Friday 23 November 2012

It's only a bloomin' Chipper Giveaway!

 A few weeks months ago I won a 'carry it forward' from Lisa at Bobo bun blog. She made me a wonderful crocheted cherry brooch and sent me some gorgeous little bits and pieces to play with and inspire me (see here).

The idea of a carry it forward, for anyone who doesn't know, is that if you win you receive something handmade from the blogger in question. In return you hold your own 'CIF' and carry on sharing the crafting/making love. It can be anything at all. Luckily there's no time restriction!!

One of the things that made my heart sing in Lisa's package was a battered old set of vintage Top Trump cars 
featuring modes of transport 
(including horses!)
I used some of the cards to make three blocks (naturally) which I've inked and sanded to give a real aged feel. They are very tactile and are part one of my carry it forward offering.
Thanks again Lisa x

In the past few weeks I also hit the 300 followers mark and 100,000 page views - how many reasons do you need to have one 
GREAT BIG carry it forward style blogging giveaway!? 

My first giveaway offering a was vintage Ladybird blocks, the second Alice in Wonderland,and for giveaway number 3 (part 2) it's...
Topsy and Tim!
 The blocks are made from pages of the book 
'Tospy and Tim go at the fairground'.
There are 7 blocks in total and they make up a couple of full page images and lots of smaller ones.
So, I have 2 prizes...a set of vintage transport blocks and a set of Topsy and Tim blocks. 
If neither of the sets of blocks are for you I hope you can think of someone who might like them for Christmas! 
To enter all you need to do is mention my giveaway on a post on your blog, or pop one of the photos on your sidebar and hopefully be prepared to hold a 'carry it forward' of your own sometime in the future (not obligatory!)
 I'll draw two names from a hat on 9th December - plenty of time to post in time for Christmas!
 Let me know if you're in!
fee x


  1. Im IN!!!! I have several cyber friends in the UK that would love,love,love your work...Now I just have to figure out how to enter your giveaway properly...wish me luck ♥Debi

  2. I did it!!!!! (I am not techy not even alittle bit lolol)

    Oh........I follow you on FB....thank you again, I love this...♥Debi Livsey

  3. Yes please Fee....I'd love to win some of your blocks and would be very happy to do a carry it forward too.

    I'll be posting a button and link to this giveaway on my blog this evening.....if I can get this great lump of a cat off my lap who keeps blocking my view of my monitor!!!

    keep well

    Amanda :-)

  4. Oh yes please Fee, I'm in!!! :)
    I love the way the Topsy and Tim blocks make the big wheel! :)
    I'm off to pop you on my side-bar!
    happy weekend,
    Vivienne x

  5. I AM IN! And where have you been? I have missed your CHIPPER POSTS! teehee...GOOD TO SEE YOU DEAREST and I too have been super busy. Wishing you PEACE as the season comes upon us to work, sell, wrap, send, surprise and all the fun stuff that comes with artistry and CHRISTMAS! BISOUS, Anita

  6. I'm definitely in. I'll do a post later today and mention and link your post. If I can figure out how to post a photo in my sidebar, I'll do that too. Glad to see you on here. Missed you.


  7. I did it!!!! I got the photo on my blog. I'm so proud. *giggle*

  8. How very darling is your Wheel!!
    Have a sweet weekend dear Fee x

  9. Oh I'm there too as in I'M IN and thanking you kindly!
    ....choosing and image to borrow right now for my "side bar linky thing" to you
    Bestest as ever
    Daisy J X

  10. I am in.. I know a little boy who would love either of those sets of blocks. Sarah x

  11. Oh my goodness I LOVE Topsy and Tim so much. SO much. So VERY much. NO IDEA how to do buttons but will mention you in my blog in the next 5 mins.

    x x x

  12. Brilliant ferris wheel. Love to see the blocks in puzzle have been posted on my blog side buttons...wouldn't miss it...smiles..Renee

  13. Hi Fee,
    What a lovely giveaway! I was just wondering if it was open to Australian residents?

    Sarah xox

  14. Yihaaaaaa! The boys here share a room and I know for sure they would love your blocks to look at, once they are safe (and never peacefully...) up in their bunkbed :-)
    Count me in! Count me in!

  15. I have just found your wonderful blog, so I thought I would say hello
    Thea x

  16. Hi Fee,
    Could I be entered please and thank you!
    There is a lot of kindness and giving in blog land at the moment and it is just a lovely place to be....
    Sending 'Twinkles' ***** Love Maria x

  17. What a wonderful give away. Can you pop my name into the hat for the transport blocks please Fee, and I've popped a link into my sidebar :D

    Congrats on all the big numbers!

  18. Gorgeous giveaway Fee!! I have to say the transport blocks made my heart skip a beat!! And I have just made some little vintage motor magazine tags for my hb's birthday parcels...seems we are thinking alike?? I will put you on my sidebar now. (My younger daughter loved topsy and tim...she would adore those blocks too).
    Have a great week...keep cosy, it's a bit chilly around here!
    Helen x

  19. Good on you girlie. I feel so much better that you're working to a similar deadline as I have for stuff. As always gorgeous things on offer. I'd love a chance at the Topsy and Tim, but then if I did win it'd be a crafty boomerang coming right back at me. I'll pop link on my blog as soon as, but off to bed now as eyes tired and mind rambling, which is either tiredness, wine or age?

    By the by, congrats on new bubba in the family.


  20. love your art!

  21. Yes please! I'm in - I've drafted a post tonight and will publish tomorrow with your giveaway included! Thanks! J9 x

  22. Happy happy happy dance...just adorable!!!! Please enter me....xoxoxo Hugs

  23. Greetings from across the pond!
    I found your blog quite some time ago via Helen Phillips ... you both are very talented ladies!
    Love your blog ... please enter me for the Giveaway ... not fussy about what I win! Thinking positive!
    Hugs from a very cold winter,

  24. Yes please Fee!! They are both gorgeous sets. I will try and figure out how to post your photo on my sidebar, failing that, will do a post on your giveaway. Count me in please!

  25. Ooh yes count me in, will pop a piccie on my blog :)
    Victoria xx

  26. Yes PLEASE!!! Do count me in. Love the way they build up the ferris wheel.
    I'm off to do the linky thing now whilst I remember.

  27. Brilliant. I adore how the blocks group together. So many ways to use my brain is about to explode!!!!!

    LOVE! Please include me. Must incorporate pics on blog.....

  28. Hi fee, just put your giveaway up on my blog. I decided to make my mum and dad and son, daughter-in-law and granddaughter a Christmas block as their Christmas card this year, not as easy as it looks, but with a bit of faffing and fluffing they will probably look passable.....might stick to normal cards next year hehe.
    xo Sandi

  29. My son would love the vintage transport blocks!!!! so please include me. i'm off to put the giveaway on my blog now xxx

  30. I just love the Topsy and Tim blocks, well done, everything you make looks wonderful. I found your lovely blog and blocks through Susan of Mary Jane's Tearoom.

  31. Good morning Fee...A girl can never have enough gorgeous Chipper Nelly blocks so please pop my name into your hat!...I'm off to add a pic to my sidebar right now...Hope you have a great day, keep warm and THANK YOU again for my beautiful Romeo blocks..You made taking my pics so much fun...I loved our little collaboration!!
    Susan x

  32. Love you vintage work its so intemporary, you are a inspiration :)
    Hugs rain

  33. Love you vintage work its so intemporary, you are a inspiration :)
    Hugs rain

  34. Found your blog today and would love to be included in your gorgeous giveaway. Your work is so beautiful!

    Bee happy x

  35. I have just found your blog via Mary Janes tearoom xx the clocks you did were fantastic xx I would love some. Too xx

  36. just found your lovely blog and adore your fabulous makes.....topsy and tim were my favs! too late i fear to join the giveaway but very happy to be your newest follower! happy christmasX


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