Monday 7 November 2011

another random post

I found this little thing outside the workshop today, soaking up the warm Autumn how vintage those delicate wings look.

So, I know I'm late with the Halloween thing but had to share the campest red devil (sorry Geordie - but all your pictures have that foot thing going on!) and a genuinely scary kenzie clown.

So scary that none of the boys wants to keep said clown mask in their bedrooms!
We had a lovely big family trip to Lyme Park at the weekend (setting for the BBC's Pride and Prejudice new film The Awakening). The new (ish) play area there is a boys dream and we even managed to get a photo of The Granny with all her grandchildren, nearly all looking at the camera         ...a first!
The sunlight at the end of the afternoon was begging for photos - unfortunately boys were begging for tea so I only managed a few:
 In the Chipper workshop it's been a mixture of commissions and Christmas blocks galore. This treasures box was for my lovely friend Sue who has become a fairy godmother and wanted something to welcome little Eva into the family. Sue writes stories about fairy folk and also paints - she designed this little fairy Betsy for inside the box (complete with tinkle bell on back)
The next set of 9 blocks depict the Fruits of the Holy Spirit, made for my SIL Alice. Lots of the paper used on this set is recycled wrapping paper (previously given to me by Alice!) which mixed in well with the other papers I already had.
... a new size of Love Block

And some new designs - single Christmas blocks 
(available here!)
Finally, a HUGE thank you to everyone who has entered my first giveaway! I was full of trepidation when I posted it - can you imagine the shame of offering up your work and no one being interested??! Anyway - I really appreciate all the supportive comments - and hello to the new friends I've made as a result of my button being on some fancy sidebars! Isn't blogging fab....?
fee x
(if you haven't entered - it's not too late - just leave a comment on the previous post!)


  1. Hey fabulous fee,

    What a great time you've been having.
    The boys looking truly frightening and I'm impressed that you even brought Kenzie's mask into the house = eek!

    The sky photos are glorious and it made me yearn for a trip to "Ye Goode Olde Country" to visit these fabulous estates, we really don't have anything on this scale in Oz.

    Of all the truly beautiful Chipper Blocks I'm loving the 'Fruits Of The Spirit" most and I can imagine them lined up down our dining room table as a daily reminder of how to be our best person.

    Happy day and biggest of hugs,

  2. Wow, so much to love in this post!!!
    Also so much to fear- I would also be afraid of that clown mask being anywhere near me!!
    Beautiful photos, love the one of all the grandkids, and love your new blocks!!!

  3. Oh man, your block are just beau-ti-ful!!! I love them all! :-) Good to hear from you again! PS Maybe you can help me to make one of those grab buttons. I'm so close but just can't get it...

  4. Am loving that camp red devil ;) Can see why no-one wants that clown mask - its really freaky.

    Thos autumn pics are gorgeous :)

  5. So nice a trip with the whole family !! lovely week

  6. What a great photo of granny with her grandkids! I love people pictures and that's a real special one!

    Your blocks are all lovely, I'd find it hard to pick! The fruits of the spirit ones are Perfect though.

  7. Totally loving Alice's blocks! And wow ... look at that sky!

  8. I think I need a set of Fruits of the Spirit Blocks for my desk. :) Your sky shot is lovely and I think your picture of Grandma with her grandchildren is just precious.

    Be sure to stop by later this week - I hit 50 followers (big for me!) and I am launching a shop (just notions for now), so it will be GIVEAWAY TIME soon.

  9. That mask is pretty scary, definitely wouldn't want to meet them down a dark street! haha... great pic of granny with all the grandkids, really lovely. Love your blocks too as always, the wrapping paper ones have worked so well! Hope you're having a fab week so far xxx p.s well done for making yourself a grab button for your giveaway - I tried so many times and failed every time, just eluded me, hehe! xxx

  10. Pretty blocks balance out the VERY scary mask. Eeek! Looks like you have been having fun.

  11. Seriously....that mask would scare the poo out of me if it was in my house! Loved the pic of the boys dressed up, and the blocks are wonderful. I really need to get into the Christmas spirit this year!


  12. Your imagination is endless fee, the blocks are gorgeous as always. Granny and all the kids, what a wonderful photo to have and to be able to look back on in years to come when the children are older.
    Arrhh that mask wouldn't be making his way into my bedroom either.....
    x Sandi

  13. Oh, I entered the minute you posted!!! And your new blocks look great my dear! Your family looks so lovely my friend...and I am so enchanted to hear that your children have "teatime..." maybe it is like our snack time here, but with tea, it just sounds so enchanting....peace, love, goodness and all the other fruits of the spirit to YOU ALL! Anita

  14. Another great set of photos from the weekend. I love Mum's hand on that one above, she is clearly holding Sonny in place but acting all relaxed. Come on Mabes!
    Liking Alice's blocks, hope you are still as busy as ever,
    Nelly x

  15. Hi sweet friend..I need your kindergarten class is doing a unit on hibernation...I need to tell them a little story about your NED {or is it Ted} the turtle and how he goes to sleep in the winter...I want to print some photos to show you remember which post they were on...the date? So I can go find them...or could you send me some images via my email account?
    They are going to love this story!!!!
    Hugs and love

  16. Sorry how rude was I ...not commenting about this post of yours. I adore your block...the Chistmas ones are amazing and your family is lovely even in those masks. xoxoxoxoxo

  17. Hello lovely friend, thank you for putting my fairy on your blog! Although this is the first time I've 'blogged' or whatever you call it I regularly have a look at your beautiful, inspiring creations. You brighten my day Bryce Clegg!!xxxx When we all meeting up?

  18. Loving all the pics, especially the one with your mum and all her grandchildren, too lovely.

    Mind you, that clown is freaking me the hell out!!!! xx

  19. Lovely new blocks and fab photos x

  20. Your mother still looks so young! What a lovely photo you made of her and her grandchildren. Lyme Park looks beautiful. I still have the picture of Mr Darcy coming out of the water in my head when I see Lyme Park :-).

    Happy new week,


  21. Hi Fee,

    Tonight's dinner sounds good :-)!


  22. Dearest FEE!!!!!!!

    How lovely it is to see you my darling!!! Thank you always for your comments and to answer your question about the ideas in my head....those ideas come to me as a mode of SURVIVAL of stress! My outlet for stress is creativity..silly or serious, I have to produce something, ANYTHING to feel normal. AND YES, who would have thought that an average pigeon could look so dramatically beautiful???

    PEACE AND LOVE TO YOU!!!!! Anita


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