Tuesday 25 January 2011

Oooops...anyone know anything about HTML?

So, I decide in my new found confidence with all things technical, that (rather than do any house/work) I'll change the 'B' icon on my blog to a smaller version of everything else. (thinking branding!)

With the advice of some PC sage from 2008, in I go, headfirst, gung-ho to the HTML bit of blog and paste some random code in which I had successfully picked up from my photo on Flickr.

Pleased (and a little smug) I sit back to admire my handywork, only to see a GIANT photo of me at the top of ,my lovely blog. This is my worst blogging nightmare....have tried in vain to remove it but don't understand!
It strikes me an easy job for someone who speaks this language - can any of my lovely blogging friends help?
Fee x

Ps still no baby....what's it playing at??!

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