Saturday 19 May 2012

New Blocks

It's been another busy week here - as I try to do at least 3 full time jobs! Obviously the one that suffers most is the role of 'housewife', while I can confirm that everyone got fed and clean pants were provided, our house looks like we've been burgled. Again.

On the upside some new plants plus large heart have made the front door look pretty (you can tell where my priorities lie!)

I'm supposed to be scaling down my little shop in order to concentrate on Cleggy's business - which I did manage... for all of....hmmmm, 2 weeks.
Much as I love education, I simply prefer to make things!
I also said I wasn't going to make any Father's Day products this year, but couldn't resist just one:
available here
 The baby boy block is my all time biggest seller so I decided I needed a new option:
Available here

I've also had some lovely commissions - these are for Catherine's wedding anniversary
(hope R likes them too!)

And these seaside ones are for lovely Helen 

 I can't wait to see how she uses them to display her work (loving our trading Helen!)
These ones are for a NOTHS customer Lorraine who wanted something slightly different from the regular baby girl block. 

We've had a lovely couple of days with my little sister Nelly and wee Mabel. The boys just love playing with her. Kenzie made us all some cookies - and we've had a good catch up.
LO♥E this photo...
Inspired by my little niece I've started working on a new line of products (yep, scaling down again!) which have been really nice to make...

This one is a canvas, but staying true to my Chipper roots the ones on the shop will be on wood.
The paper and bits and pieces are ready to start on a boy version...which is what I'll be working on this week, 
when I should be cleaning!!!
(I know a fair few of my blogging friends are going through hard times at the moment - you know who you are...and I'm thinking of you x)


  1. Love your front door Fee - you have to climb over golf shoes and football boots to get to my door :( ! I hope you don't scale down too much - I haven't ordered any blocks yet but they are on my wish list. Loving the seaside blocks for Helen, they are gorgeous xx

  2. Ok, so I am sat at the tea table (everyone else, hubby and three boys have all disappeared to watch the making of star wars DVD) on my own, I am full to the gunnels and despite feeling sick as I'm full, I am troughing maltesers like they are goin out of fashion and I've just cried at you anniversary established are very clever, but my hormones are clearly out of kilter.......

    I love your blocks and I reckon your time is surely better spent at all things beautiful as opposed to housework, and who's complaining when there are clean pants and food?

    Have a creative and balanced week!

  3. You have the loveliest front door ever. I think front doors are so important and if it's pretty enough no-one will notice the chaos when they walk in... first impressions and all that! :-)

    Blocks are all fab as usual and hasn't Mabel grown! My goodness, bless her, she's a beauty. Hope your sis is doing well - does she still blog? Haven't seen a post for ages.

    Enjoy the rest of the weekend!

    Nicki xx

  4. your blogs are beautiful! i'm new to your blog so hadn't realised you have a shop! sounds super, i shall have a look.

    i fully understand the hw situation ;)
    your doorstep daisies are gorgeous!! ❤

  5. p.s. i meant to say that your blocks are beautiful.

  6. Ooh Fee you have a gorgeous looking front door! Those seaside blocks are fabulous too and the canvas is Devine too!
    Have a beautiful weekend! Victoria xx

  7. Well, what is the point of housework when approximately 0.00000002 seconds after you've finished it there are small people undoing what you've just done?
    Love those new girl blocks and Mabel's canvas - gorgeous!
    Enjoy what's left of the weekend. x

  8. Wow, your front door puts me to shame! I've just noticed the box balls either side are now brown and crispy then when I thought about it I can't remember ever watering them... hmmm.
    Love all the new blocks.

  9. Hi Chickadee! I have rootled out some lovely papers for you so pop in soon! I had a stinky robbery at ABH this week and need a Big Bosomed Hug of the F...I..Fee Variety! Big love xxx

  10. Love your door, it's made me want to go and do something pretty to mine!
    Glad to hear everyone's wearing pants, some mornings before the school run, one of my favourite things to do is walk out fully dressed on my top half, and only wearing knickers and say "come on, time to go, hurry up" and stride purposefully towards the door carrying carkeys.
    The kids aren't so fond of it, but it makes me chortle every time!!
    Your blocks are amazingly stunning, and you are very kind.
    I think the subtitle of your blog shoudl be ...
    Fee, healing the blogosphere one squashy bosomed hug at a time!
    Always appreciate your virtual hugs!!

  11. Your bloggers comments are as good as your blog! You've got the best blogging buddies, I swear! They all seem to have such a great sense of humor which I adore. I love your front door and your blocks and the flat one you made for Mabel. They're all just so precious. I even visited your husband's blog to see what he does that is so important that you should stop doing your thing. Dinosaur eggs? Really? LOL! Unless they're real I would stick with your creations....yours are much prettier! He does sound like a great guy and any man who is that interested in early childhood education and development is a gentle and courageous soul. But tell that a picture of him dressed up like Napoleon? Regardless, it's hysterical! Too cute...I've never seen anything like it. What a great family you have...hope "the boys" are all doing well and you also. Have a great weekend and don't worry about the house unless you see Public Health lurking in the bushes and then just pull the curtains! LOL!

  12. Sweet fee...I imagine your home looks as lovely and inviting as your front stoop. Please don't stop creating these artistic and unbelievable creations. They blend art and family so well. The new sets are already pinned to bring me inspiration. As long as kids are fed and clothed bonus points for a smile and hug...your day is a success.

    Big Smiles from across the pond...Renee

  13. Hello Fee...Your front door looks so lovely and welcoming with those pretty flowers decorating the steps and the heart door've inspired me to sort mine out next week!
    Your new blocks are gorgeous as ever...Helen's latest Seaside themed ones are definitely my cup of tea!...My blocks arrived yesterday Fee...I am over the moon with them...Thank you so much lovely lady...dreaming now of another set!...Ooh, please don't close your shop!
    Hope you have a good week ahead,
    Susan x

  14. Oh my, I love them all, oh Queen of the Blocks! And the darling picture of Mabel and the cookies. And I now have serious front door envy. I keep trying to persuade hubby that we need a new front door but money's tight with only one of us working so it will have to wait.

    But what is this 'scaling down'? Just when we're all scaling up to bury our friends and family under heaps of your gorgeous, gorgeous blocks. Stay with us Fee! Tell Cleggy to get an intern this summer ;D

  15. Gorgeous new blocks, Fee! I'm beyond excited by my seaside blocks.....sooo adorable and inspiring!! I love all the other new ones you've made too, especially the ones for Lorraine, the floral one is a real heart skippy design! The new collage for Mabel is delightful...a wonderful present idea too. Love your front door with the heart and new flowers...know just what you mean about housework vs creating :))
    Hope you're having a lovely weekend in the sunshine.
    Helen x

  16. Hello,lovely blocks,and
    what is the colour of your front door please?-if you don't mind,

    1. Hi Belen,

      Thank you!
      And the paint is a Farrow and Ball colour - I think it was 'Tunsgate Green'. It's kind of a pale celery!
      fee x

  17. Hmmmm - severe front door envy. Don'tcha just love farrow and ball? Have spent the entire weekend painting the boys' room in Borrowed Light. Lush.
    Can't believe how much Mabes has changed since I met her - she's a little smasher.
    Emily x

  18. Hello there beautiful Fee!

    OK, I can see you from the airplane...hovering over England am I, en route to PARIS, which YOU WILL BE HEADING OFF, at the top of the list!!!!!!!

    THANK YOU FOR VISITING and joining in my dear. Oh your art is delightful and I KNOW THE FEELING of just wanting to play and create all day. While my gardens are looking fabulous, MY HOUSE is suffering too while I am managing my Etsy and still in school until June 8!!

    BIG HUGS TO YOU OUT THERE and much love, Anita

  19. Bloody hell, even your front door is gorgeousness!!!! I may have to stop reading your blog as it's making me feel inadequate in all sorts of ways I never imagined possible ;) PLEASE don't stop making things, I implore you, the pics of your makes are my happy place :D

  20. Beautiful, beautiful work Fee. I can't think of a nicer celebration of an occasion than your blocks and I just love the baby girl blocks - I'm sure she will really treasure them!

  21. Goodness... you really are a talented lady... these blocks are just BEAutiful!!!
    By the way I am totally in love with your front door *swoon*... who cares what it looks like inside for heavens sake!... who needs a tidy house when all you really need is food + clean pants!!! xxx

  22. Oh Fee! You crafty minx. I adore seeing your creative mind at work - all utterly fabulous. Waving to you from faraway Hobart, Australia J x

  23. Your blocks are always so adorable! Thanks for sharing...I am waiting for someone to have a baby because I so know what I will be ordering xooxxo Hugs

  24. Hi Fee I have been reading your blog via Helen's for a while and thought I would stop lurking and say hi. I love your work, it really ticks all my boxes, pardon the pun. These new blocks are fab and I am sure will be so well received. The sun has finally arrived so your gorgeous pots will thrive. Have a sunny week,
    Jane x

  25. Great Blocks Fee, and you can't be serious....scaling down! ...when you make the most beautiful things.

    I have huge 'front door' envy! Your door looks beautiful.

    Enjoy this sunny week . . so nice to see the sun shining again.
    Fleur xx

  26. Hello and greetings!
    Glad i found your lovely blog....
    such lovely work!!
    Have a happy day....x

  27. Your front door looks so lovely and welcoming ... and absolutely love the blocks you make, especially O is for Oliver. My eldest son is called Oliver, but at 26 don't know whether he'd appreciate it, even if I do! Have a lovely week, Claire xx


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