Saturday 22 December 2012

Bathroom Makeover & A Staff Night Out

 There was nothing specifically wrong with our bathroom...but when the plumber took up half the floor to fit a new boiler we decided to spruce it up a little. 

It's quite a big room - and crying out for a free standing bath - but the one we wanted was so far beyond our means we decided to a half way house make over.
So we didn't change the colour, just touched it up. The floor originally had wood effect lino on so we Cleggy painted the floorboards.
The only extravagance was one roll of Pip wallpaper and a new rug. Living in a house of raging male hormones has made me feel pinker than ever of late!
 I used some of the off-cuts of paper to decoupage some plain white tiles - it was really easy to do. I used mod podge for the glue and the varnish...
 The new towel hooks were made from an old bit of wood with some new (Ebay) knobs screwed in.
Everything else was already in there...
a chipper special!
 Overall I'm pleased with the result - the boys have barely noticed it's changed but Cleggy likes it!
Speaking of Cleggy - last month he announced  we needed a 'works Christmas night out'...who was I to argue?! 
The only people in the business are me and him...perfect.
We chose a nice hotel in our favourite local city (Manchester) and booked a swanky restaurant (Michael Caines)

I got my best dancing shoes out (cheapo New Look 's but with added vintage charms sewn on!!)
...then left them behind (genuinely)
Luckily we had planned in a little trip to Primark in the afternoon so I managed to pick up some new cheapo high class hooker shoes!!!
I can't believe I used to wear heels every single day
Anyway, we started with a couple of hours in the cocktail bar 
(I bloody love a cocktail!)
Then had a tasting menu dinner. DEEvine.
It was the first time we've been out together in AGES so was a real treat.
We stayed at Abode (near Piccadilly...)
It's a beautiful listed building, a converted Victorian cotton mill.
...making great use of the original tiles and floor
The room was equally gorgeous - industrial chic/manhattan loft softened with print, tweed and a hint of tartan.
 My current crochet project fitted right in!!
 Best of all there was no uncomfortable moment the following day after snogging someone from work!!
 fee x


  1. Where the eff does one start? Your bathroom is gorgeous. Love the size. We want to tongue and groove ours at some point. Love what you have done more recently.
    And thought your works do sounded perfect! Hope you enjoyed every second. It looked fab.
    Merry Christmas dear Fee
    x x x. x x

  2. Your bathroom looks fantastic, love the pink touches, gotta get the blokes to appreciate a bit of femininity! :)
    Your work night out sound/looks fantastic. Loving the shoes too.
    Merry Christmas to you and your family.
    Anne xx

  3. Liking the bathroom, loving the idea of the works night out!

    Happy Christmas Fee :D

    1. PS I wouldn't have been able to walk in those shoes!!!

  4. The bathroom looks fab Fee. What a great work night out...I won't tell anyone you woke up with the boss ;0) Merry Christmas,
    Jane x

  5. Good morning Fee! It is so great to see you post and to take a peek at your bathroom mini make-over! I love that little furnace/fireplace!

    You always find something to celebrate and that is what I have always enjoyed about you. May you have a peaceful and lovely Christmas celebration amongst the raging male hormones!!!!!!!! I only have one male to deal with but at times,THAT IS ENOUGH!

    PEACE! Anita

  6. ooh I love your bathroom Fee ... me and Millie live in a houseful of male hormones too, so we try and inject pinkness and flowers into our everyday lives too! You're right ... nobody notices! I love the white floor, but they're all mucky beggars so wouldn't stay like that for long!

    Love the idea of your work's night out for two ... the shoes are very glamorous, now an again I try to stagger out in heels, but very unsuccessfully, but I never learn ...

    I bloody love a cocktail too, and hopefully will be partaking of a few over the festive season.

    Have a fabulous time and looking forward to catching up soon (will see what you're up to on Instagram!)

    Love, Claire xxx

  7. LOVE the bathroom!!! That wallpaper is out of this world!!!
    Wishing you a very merry Christmas, my dear.....

  8. OOOH Ho divine Darling!!!

    Your bathroom not that hotel?

    well actually the whole thing really, how lucky are you?

    AND thats is my fave wallpaper of the moment and will be in our lounge come January, if I play me cards right....
    Bestest of this merry season to you and yours
    daisy J

  9. Wow, where do I start?!

    Love your bathroom, love the hotel, love your shoes, love everything!! What a fab post.

    Have a super duper Christmas!

    Love Caroline xx

  10. Loved this post! Your bathroom looks gorgeous, love the wallpaper and the chipper nelly touches! And your works night out looks wonderful, very stylish surroundings and it sounds like a really lovely time! Liking the look of your new crochet too :)
    Wishing you and yours a very Happy Christmas dear Fee.
    Helen x

  11. What a honkin big bathroom!! Lovely :) Walk in those shoes, I dont think so! Have a lovely Christmas time xx

  12. Your bathroom looks so festive and bright, Nelly! Gorgeous :0)
    Wishing you have a Magic Christmas :0)
    With lot of love from Russia
    Natasha & Fam

  13. hI fee i have just found your blog...brillant! please can you tell me more about modpodge as i want to stick some vintage paper on kitchen tiles, will i still be able to wipe them over? best wishes jackie


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