Wednesday 29 August 2012

The City Bit

We're back from our hols and fighting le blues as usual!       

Why does it always seem so long ago within a matter of days?

We spent 5 days in Toulouse before travelling to our gite - and absolutely loved it. 

It's a fairly big city but the old historical bit is quite small so you can pretty much walk everywhere - which we did, despite it being incredibly HOT!

(I found this little heart painted on a wall down a tiny back street - with the sunlight shining on it!)

The architecture was enchanting, and the colours inviting...
lots of warm ochre and yellow

 alongside beautiful blues

 and with it being France - LOTS of lovely doors!
Our apartment was very central and typical of the city - built around a central courtyard and with tall ceilings 
and shuttered windows.
just arrived!  

I'm not actually sure what we did for 5 days - but I know I'd go back. Preferably sans enfant and so I could peruse the wonderful shops! (especially stationary)
We ate out more than we normally would 
(for the simple pleasure of air conditioning!!!)
Our favourite place was above the market at Place Victor Hugo where there is a selection of very basic cafes serving food made using the produce from the market below. 
Wonderful Cassoulet and a great atmosphere.
We walked for miles - me loving the mooching more than anyone else!!!
We had fun at this museum playing with our shadows...
Alfie tormenting GB in shadow - just like in life!!!

We passed this little shop (closed) selling vintage wares - and I have wondered why I didn't go back to buy this bear ever since:
All in all a great place to visit and I'm glad we spent some time there rather than just flying in and out as we've done before.
Hols part 2 - the gite - to follow, before normal life resumes!
fee x


  1. Gorgeous photos. Looks like you all had a wonderful time :)

  2. Big green eyes here! All looks amazing.

  3. Welcome back Fee. I didn't know Toulouse was such a colourful city. Beautiful photographs! Your appartment looks impressive too. It has much atmosphere.

    Great photo of your three little men :-)

    Madelief x

  4. Wow it looks amazing, I love all the old doors, Toulouse looks like a really colourful city sarah x

  5. Ooh I do so love France! Such amazing architecture! Did you sample the famous sausage? :) Tres delicious!
    Victoria xx

  6. What a colorful trip you have had Fee.....welcome

  7. Hi Fee, looks like a great holiday and you have taken some amazing photos. Starting to feel like Autumn up here now probably because we have been back at school for 2 weeks now(can't get used to these Scottish holidays having been through the English system myself!) Have been taking a break from blogging for a while, but feels great to be back, we shall see if I can keep the momentum going this month! take care, Elaine x

  8. I will be dreaming of that second hand shop..... words cant describe but the masters captured it during their time...I thought they exaggerated...definitely did NOT... thank you for sharing this splendor.♥DEbi

  9. Oh, oh, oooohhhh, what a beautiful place this Toulouse is, your photo's are beautiful. One day......sigh!
    Look at your apartment, very grand I must say.
    xox Sandi

  10. Fee...just a sit at that window would have done me in. You all always have the most fantastic holidays. I cannot wait to see how this shows up in your art work...smiles..Renee

  11. Well Hello! And my heavens! What a lovely vacation. Now I'm jealous. I mean, what in the world? Those doors? And colors? And food? You folks in Europe are so fortunate to neighbor so many amazing countries and get there and home again in a few days. What fun!

    I hate the post holiday blues too. Yucky. Hope the comforts of home are helping with that a bit?

    xo xo

  12. Glad you are back safe and sound. It really sounds like you had a great vacation. Looking forward to Part 2.

    Sharon <3

  13. I loved reading this, it looks so inviting, and the shopping must be heaven!!! How could you not pick that little raggy bear up! Bless him :) Glad you had a fantastic time xxxx

  14. Hello Fee, it's so lovely to see you are back! Your photos are wonderful, such a lovely place and full of atmosphere which you have added to by taking your especially beautiful fee-style pictures! Looking forward to seeing the gite next :)
    Have a happy week at home....hope you have time to do some crafty things to stave off le blues.
    Helen x

  15. FEE MY DEAREST, ma chère Fée!!!!

    WOW it is so good to see you and thank you first of all, for coming to visit me. I am not up and running yet with a REAL POST, but doing a test on all my new functions. THIS IS A MARVELOUS HOLIDAY! And that bear in the window???? He looks just like MY BEAR from when I was four years old, and I still have him!!!

    EVERYONE LOOKS GREAT and what a marvelous tour. The colors are so DOWN SOUTH and only the Europeans can make a chipped paint door look ELEGANT and desirable!!!!

    So good to see you my dear friend! Anita

  16. Welcome back Fee, so glad you had a wonderful time in France. :)
    I too love the colour of French buildings, nothing like a bit of peeling ochre and yellow paint!
    Vivienne x

  17. Fee - tell me where the bear shop was and I'll see if I have time to pop in and check if he's still there for you! No promises, as I'm back to work soon, but I could give it a go! Lovely photos - so funny that you were here as we ran away...

  18. Ahhhhh sigh. it looks completely heavenly. You can arrange my next holiday f ya don't mind!


  19. Gorgeous pictures and loving the boys hats. Each style very 'them'.
    Looking forward to our hour together tomorrow
    Nelly x


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