Sunday 9 January 2011

Gesail, Snowdonia and beautiful birds

This weekend was spent in relaxation heaven - Gesail Farm in Snowdonia. 

It was our third visit, which was a good job since the journey there was very (VERY) hairy. The (flamin') satnav broke on the way so we used the phone for rudimentary directions, which unfortunatly led us over a mountain range, in freezing fog, sleet and snow. Half way over the said mountain I had a small panic and could no longer drive (since I could no longer see the road but knew we were VERY high up) so Cleggy took over and I cried all the way to Bala!

Anyway, after stopping for some chips I soon recovered (!) and we had a wonderful weekend.

The converted barn is in the middle of beautiful nowhere, has no phone signal, no TV and no internet. So we all play, talk and explore together. I've uploaded a flickr album of the stunning scenary. Naturally they include some little birds and, most excitedly, an owls nest  (no baby owls just yet - but we saw the mother owl who was busy making the nest cosy with sheeps wool...)

The buildings are owned by a lovely couple Rose and Patrick who live in London and this weekend we met Rose who was staying in the adjacent house. She was as charming and funny as her emails suggested and we could have talked to her all day about the history of the area and the buildings. We joke that we have convinced ourselves that the barn is actually our second home, well, we're half joking....

Best of all when we got back into the real world we found that Nelly (my little sister) hadn't had her baby so we haven't missed anything! 

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