Monday 23 March 2015

December 2014

December was a lovely mix of ABC Does conferences (cheeky nights away with Cleggy!), getting to know our newest little niece Hettie, finishing some crochet projects, painting some old furniture (becoming addicted to Annie Sloan) and, of course, Christmas.

Here is December in photos

view from our hotel
 While we were in Wales Geordie Boy went on his first residential school trip - he had a ball!
We all love this smiley baby so much, she is adorable!

Blankets galore....

For Cleggy's birthday I bought him the gift of a skill.....after he poo poo'd my suggestion of the gift of time. (long story, but the crux of the matter being that, apparently, the gift of time isn't mine to give!!!)

So, he had a voucher for a 2 day upholstery course at 
The Ministry of Upholstery in Manchester.

This is the chair he chose to take with him...
an Ebay purchase (natch)
...and this the fabric - called 'Chirpy'!
While this was going on we did something we swore we'd never do. We changed our beautiful old windows, from Victorian to new. After 6 years of shivering (between September and April) and stupidly high bills (I'm talking over £4000 a year high) we took the plunge.
Very few photos...too sad!!
I have long hankered after some Annie Sloan, and even had some just waiting for the right project for a couple of months. 
Then I got started 
and now I can't stop!

This is Great Granny's old dresser - more about that another time.
and this old thing was gifted to us from my sister...more about that another time too!
I ironed the old crochet snowflakes - not realising that the glitter was coming off. Until the boys had to go to school in sparkly trousers. I was not popular.
and had a Christmas tree in the bathroom. 
I'll be doing a big fat bathroom post before too long!
Here's the ta daaaaa of Cleggy's chair - what a stunner!
with matching footstool!
We had our annual soiree for snowballs with our pals Jane and Rob (Little Tea Waggon!)
Lots of lovely homemade gifts from clever friends!

We had a lovely family Christmas as always -
this time at my sister's house (for three days!)
And the old vintage skate made a comeback.
And that was the end of 2014!
Fee x


  1. Great to catch up Fee, so many lovely events and photos. Cleggy's chair is heirloom piece now ;0) Take care xx

  2. Love the catching up posts. That sweet baby! And Cleggy's chair is great. I did get a giggle about the boys' sparkle trousers!

  3. Well, I could go into great detail about what fun it was to see this post's just about to actually be spring time weather here in NYC, so let me just tell you...I love your posts!



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