Saturday 28 September 2013


Cuckoo rocking a cosy...
The coffee morning went really well - loads of lovely people, too many cakes (yipeee), more than half decent coffee, lots of help, old friends meeting new friends, bloggers meeting Instagrammers, some elderly people from the church wondering what on earth was going on and wondering why anyone would want to win an owl made out of old get the idea!

Luckily everyone who won a prize seemed to get it! (I think) and I'm just working my way through the winners who weren't there on the day. I think I can contact everyone through but here is a list to make sure I cover all bases:

  • Woollen Heart - French Knots Jo
  • Hangers - Sassy Belle Blooms
  • Brooch - Debra
  • Blue owl and Home blocks - Alison S
  • Yellow Home blocks - Bryony Steel
  • Knitted Scarf - Viv Green Rabbits
  • Silver Earrings - Beryl Marshall
  • Pink Home Blocks - Alison
  • Home cushion - Sharon Macleod
  • Bag - Luciana
  • Patchwork cushion - Jayne Tingle
  • Pin cushion and needle book - Julia Becker
  • Pink Crochet heart - Tracy Bradford
  • Wooden hearts - Stella Kitchen
  • Big owl - Ann Guy
  • Button brooch - Kay Eyles
  • Button brooch - Clair Hughes
  • Turquoise necklace and crochet garland - Sara Davenport
  • Button brooch - Laura Henderson

If you could email me you addresses I'll post these or deliver depending on how close you are!

I know lots of you attended a coffee morning near you, or held one of your own - hope it was fun! 
Emily Unravelled, me, Cuckoo and Jane Little Teawaggon
Last year the event raised £15 million pounds - looking forward to seeing the scores on the doors this year.
My sister Nelly, me, Unravelled Emily, Cuckoo, Yarn Over Hook Victoria
Obviously I had lots and lots of help with the whole thing - especially from Cleggy (I'll sort the trashed house/empty food cupboard out very soon!) and all the people who provided me with their makes for the most wonderful raffle.

Thank you too to my oh so helpful friends (Annette, Emily, Feray, Cuckoo, Victoria, Alison,)The Granny and Sue, Angela, the ladies in the kitchen, Terry who lumped the tables away, my poor SIL Janet who inadvertently found herself in the kitchen elbow deep in bubbles, the pianist and singer, my brother and sister who provided a play area despite not being able to access the toy cupboard (long story!) and anyone I've forgotten.
Feray and Alison concentrating (for an imaginary customer?)

Thank you Granny for calling the raffle when I bottled it.
The Granny and Bev (looking terrified!)
Thanks also to everyone who came and made the 
atmosphere really lovely.
Oooh Betty Emma and her lovely Mum
French Knots Jo looking both scrummy and happy!
Me with my considerably younger, taller and thinner sister...good job I love her so much.
Wilfy enjoying a cookie
Lovely Liz Phillips (who knits!)
Victoria and @Tamsinsworld, who I now know lives but 10 mins from me...
My friend's Macmilan nurse - currently on maternity leave!
Mabel counting how many cakes Aunty Fee gave her when her Mummy wasn't looking
And the best bit of all - we raised lots of money - 
£1400 in total
It's a brilliant cause and one close to many of our hearts. 

The second best bit is that despite giving out lots of cake to helpers I still bought loads home so that's breakfast lunch and dinner sorted until Monday!!
fee x

ps I definitely think we should do the handmade raffle every year I might start more than 2 weeks beforehand!
   pps if you were there yesterday and got any photos please share with me - I only have a handful


  1. Well done Fee!! That is a tremendous amount of money raised! And I won a gorgeous scarf, fantastic!!
    How lovely to have all those bloggers and instagramers in the one place! I would have loved to have been there but I did attend a local one and I was thinking about you!
    Well done again to you and your helpers, you deserve your weekend of cake!! :)
    V xxx

  2. Fee that is amazing. Apart from such a wonderful amount it looks like you had great fun x

  3. What an amazing result Fee, just brilliant and thanks to you for organzing it. Yes indeed count me in for the raffle next year, such a great cause. Everyone seemed to have a super time ;0) x

  4. BIG WOW Fee!!! looks absolutely fabulous, and I'm coming next year definitely! Congratulations and what a result ... hope you're got g to it your feet up this weekend, you deserve it!

    Love, Claire xxx

  5. Wow, congratulations on such a great result. Please, please do it again next year and I'll make sure I am off work to join in the fun

  6. It looks like it was an amazing event. Congrats on your huge achievement.

  7. Fantastic result! Looks like it was food fun too x Penny

  8. Well done Fee, that is absolutely fantastic!! Looks like you all had a whale of a time :)
    Have a relaxing weekend,
    Caroline xx

  9. Congrats Fee, that looks like a whole lot of fun - well done you!

  10. Wow brilliant job, well done so pleased all your hard work was rewarded with such an amazing amount raised.

  11. Brilliant ... all of it!!! So wish I could have been there instead of having a blasted tooth rebuilt! And guess who I bumped into today ... the lovely Cuckoo herself, sadly sans tea cosy!

    (PS guessing you meant Jo was scrummy and not scummy ;) )

  12. Just found you via Instagram - loving the photo of Cuckoo! Congratulations on raising such a brilliant amount.

  13. Well done, such a brilliant amount to raise, so good to meet lovely on line ladies in real life xx

  14. Looks like it was great fun & a v.healthy amount raised!

  15. well done! it's sunds like the day was a run away success. All your hard work paid off, and the generosity of everyone too.
    Wilfy scoffing his cake is my favourite picture - he's adorable.
    Best wishes,
    B x

  16. Well done, Fee! You did such a great job organising this.......well done to your helpers too! Love all the happy pictures here. And I noticed that even the cake labels are beautiful and have the Fee touch! So glad there was some cake left certainly deserved it!
    Sending love.
    Helen x

  17. A HUGE well done and congratulations to you, Fee!!! What a lot of money you raised - and it looks as though you all had a wonderful day! I only wish I could have been there too!

  18. what a fantastic result - congratulations - as someone who so enjoys your blog and has had treatment for breast cancer this past year and has found it quite hard - all I can say is well done to allof you - it really is worth it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. Hi Fee, I have a bit of question and I wondered if you could help. I love your wooden blocks and I was wondering if you could give me an idea of how you make them. My father has recently passed away and I have some photographs of my mum and dad that I really want to put on some blocks for my mum. Do you buy the blocks, how do you stick the pictures onto them and do you seal them with something afterwards. I hope you don't mind me asking but it's something I would really love to do for my mum. Kindest Regards. Kay

  20. Hello Fee
    well....what can I say but this sounds like the tops....the tops as in funtime. How do I know this because everyone is smiling I mean REALLY smiling!!! Having fun and best of all you raised so much for that cause...fantastic!!!

    keep well

    Amanda :-)

  21. My lovely brooch arrived in the post today, thank you so much. xx

  22. so great to find you in blogworld x


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