking out the last little drop of the summer hols.

Firstly a flying trip to visit Cleggy's parents (and the Great Grandma) in the North East. We had a lovely lunch at the wonderfully named KNITsley Farm Shop. Well, it was lovely for everyone else. 

Unfortunately I had a (rare!) hangover and spent the entire meal trying not to put my head on the table and moan. 
I know...not big and NOT clever.
  When everyone went for a play in the park I happily volunteered to sit with Great Granny in the car - always a pleasure! 
Looking good at 93 and still telling a good tale!
 After that we headed down to the South West to visit the lady otherwise known as 'Cuckoo'. It was a wonderful way to end the holiday - and none of us wanted to leave (especially me). 

 We had a visit to Fanny's Vintage Shop
(where I wished I hadn't eaten all the pies croissants in France) but did find a brooch to fit:
...and a lovely cup of coffee (whilst trying on hats)
Other than that we drank coffee, ate M+S tea cakes, did a little knitting and said 'me too' lots.
 (Wish you lived 3 hours closer my friend...)
I'm gradually getting back in the workshop and normal trade is resuming in the block department. Here are the latest makes
Some more 'Fruits of the Holy Spirit' blocks for a friend of my SIL Alice:

and some blocks commissioned by Susan from Mary Jane's Tearoom before the summer for her daughter Ashley who turned 21 and is about to embark on a year in Madrid (thus the map) 

And lastly, whilst in France our lady chickens went to board at a farm (who would have thought it?!). I was vaguely aware that the farm also bred rare breeds, so wasn't at all surprised when Cleggy returned with a couple of new girls. 
I haven't had time to get decent
photos but here they are:
 The big one (Florence) is a Croad Langshan and little Myrtle is a lavender Araucana (cute hat!)
Apparently they are good enough to show...
but I've told Cleggy I draw the line at Chicken showing!!!
Happy Autumn
fee x


  1. I remember when I was at senior school I told my mum I didn't have any homework and she caught me late at night doing it in bed under my covers. I was grounded for two weeks, I think she had learnt 'grounding' off of neighbours. Love the chooks, we have two araucanas bantams. They do have funny hairdos.

  2. Those chicken are so cool. I want Muriel, she totally rocks! Oh it's not Muriel, that's wrong. Hang on (scrolls up) it's Myrtle!!!!!!! She is like a female Rod Stewart!
    Typical re the homework, that often happens in our house. Or it certainly is always left til last.
    Oh you look gorgeous in the Fanny Adams hat! Did you buy it?! If not you should have, send Cuckoo back round pronto! It suits you. Suits you Sir.
    Glad to hear you had a lush time in Somerset and that you all had fun at Cuckoo's! I miss Somerset - all my family are still there (except my bro) and I love the accent. A farmer's accent. Gert lush innit.
    Take care my babber (as they say in Bristol).
    Lovely blocks by the way.

  3. What a fun, fun, fun post once again! And that lavender chicken: fabulous! :-) But what on earth is that flower at the bottom??? I've never seen the likes... ;-)

  4. Oh, the holiday homework! Son 1 had plenty in the run-up to lycée, but at least he did admit to it... Your 'fruits' blocks are just fantastic - I always like the idea of things with words on, but really can't think of any words I'd be happy to live with. You have just provided me with the answer!

    I also enjoyed your last post. Dare I admit it - our little town outside Toulouse is a Bastide! Not as groovy as the stone-built ones in the Tarn, as we are all brick, but very atmospheric and historical, all the same!

  5. Lovely pics, missed you x x can you knit now?....has it been that long :) x x x

  6. Luckily there was just one piece of holiday homework - big son had a Maths paper he had to hand in when he registered for 6th form - he waited till after the GCSE results as he didn't want to tempt fate!! I thought it looked hard - apparently he said it was 'simples'.

    Chicken showing - ummmm probably a slippery slope to something even more strange!!

  7. Your new girls are very pretty, especially old fluffy head. Wonderful images and story telling once again. "First day at High School" photo, that one will be coming out in 20 years to embarrass someone! What a lovely family, grandma and grandad look so young! x

  8. Hi Fee ... The blocks you made me were loved by everyone! xxx

  9. Don't be too hard on GB, it should be against the law to give holiday homework!!!
    I love your new little lavender chicken! :)
    Vivienne x

  10. Nice catch middle boy (7) who has his first junior school spelling test today said last night just before starting to practise, 'I can't remember what spellings are' the boy has a noddle like no other....trying to find out what he's been doing in school is long winded and you're somehow less clear at the end of the long as he's happy mind!

    Your time with cuckoo sounded fab, a brooch would be about all that fits me at the mo! Your new ladies are very lovely, how cool to have lavender hair!

  11. Chicken showing!!!!??? Wtf?! How hilarious!!! Lovely post :) x x

  12. WONDERFUL AND BEAUTIFUL FEE! It is a joy to see your excursions and loved ones here! You look stunning in that hat and your boys look as if they really enjoy being with all the family. MY GOODNESS, your oldest, in HIGH SCHOOL? Here HIGH SCHOOL starts at around age 15. Your blocks look marvelous, you are successful and I am so happy for you. I am working on small projects but mainly will focus on holiday cards, for i do not have enough room to house items that don't move quickly. But I best gear up for any requests for more ballet tutus on a stick!

    HUGS! Anita

  13. You could drive to the chicken shows with the birds sat on the passenger seat of the Sindy car!!! Haaa!!

    We are still missing The Mates. Each one of us missing each one of you.


  14. GOOD MORNING darling Fee!

    I love that name, SPARKLE for a child! I came across a child once whose name was DISNEY....what an enchanting name!!! Thank you for your visit; it is always a joy to see your beautiful face!! Anita

  15. Sounds like a jolly summer :D

    Chicken showing?!

  16. Ooh, I'm loving that heart shaped cloud Fee...such an apt end to your lovely Summer holiday!
    Homework?....I often secretly thought...'Is there any point to any of this?!!'
    You look fab in that hat..I hope you bought it!...and those are very posh chicks there Fee..I'm so impressed!
    Beautiful blocks...we all love Ashley's...she's finally found a flat in Madrid and is moving in tomorrow!
    Hope you have a lovely Sunday,
    Susan x
    P.S How wonderful is Great Granny!!!

  17. What a fantastic post, Fee!!! I love that cloud photo, for starters!!! I'm glad the start of the new school year was (relatively) stress-free in your household. The armadillo is amazing!!! :-)

  18. Welcome home & yahoo for high school, yes, love the no school holiday homework & the sudden old rainforest assignment (i've assisted on at least 6 rainforests in my time, from diorama to flat pack trees!!) Why do we ever believe them & of course teachers love the old "the children need to learn organisational skills' routine & we're only crippling them if we help/ remind/ demand they complete homework!!
    Loving the new blocks, they are gorgeous & your chickens, oh yes, good enough to show. I can absolutely imagine my children at a poultry show, they would be so competitive. We might live in Australia's capital city but it's very regional & there are shows on all the time. Can't wait to see the coloured eggs from Miss Myrtle. I had the chance to score a beautiful white Araucana but my husband was around (read: saying no) so i waited & then could only get black, not even full breed but the seller insists she'll lay rainbows for me. Yay. Gorgeous catching up, love Posie

  19. Fee, you are such a hoot!!! Love the hat, love the chickens, love your kiddy winks, love your family.....bit of a love fest actually......goes with the heart cloud :)

  20. lovely photos, kenzie looks very smart in his new uniform! a friend of mine has 3 lavender chickens, apparently they lay beautifully coloured eggs too, we call them her 'farrow and ball' chickens (they match the paint work in her beautiful house). Takes a bit of getting used to this school routine lark, we are 4 weeks in and already I am knackered and counting down the weeks until the next holiday! have a good weekxx

  21. you my dear have way too much FUN!!!!! your boys are just adorable...and so are the new girls! Happy September to you....and your new x 100!

  22. Love your posts, fee, they are always full of interesting things and fun!! So glad you liked the little swap! Have a happy week!
    Helen x

  23. what a lovely post. I love to get a little insight into the lives of the folk online and this was so interesting - glad you got the armadillo done for GB's homework - it's fab!!
    I love that you keep hens - I dream of living somewhere where we could rescue some battery hens and let them roam free! Your new ladies are gorgeous!
    Your blocks just amaze me - they are so beautiful!

  24. Fee, I've just recieved an email supposedly from you asking for money as you've been mugged. Thought you ought to know - and I hope it isn't you really.


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