Thursday 26 September 2013

One BIG FAT raffle!

24 hours to go before my big fat handmade raffle ends...
so still time to enter if you want to join in.

A ticket costs £1 and will be donated directly to Macmillan Cancer Support, as part of The World's Biggest Coffee Morning tomorrow.

You can buy them here
So far together we have raised 

OVER £500!

Isn't that amazing? 
to all who have donated their wonderful makes, and everyone who has bought tickets, and those who have done both! 

Here is a round up of all the prizes you could win:
My, how can you not want to enter?!

And if you happen to live anywhere near Manchester you can pop along to my coffee morning tomorrow morning where there will be lots of cake, half decent tea/coffee, some music, lots of bloggers and Instagrammers to meet, and the grand drawing of the raffle just after midday.
Here is the address

I obviously have lots of people to thank for helping me organise this - I'll save that for the next update!
Meanwhile fingers crossed and hope to see you tomorrow
Please feel free to share this post if you have a blog...
fee xx


  1. Awe you've done a brilliant job organising it all Fee! Such beautiful prizes too! Wish I could be there but I am attending a local one and I will be thinking about you! I will of course have everything crossed in the hope of one of winning one of those gorgeous creations. Best wishes for tomorrow, I'm off now to put a link on my sidebar for your raffle.
    V xxx

  2. Wish I could join you all. I know it will be fabulous. I will think of you while I'm holding my own! I will raise my cuppa to you!! I ran around a little bit this morning selling raffle tickets and sold a fair few already (my prizes don't quite compare with yours but I have nice ones. A colleague even said "wow a raffle where I actually want to win!!") Good luck for tomorrow. Look forward to hearing all about it! Erin xxx

  3. What a great success Fee and so many lovely prizes, I have my fingers crossed. Thanks for organizing this x

  4. Just hope sarah and I can make it. Little josh, who's only just started to school, wasn't we'll today. Sarahs just taken him to docs. If he doesn't go to school but is ok to come with us, we'll bring him. If we don't make it, it's because he's too poorly Liz x

  5. Good Luck! The prizes are gorgeous. My fingers are crossed to win one (so long as it's not the one I sent lol!!) Have a great time. Sue x

  6. Brilliant job organising this - am in awe
    Am also embarrassed to say i am about to buy more tickets!!! There's so many prizes I would love!! Hope it goes brilliantly for you tomorrow x x

  7. Good luck Fee. Off to buy a ticket or two.

    Lisa X

  8. Well done for organising such an awesome event. Hope it all goes smoothly for you. Wish I could pop by and say hello (I only live just down the road) but I have to go to work today. Congratulations on raising much for such a good cause xx


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