Tuesday 25 January 2011

It's a girl....and some new sewing books

Hooray for Nelly and Gaz who had a lovely baby girl this morning! No name as yet (NOT Pussy, as my middle sized boy told everyone at school today....possibly Kitty, which is very different!)

Mum and I snuk in to hospital to for a sneeky hello and fell in love with her, looking forward to hours of fun ahead. She may well be about to benefit from the serious lack of shopping opportunities I've had with three boys!

My two new books arrived today too - and couldn't be better timed.
As I can't actually sew I thought I'd start with something simple....like an apron! (with frills, natch) I was slightly worried about the list of things in the 'essential equipment' section, but convinced myself some of them were surely optional! Loved looking at the pictures though - some beautiful designs. 
When , on January 1st, I made the bold (and with hindsight, foolish) announcement that I would not be buying ANY new clothes in 2011 I didn't realsie how very hard it would be. It dawned on me just how hard when one day last week I remarked how well I was doing, only to be reminded by Cleggy that I had approximatly 340 days still to go.

As I am 'allowed' to make new things (which was the whole point of the exercise in restraint) I need to get sewing quick smart so watch this space. (and watch out Stella Mc!!)

Maybe I'll make some things for Pussy too....fee x

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